Monday, June 24, 2019

The weekend I got to see some GIRL POWER!!!!

This was another fun weekend... minus the rain & random storms.  Mainly because the ground can't take anymore liquid sky.  Everything is just like a mud slush carpet.... & more importantly, talking about things that can't take anymore rain? MY HAIR - my hair can't take any more rain. It's getting ridiculous. I've curled it, did beach waves, straightened it, done everything I can. I walk outside & POOF... Rosanna Danna.  It's horrible.  I guess My hair will be in a bun until Fall. Even then, I'll have all those humid frizzy baby hairs around my head. The struggle is real.

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Kate feels my pain

Bad hair aside - it was a busy & fun weekend.... let's jump in, shall we?


We headed home to just turn right back around to go to our Framily's house for a game night. Though, no game was ever pulled out.  Who has time for that when there's a new baby in the house?

& two little cuties who wanted to go out for a walk & enjoy the cool weather before the rain came in.

We got to eat dinner outside (My favorite thing to do) under their covered porch while it was raining (even more my favorite) until the lightning started flashing - HARD.  I've mentioned that before how when lightning is in the air, the hair stands straight up on Ricky's arms. Dont stand too close!! 

But we ended up just spending the whole night talking & laughing & catching up on life.

We had brought over a present for Emerson's birthday & I think she loved it....

A new Anna dress.... we got a full broadway production with her singing & dancing & having her mommy re-enact a scene from the movie where Anna gets hit by the ice  & has to be taken to the troll king -enter little brother.  Watch out Broadway! We've got a future star in our midst.

Then it was time for the kiddos to go to bed... isnt this picture so precious that I caught when their mommy read their nightly Jesus Daily devotional for kids.  

This one was about David in the Lion's Den.  She asked Caden if he would be afraid & he thought about it for a minute & was like, "No!!" & acted like he was beating the lion up.  There you go kid - you got life already figured out - NO FEAR!


Saturday was kind of nutso because it was like a dozen plans all happened at once & I had to leave some out - I always hate when days overlap with events... & then there's weekends that have nothing.  I just hate missing out on anything with friends.

But this was still a fun & busy Saturday.

My niece was playing in another tournament & we thought it was going to be canceled because the morning was just downpour after downpour... but an hour later, her tennis game was scheduled.  I got up to the court a few minutes late & even though there was thunder all around, no lightning so they kept playing.

& Sophia once again is just amazing.  I see progress in her every time she plays.

... & of course, I had my buddy to sit with to watch the game.

She loves me
I left the tennis courts to get to Emerson's birthday party, where the theme was "Rainbows - Super heroes - Princesses"... that's my kind of party.

This girl - all she wanted for her birthday were clothes & dress up outfits. Her imagination is so vivid - I mean VIVID is such a small word to emcompass how her mind works.  But she so many clothes - where she took out one by one & just ooh'ed & aah'ed over each one (what 5 year old does that?) & then, her aunt Jojo got her a red jacket & a red hat.... Emerson has become a little obscessed with watching Carmen Sandiago on Netflix... which I didnt evne know there was a new cartoon version of this. Emerson corrected me when I sang the one song "Where in the Sandiago" No - that's not how it goes.  She sang the new version for me.  She's all about it.

So you can imagine how happy when she opened that gift from her aunt. & FULL CHARACTER she went. I mean FULLLLLL CHARACCTEERRRRRR.    This girl is too much.

Her Mimi had found her some cute little bows that were all sorts of awesome.  I took a picture of these & told her I need the link myself. I mean, just LOOK at that Beauty & the Beast bow. Forget being 5 years old - I need those for MY hair!!!

... ANDDD then I left from there to go to my mom's to take her to the store.

We got home & my brother & his gang were at mom's - so I got to hang out with both of my nieces.  We were watching some boys who were down at a pond that was on the other side of the horse pasture & I was making stories up to what they were saying by their body language. We were laughing till we were crying.

Then they so kindly volunteered to help me clean the barn which made it SUPER fast.  That made it so much easier for me.

I ended up getting home around 8:30... poor Ricky was at home the entire day doing home stuff - working on our fence, dealing with insurance people about our roof, all sorts of adult stuff. I may have felt a little bad coming in with a smile on my face from the fun day.

I spent so much time in bed watching more Lucifer.  SO GOOD.I honestly love this show.  But I ended up watching so much  of it, I missed church.  So I did the online live streaming church again.  This time, I even got to watch it from my bed on the big TV ... talk about convenient.

Then I got up to go to the little coffee shop to meet up with some of our HSM girls.  Schedules are kinda crazy right now so we're going to try & set up a weekly coffee date where me & my fellow leader can alternate going to do the girls can drop by when they are able. 

I actually got there a little early so I could work on my Bible Study that I'm doing....

I always say, sometimes, when the numbers are low for things like this, it brings out the best conversation - which is exactly what happened again this go around.  The 3 beautiful young ladies were telling me all about how God is working in their lives, & struggles they are going through & decisions they are making to become better Jesus followers. I dont even know that I spoke much at all the whole time we were there - they were just filling me in on the past 3 weeks we haven't had HSM small groups.  I loved to listen to every second.

On the way home, I had actually dropped off 2 of the girls at a Youth Event at another church & pulled out of the parking lot & all of a sudden, TORNADO SIRENS going off... that was a little terrifying.

I called Ricky to see where he was at & he had run over to put the horses up & was wondering where I was at. Man, that was a little nerve wrecking drive home.

The rest of the night was just watching the radar for more storms - doing bills - feeding dogs - getting ready for the week ahead ... & finished another season of Lucifer.

So yeah, thinking back over my weekend, I was just super excited to see all the amazing young ladies in my life.... an imaginative 5 year old that can create her own worlds & stories.... 2 incredible 14 year olds who I'm blessed to call my nieces who are so talented in the sports they play & the kindness they have in helping their Yaya however they can .... & 3 precious 15 year olds who are working hard at living their lives to further God's kingdom & be the best kind of Jesus follower! 

Let me tell you something - the future is looking bright for some GIRL POWER!!!

So how was your weekend?

You getting tons of rain?

What do you do for frizzy hair in the humidity?

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