Monday, August 26, 2019

The weekend I'm about over it....

As long as Friday took to end, how is fair that Saturday & Sunday went super fast? 
I'll answer that - not fair at all.

Especially when half of the weekend, you feel like crud.
At least it was a gorgeous - GORGEOUS - weekend. The little smidgen taste of Fall. Not even Fall really. It was in the low 80's - but that felt like fall. That's how hot it has been lately. When 80 feels cool.

Friday, I spent my whole evening out on the back porch reading. I was determined to finish this book... & I had 40 pages left when I couldnt even see any longer in the light - so came in & finished it on my couch. 

What a sweet book... I'm glad I let it take up my evening.

I was so worn out so I just went to bed after I shut the cover on that book.  I go to bed on toddler time on Fridays. The weeks just wear me down.

I knew I needed the sleep because I slept for 9.5 hours!!!! GLORIOUS!!!!!

Plus, the morning was so cool & fresh & crisp... a perfect morning - all except, I had to pack up my infusion bag & head back Downtown to get needles jabbed in my veins. Good times.

I have really been having discussions with myself on if I want to continue with these. They make me feel so bad... they hurt... I dont think they help because I feel like I'm just going to be back to where I'm at in 3 months anyways... I'm just sort of over it.

& ready for some TMI?... I say that for everyone else because I have no shame - nothing is TMI for me.  Have 3 surgeries on your bum in 8 months time & have a colorectal surgeon as your most used doctor over a year & again, no shame.... But ever since I started these infusions, I've been bleeding like my period.  But is a period if you bleed for 3 weeks straight? ... & that's what kicked off my hemoglobin dropping to a 7 because I at one point was bleeding for 6 months straight. & when I say bleeding, I mean, bleeding - like day 2 of a period bleeding.  Sorry if there's any guys reading this. All the ladies are totally giving me sympathy right now - they get it. 

I dont know what it is about these infusions that gets me started again on this non stop blood rush (ewww) but I feel like I'm sitting there suffering through these treatments for absolutely no reason.

I dont know what to do.....


They did get the needle in this time on the first time - but let me tell you - it HURT - the entire time.  At one point, it burned & hurt so bad, if I didnt know I only had 30 minutes left in the treatment, I would have rang the nurses buzzer to get the needle out.

When the nurse took it out at the end of the treatment, she was one of the ones that was trying on me when I had to do the 7 sticks... she said, "Look at that - we are leaving today with no tears"... I was like YEP!... & then got in the elevator & cried!!! HARD! My hand was hurting so bad, I couldnt even use it. I couldnt turn the key to my car, I couldnt lift my phone - talk about dire pain.

Even now, it STILL hurts... & I have all these veins now popping up in my hand that also hurts...
anyone know what the heck is happening here?

I have no luck man....

When I left my treatment, I feel 'iffy' but know the "INFUSION FLU" is going to hit me about 2 hours later... so I had been wanting to get to Hobby Lobby all weke & made a mad dash in there - knowing I had a plan to get in & out.  Planner stickers were on sale & washi tape was on clearance - I had that tip from my work sister Liz so I was in & out... didnt even stop at the yarn section!

I got home & was still feeling pretty decent... thought, "look at me, I may not get sick this time".... & then tick tock... 2 hours hit & down I went.

Even after 9.5 hours of sleep, I was knocked out. So mad that I had to spent this beautiful day inside feeling bad.

I ended up waking up about 2 hours later & still had a fever so I just stayed in bed for awhile...

I watched RBG & loved it!!! Gave me all the feels....

Image result for rbg documentary

& then I watched a documentary about The Fittest People in the World - about a Crossfit competition. I love that kind of stuff.  Nothing like making you feel bad about yourself seeing all these fit people living their best life & I'm stuck in bed like a beached whale.  hmph.

Sunday, I guess with all that sleep, I was up & at em at 5:00am... I tried to go back to sleep & just couldnt. So I made the best of it & made a cup of hot coffee, got a blanket because it was 59 degrees outside & sat on my front porch to watch the sun rise.  Loved it.

Ricky woke up & came out there in time to see the sun rise too - we sat out there for about another 45 minutes just chatting & enjoying our time together in a rare still moment.

