Monday, June 03, 2019

The weekend that we finished out freshman year....

Yeah.. like I'm a freshman.  But man, I feel like I go through these school year with my HSM girls so yeah, I feel like we did it- we survived the first year of high school! YAHOO!!!!

& now, I get to also live it over again a little bit in knowing my nieces finished middle school & will head to high school next year. I can't y'all... I cant even imagine that's possible.

Let's not look too much into the future just yet.  I mean, it was just Friday 3 days ago - let's look back at that.

After a totally stress filled day, I was just ready to go home.  I didn't want dinner, I didnt want to do anything - I just wanted to get home. It was such a pretty night too, I just got home, got Bruno & took him in the back yard & read the night away.

I have been loosing my reading mojo lately - isn't it weird how you can zoom through some books & then it feels like it takes a month to get through 10 pages?  I've actually tried reading this book a few weeks ago & put it down & started another & picked it up again & started all over again.  But I'm feeling it now.  Really enjoying it.

I sat outside until I couldn't see any more... & also until my throat felt like it was closing up & Mother Nature was punching me in the sinuses.  Allergies... how fun you are.

Saturday, I got up & went straight back outside to read a few more chapters in my book with a cup of coffee.  It was a GORGEOUS morning. SO cool - no humidity - it was just perfection.

I knew I was going to leave for awhile in the afternoon so I forced myself to put down my book & clean up the house a little. I really could have just stayed in that spot until I finished the book.

I'm glad I didn't though, because I had a great Saturday afternoon.

I met up with one of my new coworkers.  She is the one who took my old position.  But its so funny because when she started, it was like an hour she was there & she saw a pad of paper where I had handlettered something on it & she was like, "YOU LETTER?" & I was like, "DO YOU?" ... & it was basically like this....

Image result for did we just become best friends gif

That's what lettering will do for you! :) ... she's actually a fellow planner lover & all things organizing & stationary & pens & all that glorious goodness. I know some of you are totally feeling that last sentence.  Those people that get excited when new school supplies comes out because its a whole new line of notebooks & stickers & cute pencil pouches... you know who you are.

Say hi to Liz everyone

So she was telling me all about a place that specializes in such things.... & OH MY GOSH -get me there NOW!  We set up a time to meet up there & it was even better than I thought it was going to be.

I think we spent nearly 2 hours just in this store. I'm not even joking.

I ended up coming out with a One Line a Day 5 year diary... a beautiful peacock pillow for my office chair.... a Book journal that is glorious (I still need to take a picture of it) & also got a few gifts for people.  Including my momma when Liz found this notebook that had a Wizard of Oz quote on it.

She then wanted to take me to a chicken place for lunch.  We laughed because hello, yes, we know I dont eat chicken. But they had the BEST Kale Salad there.. & you can get vegan chicken - that actually was really really good.  It was so good, I ended up getting another order to bring home to Ricky - I also got him regular chicken on the side - but he even tried the vegan chicken.... yes, by accident! He thought it was croutons - HAHAHAHA - but he said, it wasn't bad.  So there you go.

Vegan chicken... looks pretty 'real", doesn't it?

Then we headed to Hobby Lobby where I shelled out even more money.....

But come on man... Hobby Lobby is stepping up their game with all sorts of cute knitting stuff.  I mean, HOW CAN I NOT???

Here's a close up of the cup... "I Make Pretty Things"... & look at the balls of yarn around it! LOVE!

We could have gone to another 5 stores we were talking about going to - but I had to head home to my horse siblings....

... where I learned a very valuable lesson. DO NOT WEAR CROCS TO CLEAN A BARN!  I usually wear them & no problem.  But I guess my brother was trying to scatter the love evenly... which by "love" I mean all the horse manure.  Because the exit to the barn was like ankle deep of it... & it was damp... & fresh... & I had to walk through it a few times & yeahhhhhhh.... squish squish is all I'll say. Well, once you get to the point where your feet are covered in it, you just keep tromping through it because you can't get any dirtier than you already are....

You're welcome... a picture of feet covered in horse poop.
This could potentially be some people's night mare

Yes, I made Ricky bring me a rag & I got the water hose out & scrubbed my feet before I even got near the entrance of my house. Ewww... the things you dont expect in a day. & believe me when I tell you, I took an extra long shower & got my foot scrubber out for an even greater exfoliation.

Sunday, it was a big day - it was our last HSM of the year.  Technically, they still have it - its just not the typically schedule we follow during the school year.  So I told the girls I wanted to take a picture of them at the end of this year - & I want to do it at the end of every school year - to build up to the final year ... the Senior year... where I want to get a picture of all of them in their cap & gowns.  .... my heart just ached from typing that....

It was super funny though because I forgot my tripod so I took one picture & then one of the girls come out & take the picture with me in it & I photoshopped them together.  When I sent the pictures to the girls, one of them was like, HOLD UP - WHEN DID WE ALL GET IN THE PHOTO TOGETHER?  ... Made me feel like I did my job well :)

The best part of the whole day though, we went around & talked about what God showed us, revealed to us, was teaching us most during this past year.  Their answers were very insightful knowing the issues some of them had over the year.... glad they saw God working in it all... but one of the young ladies was telling us that her mom was having issues with her make up, trying to cover her freckles. This PRECIOUS one said she told her mom, "Mom, God didn't create MAKE UP - God MADE UP YOU!" & she continued to tell preach to her mom about the beauty that was in her because of the creation she was. OH MY WORD.  Preach my sweet girl, preach.  She is so wise for her age in so many things she shares with us & I just can NOT wait to see what God does through her words that she shares so beautifully.

Not all the girls got to make it to the final day... love them all!
I left from church & went to pick up my mom's groceries for her & then she was sound asleep when I got to her home, so I put them up & then headed home to just take a break. I was exhausted for some reason.  I think my body knows its Sunday & needs a nap.

So the couch & 2 more episodes of Lucifer for me....

& then back outside for more reading. Ending it how I started it.  With a lot of fun &love in between.

How was your weekend?

Are your schools already out for the year?

Are you a stationary/pen/office supply nerd too?

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