Tuesday, June 04, 2019

One Sentence a Day - May 2019 Edition

Here we go... a busy, roller coast ride of a month 
- full of all the emotions.
Half way through 2019 - I just can't wrap my mind around it.... 

1 - Wed /  Kicking the month off with a bunch of stress & drama in basically every area of life. #notstartingoffgreat

2 - Thur /  Totally in shock when a coworker gave her 2 weeks notice. #sadtoseehergo

3 - Fri / Took my momma to get her hair cut & a new stylin' style. #socute

4 - Sat / Happy Kentucky Derby Day!!!! #hotmess #MaximumSecurity #Nope #CountryHouse

5 - Sun / I had 18 girls in HSM making it a pretty BIG "Small Group" #greatconversationthough

6 - Mon /  Finally got to make it to one of Sophia's tennis matches! #shesgottensogood!!!!!

7 - Tues / We turned on the AC finally! #madeittoMayy

8 - Wed /  Signed back up for Les Mills Combat #lovethekickboxing

9 - Thur /  Already having our meeting about moving back to our floor that happens in 2 weeks. #thatwentfast

10 - Fri /  Finally got my car back after 4 days & it's still feeling weird. #Ihatemechicanlstuff

11 - Sat /   Spent 5 hours watching tennis & loved every second of it watching one niece play & laughing with the other niece the entire time on the sidelines. #lovemynieces

12 - Sun /  Happy Mother's Day to my momma & all the momma's.

13 - Mon /  So excited The Bachlorette is back! #surprisedilikedHannahB #wasntafan

14 - Tues /  Freaking out when Baby got out of the fenced in area & mom hit the ground after she grabbed the electric fence. #anevenetfulnight

Got her back.. & she's back to sitting in my mom's lap

15 - Wed /  All the memories flooding in on where we were a year ago & so glad to be with family, laughing (& dancing) to get through the day. #familyiseverything

16 - Thur /  I know on this one year anniversary, my daddy worked some sort of work in Heaven to let me spend this anniversary date in front of Steven Curtis Chapman.  #worshipJesusinAllThings

17 - Fri /  Enjoyed an actual day off work where I just relaxed & took it easy. #nomakeupday

18 - Sat /  Celebrating Greenville's bicentennial with a little town parade. #smallbutcute

19 - Sun /  Binged on Season 1 of Lucifer #mydaddylovedthisshow

20 - Mon /  Such a beautiful night that I had to go to the track & actually got in nearly 2 miles. #sosorethenextday

21 - Tues /  Welcome to the world Colson Lee #grandbuddy3

Crying because she was so excited

22 - Wed / Loved the All in the Family & The Jefferson's LIVE show on tonight.  #jamiefoxxisawesome

23 - Thur /  GAHHHHHHH its hot #summerherealready?

24 - Fri /  Time to pack back up at work #itsbeenreal

25 - Sat /  Me & my momma had fun on a Walmart date to find some lazy summer clothes #cuteshorts

26 - Sun / Had the honor of speaking in HSM about being a leader #loveyouthministry

Love that lady on the far end... she lost her daddy right after I left mine.

27 - Mon /  Went grocery shopping & spent over an hour in there when I'm used to ClickList. #spentsomuchmoney

28 - Tues /  We're back on the 10th floor in our itty bitty living space #Aladdinreference

29 - Wed /  Another stormy day #tornadoseason

30 - Thurs /  Old Navy deliveries make me happy. #mostcomfydresses

31 - Fri /  Closing out my month & week by sitting on the back porch reading the night away #favoritething

Tell me the best thing about your May

& a Bonus - my month broke out 1 second every day!!!

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