Wednesday, August 07, 2019


Joining in with In Residence today

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ordering:  just got my notification for my usual dog food delivery. That's exciting.  We're also looking to order soon an agility set to keep in our back yard to Ricky can keep up practicing with the Aussies.  It's a dog's world - I'm just living in it.

watching: I just finished The Boys ... & actually at a point where I'm exhausted with Gossip Girl - gotta take a break at the end of season 3 here.  But I'm looking forward to the 90210 reboot - & of course, summer isn't complete without Big Brother

cooking:  I'm trying to find some good healthy & EASY & FAST recipes - got any? Send my way (no meat please) .... but right now, I've been all about easy sandwiches during summer nights with kale salad.  No 'cooking' involved.

wondering: how to get a schedule together to get my life in order.  There's just not enough time in an evening to do everything & parts of my life are faltering because of it.  & Lord knows I'm not getting up earlier. I get up now at 5:30... I've tried getting up at 5. You'd think a half hour wouldnt make a difference? you'd be wrong.  You all know 10 minutes extra on a snooze button feels heavenly. ... maybe I just need to suck it up & teach myself to do that 5am wake up call. I'm just afraid that half hour will be me just sitting on the side of my bed grumbling that I'm up a half hour earlier.

savoring: every moment with Bruno.  He made it to 19 & he has his days where we think it'll be his last... & then he'll REBOUND & eat well & walk around well... but we know one day, that rebound isn't going to happen - so I hug him extra tight & give extra kisses every day.

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