Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thankful Thursday #226

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This week I am Thankful for:

Framily's pictures
I know my sweet friends. They weren't going to ask me to do pictures... & I didnt want to push it if they didnt want pictures down - after all, we know Chasity is a great photographer herself.  But I also know its hard to be a photographer AND be in front of the camera... so our conversation was so funny on figuring out pictures.  We just never want to put one another out or ask one another for anything... but I also knew they NEEDED a photo of their new family of five.  Monday after work, I was excited to go over & snap a few of what she was looking for.  Easy peasy.  I loved even more just talking & laughing with them after the pictures.  When tears are flowing from laughter, those are good conversations.

Found funeral home
I went to the funeral home this week when my sister in law's grandfather passed away. He was such a fun man. Always so kind to Ricky & I too. He had made me a Beauty & the Beast bench that I'll always cherish.  ... but I was so lost trying to find the funeral home. I had to circle the block 4 times until I finally made the turn to the parking lot. Whew! That was an adventure.

Big sigh of relief!
I had someone I love very much this past week go for a test that had us all holding our breath to find out the results. When everything finally came back OK after a few tests & a LOT of waiting, we took a BIG sigh of relief & had to high five Jesus!

Gorgeous nights
We've had a good week of weather this past week. For June, having some days with HIGHS in the 70's? It's been glorious. One day, it felt like FALL it was so cool. Especially the mornings & evenings. It's been perfection.

Vet's Office
They are just the nicest people there. They got us in quick on Saturday to check something on Ernie & I just really like the vet we go to there & the staff. 

Ernie didnt throw up
YES!!! He's not much of a car rider.  Bye-Bye brings him no joy.  He's always thrown up on every car ride we've taken him on.  Needless to say, we haven't taken him to a lot of places over the months.  So it was a good day when we rode to the vet & he made it there & home without any up chucking. SUCCESS!!!

Book reading weekend
I love a weekend where I put on no make up, throw my hair up in a pony tail the entire time & finish one book & go straight to another one.

On Line Service
I wasn't feeling the best on Sunday morning & with no HSM responsibilities, I stayed home from church. The cool new thing my church offers is LIVE streaming of the church service AND the worship, which is what I really appreciate.  It was just so nice to sit at home with my computer up, my bible open & able to spread out my pens & note book to jot away the sermon.  What a lovely way to do church when you can't make it in.

What good things have happened this week for you?

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