Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Sometimes I need a 1st Grade God

I was driving home from my mom's house the other night & I just love when I watch the sun setting across the farm lands.

It never gets old... it never ceases to take my breath away... I'm never not in awe of the beauty of it.

When I got up to leave for work the next morning, I was driving down the road & said, "Well, there's the sun again - popping up on the other side of the road"... & that's what I first thought - that the sun went down & came up again...

But then, the basics of 1st grade hit me.
& give me a little bit of grace here because I've never claimed to be on my A game before my first cup of coffee in the mornning.

The sun didn't move at all.
The sun didn't just go down on one side of the road & pop up on the other.
We actually just turned.

The sun was just in the exact same place it was the night before.
It hadn't moved. It hadn't changed.
It was us.
We were the ones going into the darkness & coming back out to the light.

I dont know what it was about that morning - & just the simplicity of that moment... but it just gave me the glimpse once more on how incredible our God is.

He is the One who doesn't move.
He doesn't change.
We are the ones who tend to drift off into the darkness - & we're the ones who make the choice to turn to the new day of light.

The most basic reminder... but as much as I try to learn & study the Bible & learn about God's character, I think sometimes we need to be reminded of just these things - the basic & simple things.
It's so easy to think God drifts away from us.... that He is the one who just disappears & we hope He pops back up again.

But He's unchangeable....
& we sway & drift & teeter so easily - so often.

Isn't it a great thing to know the sturdy God we have that is unwavering, steadfast & constant?

If you're in a dark time right now... Hold on.... the light is there.  It's not gone away.
Hang in there.  The rotating of the day can help you get to it again.

A new day can dawn.

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