Thursday, August 08, 2019

All the Sparkle, Bring the heat & gotta love a soft squirrel {Thankful Thursday #233}

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This week I'm Thankful for:

We're so excited to start Ernie in an agility class.  He's just picking it up so well & Ricky is really enjoying doing it with him.  I just love seeing things CLICK with Ernie on what he's supposed to do.  & those who are dog training - that CLICK has double meaning to you.  The CLICKER is what its all about for Ernie to learn. Who knew. I said I need to get a Clicker for Ricky ;)  ... dont worry - he's said the same about me.

Even more, we love that we are supporting our friend in his venture into teaching agility.  The trainer is a young man who has a support dog.  He's been in agility training with his dog & was just so good at it, he was helping out at the facility where his dog was learning & working out at. Well, the owner of that facility moved & has encouraged this young man to branch out on his own. He's just a young teen... but man, he's got a natural gift. Animals just listen to him & love him.  So his parents have set up an arena that is top notch & are just letting this young man live his dream.  For all the years they were in it, him & his momma have it all down... & I love it because this family has been a friend of ours for years so I just love going & chatting with them while Ricky does all the work.  Win Win Win all around.

Baker at work
We have a coworker who loves to bake.  & guess who gets to reap the benefits?

Perfect timing heat
I had pulled a back / side muscle from working out (I thought working out was supposed to make you better, not hurt you?).  It was BAD. I've found as I get older, when my muscles pull, they get tighter & tighter & then even TIGHTER.  Who knew you used your side muscles so much. It hurt to twist, stand up, bend over - it was bad.  & low & behold, a heating pad that Ricky had ordered had come in the exact day I hurt myself.  & it was PERFECT because this heating pad actually belts around you.  So like most heating pads, when you lay on it, you roll off of it at some point - or its hard to keep in direct contact of your pain. This baby - belted right on & I actually was able to sleep in it all night long (I KNOW - you're not supposed to - but I kept the heat low) & I woke up feeling SO MUCH BETTER.  This heating pad is now my new best friend. 

Sunbeam Heating Pad Back Wrap with Adjustable Strap | Contoured for Back Pain Relief | 4 Heat Settings with 2 Hour Auto-Off | 24 x 15-Inch, Slate Grey
Because she looks so much better modeling it than me... I was the one rolling on the bed in pain.
(You can click the pic to find heating pad)

19 years old
HE MADE IT!!! My little blind grumpy old man made it - officially 19!!!! Only 11 months & 3 weeks & 6 days till 20!!!!   At this point, nothing would surprise me with this dog.

Dont forget our girl
Zoe turned 14 on the same day.  14 aint shabby either.  She just got a little overshadowed by the shocker of 19 in her brother.  ... Zoe was actually found on the road & we didnt know when her birthday was, so we just made it the same day as her brothers so we wouldnt forget.  So a big Happy Birthday to the lady who runs our home.

Bruno Birthday present
How cute is this? I got to work & a coworker had a birthday gift for Bruno. She said this is a special occasion that needed to be celebrated & got him a squirrel that she thought he would appreciate the crinkle sound of it. He appreciates more the softness of it. He loves to rub his face against it.

Aussie love
I had ordered this cup to support my Ernie in his agility training... & with the order came a free tee. HOW CUTE IS THIS SHIRT???  I'm obsessed with my cup too. Bring on the sparkle!!!

The other side of the cup....

Downtown anyways
When I was asked if I could come into work on Saturday, I thought it worked out well that I had to be downtown anyways for my infusions. The timing of it worked perfectly too for me to go into work & then just have to drive a few blocks over for my infusion.  Glad that worked out.

FINALLY got that needle in
We wont relive the story of what happened on Saturday... I'm just grateful for the nurse that finally got that needle in me after an hour of torture poking.

My brother
My brother has to work on Saturday mornings & was texting me to check up on how I was doing in my infusions. When I told him all that had happened & how my face was already swollen & numb, he told me to just tell Ricky to stay home & take care of me & he would take care of the horses for him (We do it on Saturday & Sunday - Tony does it Monday - Friday) ... what a good big brother!

HSM back!!!!
Here we go - Sophomore year!!  Praying these girls have a smooth & peaceful & fulfilling year ahead

So what good things have happened in your week?

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