Thursday, June 27, 2019

All about that cross!!! {Thankful Thursday #227}

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This week I am Thankful for:

Trees survived rain
Trees are just toppling everywhere right now with the ground being so wet after all the many days of rain we've had. So I'm glad our trees have held up.

Bible Study time
I've been slacking lately actually one digging into my bible & am really working on setting time aside to make sure I'm in God's word at LEAST once a day!

I just love my camera to capture special moments.

Car made it another week
Ever since I got my brakes 'fixed' - my car has been all sorts of jacked up. My brakes are indeed NOT fixed & its caused even more issues. I'll never go back to this place I went to. But right now, I'm at the point where I need to get it fixed at a dealership or start looking for a new car. I'm just glad that I've not had any accidents with it so far.

Time with girls
This kind of goes to my post on Monday - but ALL the girls this past week - my Grandbuddy, my friends, my nieces, my HSM girls. SO many incredible ladies in my life - at all ages.

Coffee creamer
I am just picky about my coffee creamer - & I love the more natural brands - the kind you actually KNOW the words that are in ingredients. Well, I've been running out & finally got to Target where I could stock back up. They are the only place that carries the large bottles of Sweet Cream. It's like hitting the lottery when my frig is full & I am able to take a bottle to work.

Y'all... this is just the big one for me this week!!!  A little back story - I am super picky about cross necklaces. I think I'm just spoiled because Ricky got me one about 18 years ago that I fell in love with. It was white gold with diamonds across it. I wore it every single day. Never took it off - NEVER. & then one day, I lost it. I was devastated. Cried an ugly cry sort of devastated.  & then 2 year ago, Ricky got me one that was similar to it - similar enough that I really loved it.

Saturday, I was sitting at the tennis match for my niece & went to reach up for my necklace & IT WASNT THERE! I freaked out! I yelled at my other niece, DO YOU SEE MY NECKLACE? while i was grabbing my neck. Nope - nothing. I just wanted to cry.  I called Ricky to look in the bed, in my clothes, everywhere. Nothing.

Then I went to Emerson's birthday party & mentioned that I was so sad my necklace was gone & someone said, "Oh, they found a chain here this morning!" - I ran to Ryan & asked him about it & yes indeed, it was my chain. We had been there the night before.

Everyone started looking for the cross - the main part - & no one found anything.

I had left to go to my mom's & it suddenly hit me - I remembered standing next to their refrigerator & hearing something drop on the ground. I even said, "What was that?" & they said, "it probably was the ice that drops in the freezer" - no one else had heard it.  I just chalked it up to that & went on... but then that sound hit me - It was my cross!!!! I text my friends to look in that area...

& got this picture back a few minutes later...

Just noticed a diamond looks like it fell out too - no telling when that happened

YAHOOOO!!!! I started screaming & jumping!!! I could NOT be more happy.

Needless to say - a new, STURDY chain will now be a future purchase

Tell me something good about your week
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