Then off to HSM & I was so glad to see my MSM Sister, Jana - I hadn't seen her in awhile & I was so excited to just hug her & tell her how much I've missed her & loved her.  What a special soul she is!!!

I came home because I still wasn't feeling all that great & loaded up a new book on my Kindle & went outside to to read it... only to take another nap. Maybe I'm not up to par just yet....

My momma called & told me she needed to go to the store so I went on over & took care of the horses & we headed out to pick up some things.  Can I say how excited I am that Halloween decorations are out everywhere?  Forget Christmas - I could decorate for Halloween so much better. I love it all!!!!

Got home to do some more reading & getting my planner ready for the week - I mean, goodness knows I'm all prepared with all the stickers & washi!!! - Speaking of which, I'm taking pics to join in with the beautiful Alexandra for her planner link ups so I'll be talking more about my planner each month... if that sort of thing interests you.

& we're back to Monday... let's all count down because this next weekend is a LONG WEEKEND! YAHOO!... just another reason why I dont want to do the next infusion. Who wants to spend it sick?  But also dont want to spend it exhausted... but these infusions make me exhausted too... Its a lose lose situation. Seriously. .... can everyone do a big sigh with me?


How was your weekend?

Do you like all things planners/planning?

Any thoughts about these infusions?

Take votes... is my hand going to explode with my painful veins?


  1. No, it’s not fair!! I’m so sorry. Praying this stops on the double. My poor girl! Now, let’s hope it’s a smooth and sweet week.

  2. Those darn infusion treatments! Ugh!! And I agree that Friday dragged and Saturday and Sunday FLEW by! I'm in the "no fair" category, too! Hope you have a great Monday! And that it goes by FAST!

  3. Oh no - it doesn't seem like these are getting easier. Have you talked to your Gyno about the bleeding? I had to take Tranexamic Acid on my heavy flow days and it definitely helped. It's an Rx but I highly suggest it to anyone to talk to their Dr about if they have heavy flows. I'm thankful this weather came over the weekend and not during the week when I couldn't enjoy it. I love planners and still want to find a consistent way to do a bullet journal - I'll be on the lookout for your posts! I'd buy some washi tape but Hobby Lobby was all sold out ... ;)

  4. It almost seems like there is less benefit to the infusions than they are worth. I wouldn't want to know I'd be sick either. Is there any other treatment you could try?

  5. Well look at all those planner supplies you stocked up on!! I'm sorry that you felt so crummy this weekend, I hope the next few weeks go by super fast so the infusions are done! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Ugh, the hand pain and the bleeding sounds horrible :( Fingers crossed that it gets better soon! That sounds like a beautiful way to start Sunday morning together, watching the sun rise :)

  7. So glad you could find beautiful moments in the midst of all the bad stuff this weekend. What was the book that you enjoyed so much, if I may ask?

  8. Ugh. I hear you. It makes so hard to know what's the right thing to do. If it helped longer, then maybe. Do they know why you bleed? Beyond seeming a little strange in the first place, it certainly can't help your cause either. I wish that I had some wise advice to give you ... what happens if you don't do them?

  9. I am so sorry your hand has been hurting. I will ask my momma about that one. I love all things planners too but I don't get very creative. I have a personal planner that runs from July to June of the following year and I can't wait to get it each summer. I also have one I order for school purposes to do lessons in. That one is a generic one but I try to spice it up by using colored pens and some doodles (obviously my planner is nothing special). But I think if I sent it to you you could spice it up with all those stickers and tape!

  10. Ugh, I am so sorry you’re suffering through all that right now. I’m sure it’s just miserable. :(

  11. Gosh, I am so sorry you are having such a hard time with the iron infusions. Any chance of a second opinion with a new doctor? As for your TMI issue. Girl, I was bleeding and bleeding and bleeding back in 1999. We tried hormones in different doses and nothing worked. I got a hysterectomy and life was good again. I had fibroid tumors causing my problem though. Sending love & hugs!

  12. I’m sorry you didn’t feel well this weekend and that the infusions are causing you issues. Praying that God gives you clarity and direction on that soon. 59 degrees outside? Can you send some of that glorious weather to Texas?


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