Thursday, August 29, 2019

Produce, Hanging tough & my nurse is more hairy than yours {Thankful Thursday #235}

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This week I'm Thankful For:

Healthy yummies
Our neighbors are just blessing us with the yummiest of yummies.  All sorts of fresh veggies & always replenishing our fridge with cartons of fresh eggs.  So grateful that they share all these with us. I cant tell you how many nights, I've just looked forward to tomato & hummus sandwiches!!!  I wish I could give them something back in return - but the only things we have in our back yard are tore up tennis balls & stretched out tug-of-war socks.

One needle stick
It hurt like a dickens for the 2.5 hours it was in my hand... but I'm glad I wasn't a pin cushion this week at my infusion

Bruno still hanging tough
Some days, Ricky & I say, this is going to be it - the day we have to let Bruno go.... & then he'll find a spurt of energy & walk around all day long, & eat well & have some spunk in his step.  I'm grateful for every precious day I get to kiss my little boys face.

Harvey Taking care of me
Y'all think I'm joking when I say that Harvey takes care of me after infusions - but seriously - when I get in bed with my "infusion flu" - this dog does NOT leave my side.  Ernie will come lay down with me for like 2 minutes - until he sees something move in the backyard (usually Ricky) & takes off running. Harvey will perk up & look out the window - but lay right back down with me.  & nap time? He's ALLLL about it.  I just love my snuggly big boy.

Yep, he's asleep on my arm
Fall decorations out
I love when Halloween &fall decorations come out. Seriously - it gives me all the warm & fuzzy feels. My happy season. 

Washi Tape Clearance
I honestly can't believe how much washi tape I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I got 4 of the LONG tubes of washi that are usually $19.99 - I paid $4.99 each... & there were short tubes I got for $3.99. That's the price of ONE kind of washi - I ended up with like 75 pieces of washi!!!! That's gonna last me awhile!

(I even got more washi after taking this pic!!!) - I need to take a pic of all of it together combined with all my other washi.
OG HSM buddy
One of my OG girls from MSM has been sort of MIA & I just have been so worried about her - reaching out to her & staying in touch.  So when I walked in on Sunday & saw her, I just ran up & hugged her so tight. I dont know if she'll return to us on a regular basis (I'm praying for that though) but I'm just glad she made the effort to come at all. 

Watching Sun rise
I talked about this on Monday - but it was just so calming & lovely & good for the soul to just sit & enjoy the beautiful day start.  Sometimes, we all need moments like this.....

"Be Still & know that I am God" -Psalm 46:10

Tell me something good about your week

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  1. Your dog taking care of you is the sweetest!

  2. I'm a gardener, and I know from experience what a blessing it is to share produce with friends and neighbors, so you are "giving" to them in your grateful receiving of their gift to you.
    Your furry nurse is adorable.

  3. I love that Harvey takes care of you! What a deal on the washi tape!! Have a terrific Thursday. :)

  4. Love that your neighbor shares their garden bounty with you. And a tad bit jealous that you're getting such gorgeous looking tomatoes there. I love, love, LOVE fresh garden tomatoes. I also love that Harvey Dent takes care of his Mama when she's down after her infusions. Max loves it when I read in bed (which is my typical place to read) because then he snuggles up next to me and takes a nice, long nap. Our fur babies are so precious! I feel bad but I'm not sure what washi tape is but yay for getting a bunch for a steal!

  5. I bought some Washi tape a year or so ago and thought I'd use it, but just never did. Oh well, I always have big plans, but just never seem to follow through with things like journaling. I wish I would, but at this point it will probably never happen. lol

    That Harvey seems like such a great dog! Well really, all of them do. My daughter just taught her dog to catch a Frisbee. So cool!!

  6. Sending prayers and good wishes to Bruno. I thought I was going to have to make the same decision with our dog Benji. While we were away, he fell and could not get up. My son and his wife picked him up, took him to the vet, and bought a harness to help lift him. The vet could find nothing wrong with him and now he is as good as new! He has a new lease on life. Hoping for the same for Bruno.

  7. Aww that tomato and hummas sounds good! I'd be thankful for neighbors like that too!
    Harvey is such a good boy to not leave your side when you need him there to cuddle after your infusions!

  8. Aw, the pups. Little Bruno hanging in there...bless his heart...and Harvey, such a sweet nurse. Man, you had me at the washi tape...and I see some stickers in there, too, don't I? I get into so much trouble with the supplies for my Happy Journals. Hobby Lobby is on the other side of Pittsburgh from us so thankfully, I don't go there or I'd REALLY be in trouble.

  9. It’s so hard to watch out pups struggle. But those good days, those good days are them letting you know they want to spend a little more time with you <3 I actually need some washi tape, so I’m going to stop at hobby lobby tonight! Have a great weekend!

  10. Always uplifting!! Love & hugs to you, Rebecca Jo!

  11. I like your healthy yummies. Very nice. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. First of all, now I need a tomato and hummus sandwich. That sounds amazing! Second, I'm sorry to hear Bruno is poorly. I know all too well the loss of a pet lately and pray for more good days together for you and your pup. Also, how sweet is Harvey taking care of you? Dogs have my heart.

  13. That photo of you and Harvey is the sweetest! It's amazing how dogs always know just how to cheer us up. So sorry to hear about Bruno. Thinking of you all!

  14. fresh veggies from a garden are the bessssstttt. I always harvest from my inlaws' garden and i love it


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