Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Learning to use my planner all over again....

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I have been wanting to join in with the ADORABLE Alexandra when she does her monthly posts that involve scrapbooking, planning, all beautiful things paper & pictures.... & I'm finally doing it - keep an eye out for her posts - they go LIVE on the 3rd Thursday of the month - but I have my Thankful Thursday - so posting early & will link up with her then.

I've got a renewed love of my planner lately! I know I love spending way too much time scrolling through Instagram for hashtags like #planneraddict or #plannercommunity - add in anything that references Erin Condren & now Plum Paper & I'm in.

Speaking of which, I've made the change this year to Plum Paper. I'm a tad nervous actually. I've been a die-hard Erin Condren fan & user for the past 5 years.  But I end up taking graph paper &  covering up the first few pretty pages of each month to make it more adaptable to what I want.  Well, when I saw that I can add the pages I want in a Plum Paper without me covering anything up & making it a part of the planner? I decided to give it a try.  Especially have I saw my friend Liz got her Plum planner & it's really nice. The paper is super smooth - I always go over to her desk & tell her I'm going to rub her paper.  Most people would think that's weird - she just happily hands it over & says, "Go for it"... get a planner friend in your life planner people.

Speaking of Plum Paper - I have been turned onto their Subscription box of stickers that you can get each month for your planner.  Here's the set that came for September.

They come with such cute little add ons each month - to document fuel, or laundry, or cleaning...

& I really enjoy their functional stickers too - this monthly Habit tracker round wheel one? I really like it - I've been using it for my workouts.  I like coloring in the wheel!

You can see the little weather stickers too & doctor stickers & dinner stickers - has it all

You get all these for $10.00!!! I mean, how can you go wrong? Especially because it helps me color coordinate too.  (if anyone is interested, let me know & I can send you a referral link)

All this is really making me really enjoy using my planner more.

I'll admit, I never was one of those people that decorated my planner. I wanted it to be functional.  But I'm learning to make the best of both worlds.  So its not a beautiful as some people's planners - cue that planner envy that I come across on Instagram - but I like how mine is turning out.  Take a gander of my August spreads....

This is one of the first ones where I started to incorporate a theme of a color for the week.  Leave it to me to start with a Belle yellow :)

But I also started trying to document my water intake... - you can see by the end of the week, I was over drawing the big water drops... I'm learning how to make it work each week.

Only the next week....

I really liked the change of putting the washi tape to be able to document the weather on each day (I'm a big weather nerd...) & I like the way it divides the bottom too.

The next week...

You can see that I made the change on this week to start making my TO DO list & my WORK lists different colors... & left each of the "DONE" circles to color in when it was completed different colors.  I liked that visual.

.... & the next week...

So I used my side list on this one for my packing for my weekend trip for Women of Joy. That was handy.

& I tried to do a different bottom - using it for meal planning - but also using it for like a wardrobe reminder. To keep track of what I wore so I dont wear the same thing in the same week.

Dont judge me for all the eating out for 'dinner' - I was out of town!!

I used to document that in a bullet journal - but I dont think I'm going to keep that up...

& then the last week of August....

I made a cleaning & laundry check list on the side bar - but I didnt really keep up with checking off on that, so dont think I'll keep that up either....

A close up

SO yeah... I'm looking for new ways to just keep my planner fun AND functional AND attractive to the eye.

I've taken a lot of advantage of sales lately & stocked up on all the goodies to help....

Hello beautiful

so I'll be sure to share September's spreads & see if it looks any better.

Anyone else love planners?

Are you an Erin Condren fan or a Plum Paper user?

Do you plan your day & schedule or just go with the flow?


  1. WOW! Just. WOW! I was wondering if you would still keep a bullet journal, so I'm glad you answered that. I tried to start a bullet journal last summer and it only lasted a month. I buy a calendar every January and about July, I quit writing anything in it, so obviously I can't join your planner group! Loved seeing yours, though!

