Thursday, June 06, 2019

Beautiful girls, starting the week off right & I'm pretty sure that's me on the cover {Thankful Thursday #224}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Book Winner
I've seen a lot of people preview this & say its so good. So I was super duber excited when I saw it on Goodreads for a give away & then FOUND OUT I WON a copy! I keep telling Ricky, its me on the cover. Cant wait to dive in!

Day off work
Memorial Day off was just the most relaxing day ever. I dont think I even got 2500 steps in the entire day.  That's what you call a day off work.

My aunt had come over to take my mom out for a day out where they could just catch up & see how life is for each of them on the loss of their husbands... brothers.... I know it had to be good for both of them. But they went to the local orchard for lunch & mom had brought us home a bundle of strawberries.  Freshly picked. YUM!!! They were the sweetest treat.  Literally & figuratively.

Saturday afternoon girls day
It was really nice to go out with my new coworker to just shop together & have lunch together & just get to enjoy life outside of the office getting to know one another better.  I told my manager it was like they hired my younger sister when she started.

Book Journal
I've been looking for a cute book journal to keep track of books that you've read.  I found the cutest one at Paper Source.  I can't wait to fill this baby in.

Survived Freshman year
HSM blew by so fast this year.  I can't believe we only have 3 years left together. It really will go back so fast. I know it will. It may not feel like that to these young girls... for me? It'll feel like a blink of an eye.

I was so excited to hear that a sweet girl that I just think the world of was getting baptized Sunday morning.  She comes when she can to our group on Sunday - but she's typically more at events we have - she comes with friends & she comes to our church with her aunt & uncle who are so faithful at investing in their family about the name of Jesus.  So I was super excited when I got to give her a hug before she went into the water... & to see her sweet JOYOUS face when she came out of the water.  Love it!!! I always say I cry when I dont even know who's getting baptized... so you can imagine how I am when I DO know them.  Especially one of the sweet girls I get to talk about Jesus with.

Starbucks card!!!
Sunday evening, before I even GET to Monday, my sweet friend Jen, sent me via text a Starbucks card.OK - I didnt even know you could DO that... but man, already made my Monday better before my alarm clock even rang!!!

What good things have been happening in your world this week?

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