Monday, June 17, 2019

The weekend I celebrated Father's Days by thunder & lightning....

Man, as long as last week took, you'd think the weekends would take a little bit of time - but nope - this one flew by just like all of them do.  So not fair.

* I enjoyed every bit of the gorgeousness that was a 71 degree night, with a cool breeze & sunlight after 9pm.  I sat on the back porch & finished my book.  That's a great way to start off a weekend - for sure!

* Talk about sleeping!  I fell asleep the night before right after I came in from reading - so around 9:30. OUT LIKE A LIGHT.... & then slept till 7:30am the next morning. 10 hours of sleep - GLORIOUS!!!!

* We had to run Ernie to the vet for a quick weigh in to get some medicine & while we were out, we took him for his first solo trip to Feeders Supply.  He was a little nervous nelly... but was such a good boy. All except for getting back in the car. He just didnt want to do it.  Thank God Ricky went with us so he could pick him up & put him in the car. I can't imagine what I would have done on my own. We gotta work on that.

Doesnt it look like Ricky dressed to match Ernie?

*There was a cat at the pet store that just LOVED Ernie.  She was gorgeous too -a Himalayan cat who was 6 years old.  She just kept putting her paw out to touch Ernie. She never hissed - she never got upset.  She just kept watching him & following him along the cage & just reached out & gently touched him. It was so cute!!!! If Harvey Dent or Zoe remotely liked cats, I would have been tempted to get this cutie... but alas, cats freak out the other dogs.  ... & then the cat in the next cage ended up rearing up & hissing & throwing its claws through the gate at Ernie - & yeah, I think Ernie is now over being friendly to cats too.

*So the dog treats at this place are so cute, I wanted to get one for myself :) I made Ricky get one for Ernie & Ricky was like, "Rebecca, This is just a marketing scheme. You're paying for ONE treat what I can buy 3 lbs of treats for" & I'm like, "SO? It's CUTE!" ... I won.
.. & Ernie didnt even want to eat the treat - haha.  Luckily, Harvey Dent never turns down a treat & was happy that he got it when we got home.

The cheap treats Ernie preferred. I need a girl dog who appreciates the cute things in life

*The funniest thing at the vet - the tech said, "I have to ask you an awkward question & I'm so sorry...." I was like, sure, go ahead -nothing phases me. & she said, "So.... is Bruno still with us?"... with the saddest face. I laughed & said, "Actually, yes, he's at home sleeping right now" - the expression on her face! I wish I could have video taped her. She lit up & said, WHAT? Are you KIDDING ME?  She was so happy & said she could NOT wait to tell the vet on Monday that Bruno is still fighting along.  46 days until he turns 19.  Go baby go!!!

*Went to go let Baby out so she could get some leg stretching.  We kept putting it off all day because they said it was supposed to rain all day & I think it ended up raining for like 5 minutes the entire day. Weather fail.  Ended up getting to sit on the porch with my momma & enjoying the beautiful breezy day chatting.

*Ending my night with some Gossip Girl... yep, I started that on Netflix.  It's just funny to see some of these stars so young.  I had never watched it before so this is fun. i think I remember the big reveal on who the "Gossip Girl" is - but I'm still enjoying the corniness of it all right now.

*UGH - I felt awful over night. I woke up around 1am & just felt so miserably sick. I had to get a cold washrag to put on my face & then couldnt go back to bed until around 3. Messed my whole day up.

Also how I woke up

*I still felt so bad when I got up around 8:30 so I just stayed home from church. & love that you can now watch it online - LIVE streaming. It's super cool that you can chat with everyone watching as well, & they have the Bible app on the side to read the Bible along with the service - & the worship is live. My favorite part of it all.  There's no more guilt on missing church!

*Back to bed & watched Always Be My Maybe - that was cute.

Always Be My Maybe

*ALL THE RAIN - my goodness. We had a flood flowing through our yard.  Hail was falling & binging off the roof & sadly, off my car.  It was a soak fest day.

*Hope everyone enjoyed Father's Day that still are blessed enough to have their dad's with them.  I kept saying that my dad was the one who sent all these thunderstorms all day long because that was our thing together. Sitting out & enjoying the storms - calling one another to check that we weren't missing out on anything "Did you hear that" "Did you see that?"... so I did sit outside in my enclosed room for awhile & every thunder clap, I said, "Hi dad"... every lightning flash, "I miss you" ... I felt my daddy near me.

How was your weekend?

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