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Show us your books (May 2019)

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Last month was not a very good book month for me - this one made up for it.
3 really good books... & a new favorite.
I'm totally here for Nevermoor & the entire series!!! 

I have to say, all my books I have this month?  All books that I have seen recommendations for - this is why I love this community of readers that link up with Show Us Your Books!  Thanks so much Steph & Jana for hosting!!!!

***** / LOVED IT!!!!!

Quick Summary:  A cursed child, Morrigan Crow, is rescued before her demise on her 11th birthday by a ginger haired man who takes her to the land of Nevermoor where she has to compete to become a member of the Wondrous Society.

OK... I've seen this one floating around a bit with the recommendation that if you love Harry Potter, you'll love this one. ALL THE YES!!!!!!!!!!! - I cant say that enough myself.  I dont know how this book isn't getting all the raving & following behind it.

It's full of magic, of charm, of relationship, of the classic good vs. evil - a story of growing up & learning who you are & who you will become... all wrapped up in a magical place.

I was drawing comparisons throughout the book between this & Harry Potter - even the characters... Jupitor North is my new Dumbledore... the Magnificat is totally my new Hagrid... Morrigan is the new Harry with Jack & Hawthorne the new Ron & Hermione ...

I got this one from the library & I loved it so much, I'm ordering the hardback copy for my library & ordering the 2nd one so I already have it... I am absolutely in love with this story.

In the end: I ADORE this book so much & so glad to have a book that gives me all the Harry Potter feels!!!

"The point is - as far as the Society is concerned - if you are not honest, & determined, & brave, then it doesn't matter how talented you are"


How to Walk Away
**** / Loved It

Quick Summary:  Maggie's life is changed after an accident & she has to work hard with her family & her physical therapist to try & find a new purpose in her world.

I've seen so many people talking about this & I had no idea what the story was even about.  & to show you how clueless I am, it wasn't till I was through the first chapter & closed the book that I saw there's a plane on the cover - NEVER saw it before. I only focused on the flowers... which after reading this book, says something.

I found this book to be real & inspiring. Full of motivation. I loved the relationships in it - it didn't feel too romance-y, just enough - & I love the family dynamic - want Kitty as my own sister. I just really thought it was a easy, nice, thoughtful read.  Full of encouragement for when life gets flipped upside down & all your plans you thought you'd had, didn't work out like you envisioned.

In the end: I closed this book loving this family, rooting for Maggie & Ian & just a smile on my face.  Love a book that I didnt know I was going to enjoy so much.

"Because that's all we can do:  carry the sorry when we have to, & absolutely savor the joy when we can.  Life is always, always both."


The Book of Essie
***1/2 / Like it

Quick Summary: A preacher & his family share their life on a reality TV show (much like the Duggars) but what secrets are behind the scenes & what happens when their youngest daughter takes things in her own hands.

This book is all sorts of disturbing.  But the kind that held me tight to see how it would all play out.

It's told from 3 different point of views - Essie, the daughter of the family - Liberty Bell, the reporter who has her own life changing situation that revolved around her family - & Roarke, the young man who gets swept into the story to help Essie.

You will think of the Duggars throughout this whole book... especially in light of their family dramas that took their show off the air

In the end:  This one held me in for the long haul. I ended up sitting up one night till I finished it because I had to find out how it was going to end.  Powerful messages all tucked throughout the 3 points of view.
Be warned: this book can hold some triggers for some.

"It's men who trust they will suffer no consequences for their actions, while women suffer no matter what they do"



And Still She Laughs

Quick Summary:  Kate Merrick lost her daughter after a battle with cancer & the book is her journey on suffering & loss & relating it to what the Bible says about it.

Obviously, this one is a tough heart tugger.  I read it, still dealing with the loss of my daddy & need all the inspiration I can get from scripture in these times.  Kate definitely gave me some nuggets to hold onto - but I feel like this book is geared more toward a specific loss - one being the loss of a child.  But it does still speak in a little bit of a more general loss.

It's really quick too - Just at 224 pages... & its got moments of real life in it that will make you smile. My favorite take away? "It's just poop" - there's a whole chapter on that phrase.. .& I'll start using it myself now.

In the end: Great reminders of people in the Bible who also dealt with suffering & heart ache & the biggest reminder that God is near in it all. A book totally good for the soul in a hard time.

“Setting aside the fear of the future sets us free—and in it we realize we never had control in the first place.” 

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