Thursday, June 13, 2019

Champion (again) - lots of coffee - & was that a compliment? {Thankful Thursday #225}

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Gorgeous evenings
This past week, we've had the nicest nights. Cool. No humidity. The perfect weather to sit out & read until you can't see any longer - which is typically after 9pm right now. I love summer light & summer evenings!!!

Knit hat
A coworker's wife had their baby super early - at 32 weeks.  A full 2 months earlier than expected. Baby is doing just fine. Just super tiny, but otherwise really healthy.  So I had to knit up a preemie hat. It's the tiniest little hat I've ever made in my life. I found I can crank these babies out in a few hours. I need to just start making these to donate to the hospital.

3 coffees
My sweet friend, I mentioned last week, sent me a gift card to start my week off on the right foot.  But little did she know - that one gift card - it was able to give me 3 days worth of coffee! Now that's a must appreciated gift!!!!

... make that 4...
I usually go through McDonald's drive thru on Friday's for an Egg McMuffin (No canadian bacon - obvs) & an Iced coffee - its like my Friday treat. My way of celebrating the end of the week. I've been doing this since I started my new job.  So this past week, I pull in & order & got to the window & found out that one of my youth kiddos was inside & saw me - they had taken care of my order & gave me a large vanilla iced coffee. These girls know me :)  Friday made!!!

Goodbye Gray
... dont know how to take this.  I got out of the car from getting my hair done & Ricky says, "Oh, you look young again.".... Thanks?.... I guess?

Fast Hematologist visit
I had to get my blood drawn at the hematologist to see where my iron levels were at - I'll talk more about the results later. I'm sure most of you saw it on my IG / Facebook.  ... Sigh... BIG SIGH... but I'll be grateful that for this initial blood draw, I didnt have to wait long. I was in & out within 30 minutes - which for this office, is incredible. I've waited for over 2 hours before here. It's crazy busy.

Celebrating my sister in law's birthday
Always love seeing my Vincent family! -  I cant believe I didnt take any pictures. I was just coming off of my iron results & just not mindful of such things.  Dang it. Hopefully I'll see everyone soon for my niece's high school graduation.

Tennis Champ!!!!
This girl... she's just blowing me away with her tennis skills. She won the whole tennis tournament this past weekend.  I just love watching her play. I missed this game & so bummed out I did... I heard she nailed some pretty awesome shots.

Dinner with family
It was so funny - we were all a hot mess going out to dinner to celebrate my niece. I had on no make up, my brother was covered in horse hair, my mom had on sweat pants, my niece felt sweaty after the tennis matches... but we still went out & had a good time of laughing together.  That's what matters most - family.

Breakfast Date
I will always love when me & the hubs get our breakfast dates in. The best way to start a day!

What are you thankful for this week?
Tell me something good!

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