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Show Us Your Books {September 2019}

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25862989. sy475 One in a Million Boy
*** / Liked it

Quick Summary - A young boy who loved all things Guinness Records unexpectedly passed away had a relationship with a 104 year old woman, who becomes entwined with his parents after his passing.

I went into this thinking this book was going to be about a young boy - only to find out that its mainly about the 104 year old woman.

I saw so many rave reviews about this & was so anxious & excited to get into this book - & sadly, didnt fall in love with it like everyone else did. I know it was just me. This is the type of book I would ordinarily fall in love with.  But I'm just in a weird reading mood/slump.

So yeah, I did enjoy the sweetness & touching parts of this book - but it just didnt hit me like everyone else. That's OK.  Timing is everything.

“Because the story of your life never starts at the beginning.” 

41736961Where I End & You Begin
** / 2 out of 5 / it was OK

Quick Summary:  A teenage boy & the best friend of a girl he likes keep switching bodies & they see what its like to live in one another's shoes.

This gives me some Freak Friday vibes.  It had its moments of comedy - I really laughed out loud & loved some of the modern references that it uses.

But this one just sort of was over the top  for me.  The language was EXTREME & some of the discussions sort of shocked me since this is a YA book. I wouldn't let my kid read it & I'd be a little 'iffy' on my teens reading it too. Yeah, I know teens see & hear a lot lately but this just isn't for me.  Could be for you & your teen - wouldnt be for me - & both are totally OK.

It deals with a weird love ... um... not trinagle... maybe... quad?  Each of the people involved in the body swapping really like their respective best friends... so then it becomes the guy in the girls body, but he really likes HER best friend... so then relationships look into same sex attractions... & then there's the issues of transgender & identity.  It gets REALLY confusing at points because the characters are constantly out of their body, back in their body, switch again & then back again & some times it gets confusing to follow... & then I guess it's fair to see why the characters also get confused.

I did appreciate parts of the book where the characters could understand one another by being in their situation & struggling with what each of them deal with.... I would have enjoyed it more that direction instead of all the sexual vibes of it & each of them learning & discovering what the other male/female body does, look like, etc etc...

I almost put it down mid ways but had to find out how it all ended ... & then was just kind of disappointed with that.  So ... meh.

"The past always catches up to the future"

38255337. sy475 One Day in December / Josie Silver
**** / Really Liked it

Quick Summary: Laurie sees a guy sitting at a bus stop on a December evening & they lock eyes & its instant "love at first sight" - when he doesnt make it getting on the bus, Laurie spends all her time looking for him, convinced he's the one for her... until he pops up in the worst of ways.

I kept hearing about this book everywhere & I get the love of it now. It's so charming & enchanting.  You root for all the characters & dont want anyone hurt either.   I love Laurie & Jack, but also love Sarah, the other part of the triangle.... Oliver? Not so much

I was caught up in this because its an easy read & moves fast & I always love books with different POV in stories. To me, it adds a different dimension.

This one had me laughing at some points, swooning at others, crying big ugly tears at some points (dad's in books do that to me now), shocked at other parts & just enjoying it all!

If this doesnt become a movie, I'll be shocked. How can this NOT be a movie made for Christmas?

We are a triangle, but our sides have kept changing length.  Nothing has ever quite been equal.  Perhaps its time to learn how to stand on our own, rather than having on each other.

41716692. sy475 The Bookshop on the Shore
*** / Liked It

Quick Summary: A single mom takes her non-speaking son to the place the Loch Ness Monster lives to try & find a good life for her son & becomes the au pair of a mysterious family with 3 children.

Apparently there's a first book to this - & I guess you didnt have to read it to enjoy this one because it didnt affect me. Except I'm glad I didnt read it because apparently, one of the main characters of that book is in this one & I couldnt stand her in this one. Nina. She was the rudest & most unfriendly character I've read in awhile. Glad I missed that book.

But I enjoyed this one good enough. It wasn't great. But I read it through & did enjoy the story of the kids & how Zoe was able to make a difference in their lives.

I was bored on the chapters that deal with Zoe helping Nina with her book van & the parts where Nina dealt with her son's father, I just wanted to scream.

I wish there was more story with Zoe & the kids father - I was waiting for that & it comes so late in the story, its like, why bother....

This one is meh... read if you enjoy Scottish things, or maybe if you read the first one ? (Did you really like Nina in that book? Tell me what I'm missing here) - or if you like The Sound of Music - gives those vibes a whole lot.

“It was a very odd concept - that you could become friends with someone simply by examining their bookshelves - but nevertheless, Zoe believed it fervently.”

Life According to Steph


  1. I'm not sure any of these sound like something I would like. But I love to hear your views. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have One Day and The Bookshop on my list already ... not sure if the other two will make it to the list though. :)

  3. Oh I liked the first one in that Scottish bookshop series series - Nina didn't annoy me at all. Her character was VERY sympathetic & not rude. Very weird about face for this book! Now, her best friend was a different matter - she was what you might call very direct, but she reminded me of one of my best friends so I didn't mind her. I only gave it three stars though because the "love triangle" was SUPER ANNOYING.

  4. I read One Day In December and thought it was ok.

  5. The One in a Million Boy was the book that made me realize I was not like everyone else and could never truly enjoy the Modern Mrs. Darcy website and/or reading cult. I realllllllllly didn't like it It was very dull. Like I GET IT. But it was still dull.
    One Day in December was fine? I never felt connected with the characters. I didn't care about them.
    And I read Little Beach Street Bakery (?), which is a Colgan book and it wasn't that great. So I've never picked up another.

  6. I've noticed when I'm in a weird mood/reading slump that books that I'd typically enjoy don't really WOW me the way I expected. Not sure if it's the book or me or both. One Day in December sounds interesting, although not a big fan of love triangles though. Here's hoping to a better reading this month!

    1. It's not a triangle, triangle... if that makes sense :) LOL ... its a yearsssss long relationship - lots of triangles. Like I said, more of a rectangle :) LOL

  7. There you are! I tried the first book shop book and couldn't do it.

  8. I couldn't finish One in a Million Boy...it just didn't strike a chord with me. So you're not alone! I read Bookshop on the Corner and don't remember Nina being horrible, so it must have just developed in book 2!

  9. Timing is such a funny thing, and it really makes a big difference in my reading life, too! Lately, I haven't wanted too much heavy stuff so I've been going through a lot of "fluff" reads, which, while they've been entertaining, haven't been all that noteworthy either. Ah, well--that's what I wanted during this season and they fit the bill, so it's worked. Here's hoping your reading slump ends soon (although I've gotta say, for being in a reading slump, you're still reading quite a bit!).

  10. I really liked One Day in December, and i could so see it becoming a movie!!!

  11. TOTALLY agree about one day in december, it needs to be a movie!

  12. I read the first book in the series...didn't know there was a second. I don't remember Nina being awful in the first one, just kind of lost and floundering, trying to figure out her life.

  13. On Day in December was slow to start then picked up nicely. Some fun recos :-)

  14. Ooohhh some new books to add to my list!

  15. I want to read One Day in December but it feels like a cozy read... that I should wait to read in December :)

  16. Definitely intend to see One Day in December as a movie someday. I agree- how can they not?!

  17. One day in December was a favorite read of mine last year! Just a feel good book with great character development!

  18. So the Christmas one? Two thumbs up? I hate to cry!!! Waaaa, but if the book is worth it, bring on the tears.

  19. I am so proud of myself! I finished my book and now I'm onto another one lol.

  20. I was so conflicted about One Day in December. I thought it was written so well but I didn't like rooting for her because it meant the breaking up of another relationship!


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