Monday, September 09, 2019

The weekend that we spent all the time at car lots loosing my ever loving mind!!!!

I'm exhausted.... & have nothing to show for it.  We were on the hunt for a new car for me... & keeping an eye out for Ricky too.  I LOATHE car shopping. I dont understand how some people can say, "I want a new car" & go out & that very day, come home with a car. 

.. & I'll give you warning - there is a LOT of UPPER CASE letters, which you can be fully assured - I am screaming at those moments. Without a shadow of a doubt.

I first of all get such anxiety about getting a lemon.  & spending too much money.  I just want a good deal, for a good car.  & I hate hate hate debt. DESPISE DEBT.  I dont deal with debt. I appreciate not having debt & dont ever want to go back into it.  ... but I also know I need a car & this is what life is about.  But man, I just dont like it.

Can we also talk about the price of cars today? OH MY GOSH! What is happening?  When did cars become the price of small homes? 

Image result for price of cars meme

It's funny because a coworker asked me what I was looking for - what my dream car is?   I told her I didn't have one. She was a little shocked at that.  Apparently everyone has a dream car? Nope - not everyone.  I honestly go onto a car lot & say, "I want a low mile car for a good deal" - I dont care what it is.  I may get a little picky about some small things.  But honestly, I'd take any car for a good deal.  Which opens the door for a LOT of options - which also opens the door for a LOT of confusion!!!!  Let's just say after a few car lots & 4 test drives... I'm mentally exhausted.

It's just so frustrating too because sales people... they are the worst. THE WORST. If you are a sales person, I'm sorry. There are a LOT of people out there giving you a bad name - which I find can be a real life lesson in that right there. #preach  .....Anyhoo..... We were at a car lot & asking a guy about the Certified cars.  He went on to tell me that all the cars on the lots are certifiable... I said, No, you have cars that are CERTIFIED!!! ... He tried to tell me I have to pay a price to make it certified.  ... NO!  I have spoken to 3 other sales people AND my brother works at Ford & told me all about the program. This guy was LYING to me to try & get me to pay an extra $899 to get the car certified - when it ALREADY WAS!!!!  I even said, "What does that mean when the sticker on the window says CERTIFIED" & he once again said to me 'Its certifiABLE" ... I went & pointed to it & said, WHY DOES IT SAY CERTIFIED???? Let me tell you - I was loosing the Jesus in me at this point.  He finally said, "Oh, OK, you're right, this is certified". OHHHHHHH MY GOSH!

.... THEN, I asked the price & he told me it was $2,500 MORE than what the web site said. I told him, no, the web site says its a certain price... he told me no its not. I had to pull up the web site on my phone & show him & he said, "Oh yeah, that's right".... at this point, I was ready to just kick the car.  I lost it at that point & said, "SIR!!!! I AM SO TIRED OF PEOPLE PLAYING GAMES WITH ME! I JUST WANT TO BUY A FREAKING CAR"...

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& this, ladies & gentlemen, is why I loathe car shopping.....

One good thing came from the weekend though.

Let me back up a little & remind some of you that are used to my crying on Mondays from my infusions - how this all stands....

I went to the doctor last week & I was telling them how badly the infusions make me feel.  They said some people have issues with this kind of iron - & they could always change the kind I get infused. (Why wasn't that an option before when I told them all the other times how badly they made me feel? Hmmm....)

I spoke with the Physician's Assistant this time & I had waited SO FREAKING LONG in the waiting room that some of my blood work came back from my blood draw 2 hours earlier (it was a REALLY long wait)... My hemoglobin was where it was at before - hadn't dropped any more - still slightly anemic, but wasn't dangerously low like it was before .... so she suggested maybe I just stop the last 2 infusions & then see what happens.

I told her I found a liquid iron that I'm seeing a lot of people take with iron deficiency & asked if she thought it was something I could take instead.  She asked me like 3 times, Is it FDA Approved?  I told her I got it off Amazon so I doubt it.  #lovemesomeAmazon

I then pulled it up on Amazon & showed her what it was & she read the label & was intrigued.  ... & then she told me once again "As a doctor, if its not FDA approved, I can not tell you to take it"..... ok then.... & then she said, ".... BUT... if you were my sister, I would tell you it can't hurt" ... I liked that.

