Monday, August 12, 2019

The weekend where Trouble made everything better...

Hello Monday.  We meet again.


Another whirlwind of a weekend whizzes by - so full of life - ups & down - horses & dogs - needles & nurses - games & grandsons... let's get to it.

Friday, my brother & I had switched out a horse day so I did Friday while he was going to take Saturday.  I headed over to my mom's right after work & got to work. It took me over 40 minutes to get that barn clean & get the horses taken care of.  Doing it in my work clothes wasn't a smart move. I was a sweaty mess in the end.

I went in & spent a little bit of time with my momma, checking in on her & showing her some things on Facebook.  She's wanting to get more used to using it & getting connected to people on it & its fun to see her learning new things.

Time to get home & feed the dogs & get the back bedrooms sheets changed because we were expecting visitors on Saturday.

But first....
Infusion #2

I woke up with a mission - drink ALL the water.  Which I did. I drank over 45 ounces of water before leaving my house.  Stopped & got a huge bottle of Smart Water on the way & drank that whole thing. I knew my veins were going to be PUMPED UP - ready for poking & getting the needle in on the first time.

I would be wrong.

When they tried my first vein, & I could feel them moving that DANG needle around INSIDE my arm - I did good holding it together.  When after 3 minutes of prodding, I jumped & he jerked the needle right out.  Tried again on top of my hand.   Nope again.

He wanted to try my other hand ... & NOPE again.

So he goes & gets a nurse to come in & try.  & who walks in?  Y'all.. if you are new here, you need to glance back at this post I did on my first round of infusions.  The nurse that called me a "Special Little Flower"... remember her?  I know some of you do because I remember all the great posts of my friends that told me they were about to come up there & tell her a few words & have my back.  YEP - that nurse walked in.

I just couldnt keep a smile on my face. I dropped my head & just shook my head.  She asked to see my arms & I immediately told her, "PLEASE dont go in the side of my arm!!!!" - she gave me the funniest look & said, "Why would you even say that to me? I'm not interested in that area of your arm" - I told her that she did indeed tell me last time that was her go-to spot & my words to her were... "... & you JACKED me UP last time leaving me with a bruise that lasted 4 weeks"... #sorrynotsorry

I'm not one to point things out like that but I just couldnt deal with that on top of all the sticks & bruises from last week & THIS week.  She said she was going to put some heat on my arm to bring the veins up & then she'd look.

She got a warm blanket & padded me up with it & we sat & talked while she put pressure on the blanket.  She saw I had a kindle on my lap & a book on the arm rest & she asked me about my Kindle ..  we were off. We got talking about books & the genres we like & the ways to get free books & libraries & just everything wonderful about books.  At the end of the conversation, I was like, OK - maybe this nurse isn't so bad.

... & then she took the blanket off & got a needle... here we go...

& she got it in the first  time! YAHOOOO!!!!

Only took an hour... but ok....

& then I was off... infusion #2

had to get up to pee all that water out!!!

I was anxious to get it over with & out of there because I would be getting home just in time for Julie & William to come up from Nashville.  My son in law had taken the other 2 grand sons to Oklahoma to see their great grandparents so Julie took the time to drive up with a lighter load of kids to come visit.

When they got there, my "infusion flu" had hit me & I could just talk for a little bit, but then had to go lay down.  It worked out well... Ricky & Julie & William got to hang out & they went out to get some dinner while I just stayed in bed.

When they got back, I was started to go on my upswing.  I had felt SOOO bad earlier. It's weird how I can feel how its going to go.  Down, then WAYYYY down, then up a little bit & then on Sunday, heading back up.

But Saturday night, I was doing good enough to start pulling out some games with William & teach him how to play Go Fish & Old Maid. We had the best time.

Asking for another game to play

Sunday, William was ready to play some more games.  Nanny to the rescue.  It was such a beautiful morning so we took the games outside & I taught him how to play Trouble & then Guess Who ...

Sitting outside, William could hear rooster crowing next door so we put on some shoes & put Bruno in his stroller & took him for a walk so William could see where the sound was coming from.

He loved being in the woods looking & discovering - but then he was ready for more games...

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up... to which I always love to take a good picture of my gang when they're up... so a quick 5 minutes on the front porch & bam - snap snap - click click...

Then we headed to get some lunch before they hit the road. It's the kids first day of school today.  These boys are all getting so big - I can't handle it.

Ricky & I headed back over to the barn to take care of the horses & then we both just came home & took a 15 minute nap. 

.. & then usual Sunday stuff.  Trying to gear up for another week.

I'm sure it'll be full of adventure. They always are.

How was your weekend?

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