Thursday, September 05, 2019

A library in a beauty shop? I've thought of a new idea!!! {Thankful Thursday

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This week I'm Thankful For:

Ricky helping with Bruno
Let me tell you - taking care of a 19 year old blind dog is not an easy chore. Its a lot of work - A LOT OF WORK.  We have to constantly watch him, we have to be careful where he goes, we have to watch what he eats, how he eats - its taken over our house. Seriously - kennels in the kitchen, gates everywhere - rugs everywhere to help him walk ... our back porch is covered in gates & chairs turned on their sides to block him from stumbling off the concrete. But I appreciate Ricky gets him up in the morning before he goes to work & takes him out potty & watches him before I get up & take over for my shift before work. It can be overwhelming to work your mornings around Bruno, so I'm grateful that Ricky takes on the challenge with me.

Hairdresser back
My gorgeous stylist was off for a surgery for a few weeks & she just got back - right in time to cover this out of control gray.  I'm even more glad that her surgery & healing all went wonderfully. She's so active & in such good health that she healed up like a rock star.

Time to read
There was a client that came in & asked for a bigger appointment than she was scheduled for at the hair salon & it threw my poor stylist all behind - just as she was settling into her first day back from her surgery.  2 other clients came in & that made it even worse for her schedule, but I was in no rush so I told her to go ahead & get them out of the way. I actually enjoyed the time to sit there & read for a few hours.  I ended up finishing my book!  AND I walked out with pretty hair - a win win to me

New Women's Group
I'm super excited to start in a new Bible Study group with some of my sisters from my "heart church" - week 1 was already full of great conversation & I'm really looking forward to getting to know some of these ladies even better.

Hanging with chickens
I had to distract the 23 chickens that had Ernie's attention from his agility training session - so I walked in the barn & they all followed me & I got to sit down on a bench & the chickens just stayed all around me & some of them let me pet them & one let me hold him. I LOVED IT.  Ricky is like, NO REBECCA - WE'RE NOT GETTING CHICKENS.  He knows me well.

Watching the chickens

Sweet Encouragement
There was a writing position that came available that The Daily Grace Co posted on their Instagram page.  I was so touched when I was tagged in it by my friend who encouraged me to put in an application for it.  Sometimes, the smallest nudges of encouragement are the biggest hugs to the heart that cant be imagined.

Love my library trips.  I am not joking - I really was going to just drop off my books & move on - not pick up any more. I have enough books - on my shelves & in my Kindle.  Nope - dont need to pick anymore up.  & yet, I walk out with 5 more books in my hand.  I can't resist a shelf full of books - what can I say?

3 Payroll months
We only get 2 a year, but man, when they come, they're heavenly - getting paid 3 times in a month. That 3rd paycheck has no deductions - no insurance payments - no parking garage fees - man, does it make a difference!  Its like a bonus!  & always much needed.

What good things have happened in your week?

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  1. I love all the little joys in this post. And yes... reading time in waiting rooms is always a win!

  2. Books and yarn are great obsessions! lol

  3. I loved the 3 paycheck months, so so nice! It was just a treat and you didn't feel any guilt for getting yourself and little something with it either. Your hair looks great! I'm way overdue for a haircut but lazy. Oh well. :D

  4. Awww, bless you and your hubby for taking such good care of your Bruno. He is in good hands! Your hair looks so nice! I love your idea of a library in a beauty salon. Franchise it and I bet you will make a million dollars! :)

  5. Another great list! New color, more books, and a bonus pay...that's a LOT to be thankful for! Hey, have you looked around Walmart's book section lately? I just saw a book at ours...about the size of a thin coloring book...all Beauty & the Beast posters for around $5. I'd have picked it up if I was sure you didn't already have it, but I didn't want to be stuck because I don't know any other fans.

  6. I like the idea of any place having a mini-library. So very cool. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.


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