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School memories... including the day I could have died on my graduation

Got this from my friend Stacy at My Cup is Full... had to snag & join in....

Perfect time to look back at the good ole' days of Dear Ole High School... which I think was actually the name of our "school song"... so long ago, who can remember...

Colors are in my high school colors - PURPLE & GOLD BABY!!! GO BULLDOGS!

Class of: 1990
School:  Male Traditional High School

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1. Did you know your spouse?  Nope... though I used to work at a grocery story & do remember him coming through my line.

2. What kind of car did you drive?  I had a 1976-?-1977 Toyota Celica.  Loved that hunk of junk.

3. Where did you work?  I worked at Winn Dixie - got my job as soon as I turned 16. I always wanted to work there growing up because I always had an infatuation with cash registers my whole life. Like, that's all I asked Santa for growing up - a REAL cash register.  Who says dreams dont come true.  I actually really loved my job. I worked there until after I graduated.  I just loved talking to customers & getting to know regulars.... I think it was a great job to start out in.

4. Where did you live?  Louisville

5. Were you popular?  Nope - probably not. I knew a lot of people & got along with everyone, but I wasn't in the popular group like you see in movies... parties every weekend, driving daddy's Ferrari, mom & dad as doctor & lawyer kinda kids - nope.... I loved my group of friends though.

6. Were you in choir?  Nope... because of my job, I never had time for extra curricular activities... but I would have loved to do choir.  

7. Ever get suspended from school?  Heck no - I'd just die if I ever got in trouble.  I did actually get caught for 'cutting school' one time... actually, a really good friend at school was in an awful car accident. They didnt think she was going to make it. A bunch of us left school to go to the hospital.  Our school counselor was there with us... so when my Accounting teacher (Those darn accounting people) reported me for missing class but seeing me in school, my school counselor covered for me & didnt give me any sort of detention.  That's the extent of my 'problem child' issues in school.

8. If you could go back, would you go back?  Probably... I'd be interested in doing it all over again now that I know better.  But man, ohhh... wait...maybe not. Everything is documented nowadays. I'm grateful social media didnt exist then.

Image result for how unfriended in 80's
9. Still talk to the person that you went to the prom with?  Nope.  I actually went to 3 different proms & don't talk to any of the guys.

This was my senior prom
... who the heck wore white shoes??? The 80's did - that's who....

10. Did you skip school? Oh, well here you go - go back & look at question 7

11. Go to all the football games?  Nope.  Again, job kept me busy.... The big rival of Male vs. Manual was a game that I would try & make with friends though.

12. What was your favorite class?  I always loved typing because I started on Day 1 typing 110 words per minute in thanks to my brother teaching me to type before I ever started 1st grade. I would type my books out over & over again growing up on my grandfather's typewriter as a kid.  Move aside typing teacher!
... I also loved my Algebra classes!

Related image

13. Do you still have your yearbook?  I have my Junior & Senior year book

14. Did you follow the career path you wanted?  Nope.  I actually Majored in Business/Accounting in high school (Yes, we had to pick a major in high school to follow a curriculum) - but I always thought I'd be a pharmacist.  Back then, there were literally 2 pharmacy schools & both were too far from my parents so I was like, can't do that & changed my career path forever.

15. Do you have a class ring?  Yes. & I love my class ring.  I didnt get a typical class ring. I got one that looked like an ordinary ring - you'd have to look really closely, but it does actually have my school name around it & the year is sneaky in the side lettering.... but I had a crazy love for black onyx rings that time so my ring was just the most beautiful thing. No one knew it was my class ring.  I still love it actually.

Here it is on my hand 29 years later - HOLY COW - that's a long time!!!
Excuse the wrinkles all these years later.

16. Who was your favorite teacher?  Mr. Walsh - He taught history & I just loved his style of teaching.  I found out not too long after I graduated that he had a heart attack & passed away & it broke my heart.

17. Did you letter?  nope - again, I had to be at work right after school so I lettered in life ;) 

18. Did you graduate with a 3.0 or higher?  I believe so.  Heck, I dont even remember.  I was always a pretty decent student though.

19. Did you graduate?  June 1, 1990 - remember it well.

Image may contain: 3 people

20. Did you walk across the stage?  OHHH yeahhh - I'll never forget that day - in case you hadn't heard the fun story - I was DEATHLY sick. Had the worst fever - felt awful. Went to my family doctor & he promised me he would get me to my graduation. I was so sick the entire time. Like, its just a blur & haze of the evening.  Walking across the stage is honestly like a DONT PASS OUT MOMENT because of how high my fever was.  Everyone was going to parties afterwards & I was like, Get me home & in bed.... cut to 6 years later & I get my gall bladder taken out & they discover my appendix had ruptured some time in my life - which can CAUSE DEATH BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... & the only time we can think i was so sick was that night. & the surgeon told us that thank God my doctor had given me so many antibiotics to get me to my graduation - its the only thing that saved my life.  So yeah... I could have died on my graduation night. There's a memory for you!

So, tell me what your school days were like!

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