Gaia Herbs PlantForce Liquid Iron Supplement, 8.5 Ounce - Supports Healthy Iron and Energy Levels, Great-Tasting Vegetarian Herbal Formula

So we made an agreement. She said she was really interested herself to see if it works so she said if I'm comfortable with it, to NOT do the last 2 infusions, do this liquid iron & come back in 3 months & see where my levels are at.  It'll be a good test to see if it really does help.

She didnt have to tell me twice... SEE YA INFUSION CENTER!!!!!!!!! 
At least for awhile. Prayerfully, for good!!!

Image result for byeeeee happy gif

On Friday afternoon, my ferritin levels did come in & it has indeed gone back up - not up to where I was - but that was after 5 infusions the first time & 3 this time, & its close... & sorry... TMI coming up.... I've been bleeding for 5 weeks again so that its up at all? I'm totally surprised. 

Now to keep it up!!!!  I'm on a mission!!!!

The rest of the weekend was full of some good stuff....
.... dinner out with Ricky on Friday night
.... watching another glorious sun rise
.... lots of tennis with the US Open finals (Did you see Meghan Markle there???)

Image result for meghan markle us open

.... Some good HSM messages
.... beautiful weather
.... some reading time
.... of course, lots of coffee.

So tell me how your weekend was?

Do you love or hate car shopping?
(if you love it - give me some tips!!!)

Is it feeling like fall in your neck of the woods?

Did you watch any of the US Open?


  1. I despise car shopping too. I've not encountered awful sales people but I dislike it because it seems that I only need a new car when I've gotten in an accident that wasn't my fault! The last time just irked the heck out of me. I hated that I had to spend the money on getting a new ( new to me) car because some one else was negligible and my car had to be totaled! But I do understand how sales people can be frustrating when they dont know what they are talking about. I've encountered that more than once at places. I know I should be more kind but I just want to say " This is your job, you should know more things about this product".

    I'm glad you found an alternative to your iron infusions. That is another thing that always surprises me, when medical professionals dont know what all treatments are out there. I mean I know there are probably a ton of claims from products that are not approved by the FDA, but I am surprised how little medical professionals know about outside treatments. I've encountered this a few times at my vets office. I would find all these alternative treatments for arthritis and they were things my vet never heard of , or didnt bother to offer me. I wonder if medical professionals only offer meds and treatments that were offered to them through their pharmaceutical reps? Okay, I'm getting off on a tangent here. I'll save this conversation for if we ever have a coffee date..haha.
    And no, no fall weather here yet. I about melted yesterday on my walk!

  2. I have thankfully only purchased 2 cars from dealers in my life - first one when I was 25 and I knew I wanted a Volkswagen. Luckily found one that had low miles and still cost me a bit - but it was my first one and I didn't know better. Second time was when the VW straight up died on us and would have cost $1500+ to fix a 10 year old car. Hard pass. Just went to a lot and bought the first one we saw because we pretty much needed a 2nd vehicle. I've heard good things about Carvana and CarMax - my current car is 13 years old and I'll probably go to either place when the need arises. Not looking forward to it since I know how the dealers tend to take advantage of single women buyers who have zero clues about cars.

    Yay for putting the infusions on hold! I hope the liquid iron works!!

    And I'm am SOOO ready for fall! Definitely NOT ready for the return of the 90s this week.

  3. Car shopping is the worst! I do have a dream car, but I can't afford it - a Tesla! So funny that the PA told you she can't recommend the liquid iron when she obviously thought you should try it, I like that she was honest though!

  4. I'm so happy for you that you can stop the infusions and see how it goes in 3 months. Praying this other medicine and God will work a miracle!

