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One Hot Momma, ladies who brunch & back off kids!!! {Thankful Thursday

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This week I am Thankful For:
(04-29-05/05/19 - I account for my previous week_

Book Night
I dont typically read during the night.  I tend to do it more at lunch & on weekends... but Monday night, I was all about finishing a book I had been into. I was anxious to see how it ended. I curled up on my recliner & didnt put it down till I found the ending.  Enjoyed the change of scenery on a work night.

Step it up!
My goal is always 10,000 steps in a day.... I typically get 5000 to 6000 steps a day at work before I head home & one day last week, I actually hit my 10,000 steps before I even got home to work out.  Felt like a boss!

Subway waiting
So y'all know how I meet up with my hubby for lunch every Wednesday - I typically make it there before him & get our order in.  He beat me this go around & had my lunch waiting for me when I walked in.

Dentist Office
We have a dentist that goes to our church - the same dentist that opens his home for us to have our HSM home group in .... the kindest man!  Well, my mom had some dental emergencies last week & was having a hard time finding a dentist who would take her with no insurance.  Dr. Dale to the rescue. They are just the kindest people.  So glad we got mom in there.

Work Emergency handled
I was getting ready to wrap up my day of work on Friday & all of a sudden, we get a message from our Lexington office that they need 14 checks cut for a closing that would be in 5 minutes. SAY WHAT? I dont typically do these sorts of checks - but our person who typically does it was already gone for the day.  Talk about a Trial by Fire sort of learning!!! I got it all finished though & was so thankful that I had enough knowledge of what to look for & what to do.  Whew!

Mom's new Do
Loved taking mom out to get a little pampering done & she coming out looking so chic!

So grateful for this sweet girl who was so good & gentle with my mom & her back & making her feel so beautiful.

Girls Night Out
Had to show my momma off with that new cute do so it was a fun night with my mom, my SIL & my nieces.  Mexican for the win on top of it all!

Me trying to get these 2 punk 14 year olds to smile for me!!!

Brunch time
Always love getting together with my sweet friend to just stay connected & up to date on one another. We figured out it was about every 6 months we get to meet up - but man, those 6 months feel like they fly by really!

Derby Pie
Meeting up for our brunch on Derby day - it was so cute my friend made some Derby pie & brought some slices for me & Ricky... which he ate 2 pieces within 10 minutes of me being home.

Horses safe!
My fear is always the horses are going to get hurt - especially when the track  is wet - so when the whole chaos of the Kentucky Derby winner showed that horse in slow motion & how he clipped the horse behind it ... man oh man... do you know the tragedy that could have happened.  A domino effect of horses.  I was so grateful that all the jockeys & horses were OK in this Derby.

Belle car
How adorable is this?  A friend of mine found this little car & sent it with Chasity to get to me.  Chasity said it took everything in her to keep it away from her kids.  Made me laugh that everyone is like "YOU CANT HAVE IT - IT'S REBECCA'S"... back off kids. haha!  I love when people see Belle and Beauty & the Beast stuff & think of me.

What are you Thankful For lately?

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