Monday, September 16, 2019

The weekend I finally made a car decision....

What a weekend!!! I am now an owner of a new (to me) car!!! YAHOO!

I'm more excited than anything that the car hunting is over.  It's exhausting. Seriously - my brain was shutting down.  Comparing prices & this car over here has these features & those cars over there has less miles & the price of that car is better for the same year car. In the voice of Susan Powter - STOP THE MADNESS! ... & if you get that reference, I know you also have some leg warmers & remember all the no-fat says of the 90's

The week was so exhausting for me in a lot of ways that I honestly was done on Friday night. Put a fork in me. I was in bed & asleep by 9:30. .... 9:30 pm y'all... What am I? 5 years old?

I slept so soundly too... didnt even budge all night long.

When I woke up at 7:30am - It was wonderful.  10 hours of sound sleep. I think I needed it, huh?

Ricky had to work on Saturday & I've said before that when he works, I always wake up with him. Even if I dont want to.  I didnt mind this Saturday because I got in all the sleep I think i could get - & when he left, I was able to do another sunrise on the porch with my Aussies.

It was a beautiful beautiful beautiful morning!!!

My one goal for the morning too was to finish my book, Class Mom. Oh my gosh - it's been HILARIOUS!!!!  I just havent had time to finish it & it only took me about 30 minutes to finish it up.... & then I just dove into the follow up of the story.

I did some cleaning, watched Bruno get in some exercise & then I actually drove up to a local car lot to look at one last car before we headed up to a car lot to make a final decision on a car we've been eyeing all week.

Do you know I walked around that car lot for over 15 minutes - with a salesman standing in the front of the store, smoking a cigarette - & not one time did a salesman come out to ask me if I needed any help.  Great customer service guys.  I'll never be back there again.

So when Ricky got home, we did a few final calls about some cars & then headed out to look at the one on our radar.

I finally was just over looking & really happy with the deal I was getting & what the saleman there was going to do for me to make everything nice for me.... he was a SUPER DUPER wonderful salesman. If anyone is local & needs a good salesman, let me know - I'd love to send you his way.

But here she is... my new baby!!!!

Isn't she beautiful?

It's not REALLY what I wanted - but kinda what I need.
I'm used to driving a big Edge - a 6 cylinder car - with leather seats - moon roof - a really nice car.
But I'm really ready to give up some of the luxury for a smaller car.

I had gotten that car when I did photography a lot & needed the space for equipment.  That's not a priority any more.  & I dont want to have a car payment again so I'll make some sacrifices to have a lower car payment.  It'll help not having to pay a lot in gas as well.

So I'm happy with the 'settlement' I've made....

plus, its just cute, isn't it?  I love the blue color.
I typically pick a white or silver because that doesnt show scratches & dirt... I know this is going to be a car that will show every little nick... but its good incentive to take even better care of it.

I dont actually HAVE the car yet. The paint was peeling around the front window - which is crazy because its just 2 years old - but because its just 2 years old - it has alot of warranty still on it & they're going to paint it, which is super  nice.

I'll pick my baby up this week - hopefully. They said it could be a week from Monday or Tuesday - which honestly, I'm OK.  My car is still driveable so its not like I'm trying to scramble for anything.

Ricky & I went out for a celebration dinner after.... that was nice.

Did I say I was mentally exhausted?

This time though, Saturday night, I couldnt sleep.  I was up till after midnight & tossed & turned all night long.  I was up at 6:30am too.  So much for that lovely sleep the night before.

It threw me off all day Sunday & I felt a little yucky all day long.

I did catch another sunrise (nice!) & got in some more reading (love it!) & got some Starbucks (a must!) & then headed to HSM, which was an emotional day.  It's crazy to see what teenage girls have to go through ... & to know that some of that drama even sticks through to adult hood.  That's not encouraging, is it? ... but its why its good to learn how to deal with this sort of drama at a young age.

The rest of my Sunday was just taking a nap, doing bills, being on horse duty ... & just glad that I dont have to look at one more car picture, or visit another car lot any more. Whew!  A big relief already for Monday!

How was your weekend?

Do you like car shopping or hate it?

What kind of car do you drive?


  1. I am glad that the car shopping is over for you and that you are happy with your purchase! I was wondering if you still did your photography anymore.
    I am so jealous of your sunrises and sunsets you get to see from your house.

  2. Class Mom was so funny. I need to read the second one. What kind of car is that? It looks nice!

  3. Yay for the new (to you) car! :) Weekend went by in a flash and I'm ready for another one or a vacation or something.

  4. Congratulations on your new ride!! That's a great thing to have checked off the list! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Congrats on the new car! I love that blue color.

  6. I really like your new car. We're doing a little shopping online because we're starting to think about replacing my car. But we are just in the very beginning stages - nothing serious yet.

    10 hours sleep!!!! What I wouldn't give for that. The older I get, the less sleep I seem able to get. This does not make me happy. lol

    Hope you have a great week!

  7. I think your new car is lovely! Will you name her?! I have a habit of always naming my car the same thing haha Mike the 3rd ;) I'm weird like that. I agree with you on high school girls. I hated high school. It was a terrible time for me, and I had very few friends. I'm blessed to care a lot less these days than I did back then. <3

  8. The relief when car shopping is over: priceless!
    What had happened to your old car?

  9. Car shopping is exhausting. I love your new blue addition!

  10. Love your car! Our Escape is a 2017 and silver! Ha! I hope you love it as much as we love ours!

  11. Congrats on your new set of wheels, Girlfriend! Your commute is going to be so much better in a new ride, huh?! I hate car shopping/buying. I usually make Wayne do all the "dirty work." I am so glad that you got some much needed rest this weekend and what a glorious sunrise to wake up to on Saturday! Beautiful!! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start!

  12. That sunrise! All the heart eyes. Congrats on the new car! I am in love with that color.

  13. She is a beauty! Ughhh car showing exhausts me too. I feel like we're going to have some car decisions on the horizon because we are hitting that mark when it's time to start considering things that will be a little bigger and more practical for us. That sunrise was beautiful! Good for you for getting that sleep in.

  14. I'm glad you got a car that you love. And that color is stunning, what a gorgeous blue! I had driven our mini van for years when Chuck's car died so he took the van and I... walked. Thankfully I work 1 mile from home. Then a friend offered me his old 1993 Town and Country mini van, peeling paint, radio didn't work, it was truly a beater but hey, I didn't have to walk anymore! Our 'good' van was stolen and left in the rain with all the doors open... needless to say we both needed new cars! I didn't care what I got as long as the payments were low - I even gave the dealer a number, "No higher than this..." They brought up 2 cars within that price range and after negotiating a little more, I bought a silver 2011 Hundai Tucson. And two years later it's already paid off. I'm not a big fan of car payments. :)


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