Tuesday, August 06, 2019

One Sentence a Day {July 2019 Edition}

Welp... month 7 down. I can't believe it. 
& a little sad - anyone else noticing that its getting dark earlier? NOOO!!!
But it was another busy month - & in our area, the beginning of another school year. Crazy, huh?  One last month to go & heading into fall... 

So here we go - July - One Sentence a Day

1. Mon / Talk about a doozy of a ride home when a storm blew in out of nowhere. #crazywind

2. Tues /  This is the most expensive salad that I pay for, but man, it so worth it & I keep going back for it. #SwayKySalad

3.  Wed /  Luckily had a book at lunch to wait for the rain to stop before walking back. #summershowers

4. Thurs /  Enjoyed the 4th of July crafting away. #HappybirthdayAmerica

5. Fri /  Felt like torture having to go back to work for one day, esepcially when half of the town is off & gets a long weekend. #atleastnotraffic

6. Sat / My whole day revolved on binging Stranger Things 3. #HopperForever

7. Sun /  The hubs was shocked me & my mom spent over an hour at the dollar store, once again underestimating my talent at shopping. #lookatallthethings

8. Mon /  Got my yearly review & raise & super sad that this is going to be the last one with my awesome Manager #shesretiring #8moremonths

9. Tues /  My poor Bruno is having some rough days lately. #youwouldtooifyouwere133yrsold

10. Wed /  Really enjoying my LesMills On Demand month workout plan. #onlyday3 #checkwithmeinafewweeks

11. Thur /  My momma is one happy woman when my brother took a day trip to drive 6 hours to pick her up some TAB. #itllbegonein2months

Image may contain: 2 people, indoor

12. Fri / Living the exciting Friday night life by spending an hour shopping in Walgreens with my momma. #itwasactuallyfun

13. Sat /  Women's Finals for Wimbledon. #notSerena #boo

14. Sun /  Men's finals for Wimbeldon was EPIC & historical #tiebreaker #Djovokic

15. Mon / Throws my Monday off when I only get 6 checks in & I'm used to near 100. #catchuponotherworkday

16. Tues / Goodbye Gray #itwasbad

17. Wed /  Happy Birthday to my Mother in Law! #stillonetoughmomma

18. Thurs /  Loved our discussion at our monthly lunch where we talked about some of our beliefs with our faiths. #somuchtolearnabouteachother #Jesusalwaysfirst

19. Fri / Went for yet another blood test to check that ferritin #spoileralert-notgood

20. Sat / I love when the 24in48 Readathon happens. #givesmemyreadingmojoback

21. Sun / Happy 6th Birthday Harvey Dent! #ourgentlegiant

22. Mon /  I felt horrible when I got home from work so work out got scratched & I just stayed in bed for the rest of the night watching The Bachlorette. #thisseasoniswhacked

23. Tues / What a GLORIOUS non-humid day that was made to read outside till the sun went down!!! #bugbiteskillingmethough

24. Wed /  Happy 75th Birthday in Heaven dad! #iatecakeforhim

25. Thurs /  Ever have one of those days at work where everything just feels off & every problem seems to come to you? #yeahoneofthose

26. Fri /  I am just feeling horrible lately & not sure which problem or issue to account it too. #takeyourhealthpick

27. Sat /  Love a morning where you have to start the day by giving your little blind dog a bath #stinkyboy

28. Sun /  Excited to see Beauty & the Beast performed on stage with my precious friend that was all on top of getting tickets for us! #beherguest

29. Mon / It's the first day of high school for my nieces, the first day of Sophomore year for my HSM girls & the first day of Agility school for Ernie. #alltheschool

30. Tues / I was totally there for the Bachelorette Season finale. #whatahotmessthatwas

31. Wed /  So unbelievable sore from yesterday's dead lifts that I can barely move, turn or bend over. #day2alraedykilledme

What was the best part of your July?
Can you believe we're into August!!!

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