  2. Wow! It looks amazing! I wish I was that artistic.

  3. You are certainly making the most with all your planner accessories! I'm so bland and only use a few stickers here and there when I remember LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. A.m.a.z.i.n.g. Seriously - I'm in awe. I want to be a planner person, but I have zero creativity. I do have two planners for 2019 (one I bought, one I was gifted) plus a wall calendar and a Google calendar and my desk calendar at work. I think I have a couple bullet journals floating around too. And a lot of blank journals that I bought when I thought I'd be able to do more. But I'm envious of you planner people! :)

  5. Seriously, you are a planner wizard! This is just amazing. I really think those whole utilize their planners and get the full benefits out of it have a gift. That's just not me. I try, but it's more so for jotting things down and using the calendar grid part. Other than that, a lot of things get thrown in as reminders on my phone.

  6. I love Plum Paper too and the softness of their paper. I used them for a few years, then stopped last year and went to Google Calendar. I have SOOO many planner stickies and goodies though that I feel like I need to start back up again. I love the way your spreads look - cute and functional!

  7. Wow, this looks beautiful and functional! I'm impressed. I've been doing a bullet journal but I've been thinking of shaking it up next year and trying something different. I'd be interested in that referral code because I'm going to look into this more :)

  8. Oh my gosh, you are planning like a pro! I have tons of stickers but never ever end up with a month or even a week looking that good. Sigh. I just want it organized and colorful. I don't even want to be all artsy, creative like some of the ones I see online. I seem to have a tough time picturing it and putting it together.

  9. Wow that is a gorgeous planner!! I've tried to use a planner a few times over the years but just couldn't get into the habit. I make lists, lots of lists. I love lists!

  10. I have been a list maker and sticker collector since 3rd grade. Planners are pure amazement and yours is spectacular!!!

  11. Pretty planning is pretty but I don't have the patience for it. I like efficient. Have you tried bullet journaling? You might like it! I really do like the idea of washi tape to divide the days up though...I had a bunch of washi tape leftover from my classroom so I've been using it when I mail out gifts and in Wells' baby book.

  12. I love how colorful this post is! You definitely make me want to step up my planner game. I generally have 3 planners: one at school, a personal one at home, and a running Journal. ( oh and when I was tracking Baylee's health, I had one for her too). If I use my personal planner they way I want to, it sort of becomes a journal! I have been using the Blue Sky planners for about 7 or 8 years. I actually have not thrown any of them away, cus they are like journals to me!
    You have such fun and creative hand writing that I was trying to determine which was your writing and what were stickers!

  13. yes, planner friends are the best friends.
    your planner is excellent; i love the colours. these days i just scribble down things because it's so hectic at work and i do the "scribble" so that i can feel grounded (when i don't, i feel unsettled/chaotic).

  14. GIRL! I am SO GLAD that you linked up with us today! 1) yay linkups! 2) OMG YOUR SPREADS ARE SO DARN CUTE! I honestly 100% think that the cute ones that aren't functional are kinda boring! I love how you make it pretty and functional. SERIOUS INSPIRATION OVER HERE! WOW, wow.... wow! Please link up with us again, because I am so spotty at blog reading lately (BOO) and I need to see these again! Or hey, put 'em on IG! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  15. Thanks for linking up with me and Alexandra! Your spreads are so beautiful. I really need to get back into the habit of decorating my pages. I usually use a Happy Planner, but I might need to look into Plum Paper and see what I think. Planner friends are pretty awesome. ;) Definitely keep sharing and linking up with us!! I love how each week is a little different as you figure out what works for you, etc.


  16. Dang girl your handwriting is so neat and pretty! I'm a paper planner girl all the way and while I've used Plum Paper in the past, it's a little big for my needs right now. And yes to all the stickers! I would love a referral link if you have one :) I love how your planner turned out and looking forward to seeing next month's as well!


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