  5. I've actually never been car shopping first car was a hand me down from my parents that I used for 4 years of college and then I didn't have a car for the 9 years I have lived in Boston...until one day Gary decided we needed a car and he researched and got it! So...I'm still waiting for my car buying experience LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I'm so happy you can try an alternative to the iron infusions, and I hope it works. I don't think anyone is a fan of car shopping unless you have an unlimited budget. For the last car we bought, we tried Costco Auto Program. The price is set, and is better than any discount I could haggle and negotiate for. This was for a new car, and it seriously changed the way I will buy cars from now on. I think Sam's Club and USAA have similar programs. Hope you have a good week.

  7. I've actually never been car shopping before, but we're going to be doing the exact same thing this weekend. EEK! (We need to upgrade to the infamous Le Minivan now that I'm expecting a third.) I'm a bit nervous, I won't lie! (About both the car shopping AND the third baby, ha ha!)

  8. I tell the car people how much I want to pay per month and ask them to send me available cars. I don't haggle and I don't spend hours car shopping.

  9. I recommend if you are looking for a used car. You can do a lot of screening on it and they have a rating system to tell you if it is overpriced or underpriced. We've used it successfully for the last two used cars we've bought.

  10. Car shopping with Scott is actually kind of fun. He's not afraid to walk away. We've found that certified used and new are generally the same price. We've bought mostly new cars in our time together for this reason, but we (like Steph said up there) tell them how much we're willing to pay a month and that's that. And we do NOT test drive. If you're buying new, there's no need and it's just a sales trick. We've walked away from more than we've bought in the last 10 years and they ALWAYS call back and they ALWAYS offer you the deal you originally wanted and we ALWAYS tell them we've moved on and then we leave them a bad review if they were rude about it. If they're not going to be honest from the start, that's not our problem.

  11. Girl, we are so twinsies. I don't really have a "dream" car either. I mean I want it to be cute, which isn't really definable because I'll know it when I see it, and I want to have certain features that basically standard in every newish car these days. :D But like make and model - who cares? I would have slapped that salesman and left for being such a liar, liar pants on fire kind of guy. Seriously, he's the guy who gives salesmen a bad reputation. I'll also be honest, I won't go car shopping with out my Dad (a retired mechanic) because I am a sucker (and salespeople know it) and honestly, if it's cute - that's my car. No, Dad - I don't hear that weird noise. :D YAY! For no more infusions and YAY for a good doctor open to some alternative treatments with careful monitoring. And praying that it helps!!

  12. I am so happy you found something that may work in place of the infusions...keep us posted! I hate car buying! I am a women that buys a car alone and the dealers always feel sleezy and like they are taking advantage! I HATE when it is time to buy a car! I am honestly going to try Carvana for my next one because you buy oinline and what you see is what you get.

  13. I believe I am spoiled. I choose the car I want. My husband does the rest. I cannot imagine doing as you did and not losing my temper. Only reading this entry I walked away telling him I do not work with liars; especially bad liars. You did much better than I would have.

  14. Your car shopping experience brought back memories. We bought my car 7? years ago, and it was an epic nightmare. We went so many places. We had some of the exact same situations. One car salesman told me I was stupid, so we stood up and walked out. We finally got a good deal on my car, and it’s been the best car ever. Though James is wanting to trade both our cars in next year to upgrade mine and I can’t even deal.

  15. Car shopping is one of my biggest fears. I remember shopping for my first car that I bought myself, and I was terrified. Even thinking back, I get the nervous sweats. This time, I sent Ryan to buy our Odyssey bc #nope. Ryan still drives my first car because of that ;)

  16. I love the see ya infusion center! And I love how your doctor put that, if it were my sister. I’m also thankful you had some beautiful moments amidst this all! It’s those little things that keep you going! I hope your Monday has been great!

  17. My car just rolled over 100,000 miles this morning on the way to work. So sad! I'm glad that your infusion treatments are improving and who knew that there were different kinds of iron? I sure didn't!

  18. More proof that we are kindred spirits. There is NOTHING I hate doing more than shopping for a car. Just the thought of having to do it makes me want to run screaming into the hills never to be heard from again.


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