Monday, May 06, 2019

The weekend that had some unfortunate situations.... & some good hair!

Another weekend in the books.

The one that had a Kentucky Derby.

It's funny because I told a friend that its crazy to me to watch Derby this year... how much difference a year makes.  Last year, I watched the Kentucky Derby in my bed, just from being home a few days after my first abscess surgery.  The start of it all.... geez.... 

& the topper, I can remember my daddy was still with us.   He, of course, loved all things horses, so he was all about watching the Derby. He always watched it more for the lead horses - the ones that escort the race horses to the paddock & to the gate. Dad always those those horses were so beautiful - more beautiful than the racing horses.  Funny, because this year, there was one they kept showing that was black on the front - but its butt was black & white - like it had stars on its rear end - it was GORGEOUS.  All I kept thinking was, dad would absolutely be calling me about this horse.

Yeah... a difference....

But dad would have been all wrapped up in the Derby crazy too .... Anyone have any bets on Maximum Security?... sorry....

Nope... I feel like all these shots that say Maximum Security won the Derby are history in the making

Don't feel bad.  My Derby pick I had gotten from our work's pot was Haikal - who got scratched the day before the big day.... because of an abscess.  Sorry Haikal - I feel like I was the one to jinx you.

But hoping some of you had Country House because WOW - that payout!!!

I know some people are saying how wrong it was that they disqualified that horse - but man oh man... they have to keep the rules & follow them.  I mean, it truly is a miracle no horses were hurt in all that because if Maximum Security caused the horse behind him to fall, which I still think was the work of that jockey slowing up - which is a shame at the Derby - it would have just been horse after horse falling... I just cringe thinking about it.  

It did break my heart though for the trainer where they were talking to him after the race & he was so emotional saying he just wanted to call his dad because his brother had won the Derby years back... he was just so precious... & then when it was taken away from him.... oh man, that part hurt my heart.

It was just a really unfortunate situation....

SPEAKING of unfortunate situations.... you all ready for this one - because I fear some of you aren't truly ready.... this is the story of my life here... brace yourself...

So Ricky had fallen asleep in the back bedroom where he was watching a movie so it wouldn't bother me in our bedroom.  I guess I fell asleep watching TV in the bedroom as well - & there was a scene where someone was SCREAMING bloody murder. Truly - she was getting murdered.... (Anyone eles watching The Act on Hulu????)...

Ricky hears the screams & thinks its me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... so he comes running down the hallway SCREAMING himself - WHAT IS HAPPENING???? 

Image result for what is happening gif screaming

OK - just envision all of this in slow motion because he's standing in front of the TV so he's like a shadow looking down on the bed - he's screaming.
.. the TV is still screaming 
- I'm screaming "ITS THE TV" 
& all of this, Ernie is freaked out.  
FREAKED OUT - he jumps on the bed & stands over me to protect me with this "Shadow monster" that he can't see but all the screaming is happening - & how good is that to know my dog will protect me in a crisis.... right?

BUT NO...... JUST NOOOO!!!!.....

Because we also learned that Ernie is a nervous pee-er.... & remember, he was standing over top of me to protect me..... so yeahhhhh.... Ernie started PEEING ALL OVER MY HEAD!!!!!   Yep - right over my face & my hair & my chest... just anywhere in the upper quadrant of my body... pee... 

I always say this is Ernie's "Peed off face - so I feel its appropriate here
Y'all.. can you even?

I almost titled this blog post "THE WEEKEND THAT I WAS PEED ON MY FACE" - but was afraid of the traffic it would direct to my blog.  I dont want those people over here....

Let's just find the silver lining here.  At least it was a weekend, because having to get up, change the sheets, watch your hair again, scrub the skin off your face till its sanitized & red from being raw - all of this around 12:45am - I'm just glad it was the weekend. 

By the way - you're welcome for that story... on a Monday....

Let's lighten the mood, shall we?  ... & back track to Friday.  
This is like an Avenger's Endgame movie here with all the difference jumping around.... #dontspoiltheendgame

Before the Derby fiasco & before the peeing on the face - we got to see ONE HOT MOMMA!!!

I had taken my momma to get her hair done. I can't believe I didnt get a before picture... you all have seen how she typically wears her hair

... its always up... you dont see how long it really is.  It was probably the length of mine!!
But she honestly hasn't had it cut, professionally, I know in double digit number of years. She would trim it herself - but hasn't been to a salon since I know at least since I've been married... that's 24 years .... so talk about a treat.

Can we walk about how cute Chasity's baby bump is too????  #workingmomma

& talk about a makeover???

This is my mom's natural curl!!!

Straightened out!

Isn't her color so beautiful??? 
I couldnt stop looking at her.  She didnt even look like herself!!!!  WHO IS THIS WOMAN? 
Dr. Seuss would be proud of me promoting his book, walking around the whole night saying "Are you my mother?"

I couldnt keep my hands out of her hair too - I had to keep petting her like one of my dogs. Her hair was so smooth & soft.

We had to take her on the town with a new fresh look... so we had a little Girls Night out & went out to eat with her, & my sister in law & my nieces.  Mom got the twins approval.  If you get 2 14 year olds that give a thumbs up - you know its good.

& to top off this busy full on weekend, I also got to meet up with one of my sweet friend for brunch on Saturday. 


I've been wanting to try this little place for the longest time but there is ALWAYS a wait... so we thought maybe Derby Day, it wouldnt be as crowded.  & we did pretty good.  We only had maybe a 5 minute way... & got to see a few people in Derby hats that apparently made this their first stop of the day before heading to Churchill Downs.

I definitely will have to go back with Ricky because look at these breakfast items...

This is my friends order...

THOSE PANCAKES!! #sofluffy

& this is mine. It has a specialty hot sauce they make. It was sweet but as they told me "You'll nose will burn after" - like Chinese sauces. They were spot on with that description too!!!

The side dish here is a hashbrown casserole that was the cheesiest bunch of potatoes I've ever had

& to hop back around - we had a beautiful Sunday, which thank goodness after all the rain on Derby day.... we had a great group in HSM.... I made 3 trips to Starbucks over the weekend.... & I actually worked out both Saturday & Sunday - YAHOO... I dont think that cancels out all the junk I ate though.  Yikes.  I mean, did you SEE those cheesy hashbrowns above?  & also, Ricky brought home this cheesecake...

yes, that's a cheesecake... the best cheesecake I've ever had in my life!

Derby weekend isn't for loosing weight when you live near Louisville - right?

So tell me something good about your weekend!!!!

Did you watch the Derby?

Isn't my momma so beautiful?

... I wont even ask a question about a dog peeing on your face....
Happy Monday!

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