Tuesday, September 03, 2019

One Sentence a Day {August 2019}

Here we go - finishing up summer!  
August was a long month... & summer heat went all the way through!
Can you believe we are only 4 months until 2020... time just keeps whizzing by...

So here's August One Sentence a Day

1 - Thurs / Happy 19th birthday to my Bruno & a happy 14th birthday to my Zoe girl! #oldbabies

2 - Fri / Bruno got a birthday present from a coworker that he loves to snuggle on the soft side. #keepErnieawayfromit

3. - Sat /  My first of five infusions didnt start off well when my veins wouldn't cooperate & it took 7 sticks & nearly an hour to get the line started. #thissucks

4.- Sun / HSM is back & my girls are sophomores already!!! #herestoagreatyear

5 - Mon / Class 2 of Agility training has Ernie jumping over some poles & venturing into a tunnel. #doingsowell

6. - Tues / Made me anxious today when I was having pains in my scar & immediately think I'm forming another abscess. #willIevergetoverthis?

7 - Wed / 90210 is back!!! #waytooexcited

8 - Thurs / I dont know if its an after effect of the treatment, but MAN, today I truly thought I could just die with the worst headache of my life & so exhausted I could barely hold my eyes open. #hournapBEFOREbed

9 - Fri / Traded a horse day with my brother so had to go do the horses right after work. #confusingmydays

10 - Sat / Infusion #2 was still as rough in trying to find a vein. #theyaregivinguponme

11 - Sun / At least got to feel better for a bit to play some games with our youngest grandson who was up visiting #growingupsofast

12 - Mon / Agility training #3 was more for teaching Ricky how to handle Ernie now & I'm just wanting to know if I can get a clicker to click at Ricky. #hedidntfinditfunny

13 - Tues / Wrecks everywhere had travel home a nightmare #Thankgoodnessfortakeout

14 - Wed /  .... AND I'm back to the colorectal surgeon's office again with more pain & issues. #foundIhaveafissure #ofcourseIdo

15 - Thur /  Loving our new roof & it's making us want to move on & do more things to the house. #newdoorahead

16 - Fri /  My first day off work in the longest & headed up to Women of Joy!! #deeplyrooted

17 - Sat / A double happy day when I so enjoyed the weekend & all the messages given & also so super happy to be home & sleep in my bed. #noplacelikehome #spiritisonfire

18 - Sun / Keeping the worshiping going at HSM today. #givemeALLthechurch

19 - Mon / The weekend has caught up to me & I feel like its the Mondiest Monday ever. #sotired

20 - Tues / Got to go out to lunch with our new Senior Accountant who is just the nicest thing. #gladtohaveheronourteam

21 - Wed / President Trump is just a block away from me today & my biggest concern is that he's going to cause me to sit in traffic for hours on end. #dontcomeatrushhour

22 - Thurs /  Started crocheting a baby blanket & it's so soft, it feels like a felt towel. #supercomfy

23 - Fri / The LONGESSSSTTTTT Friday afternoon ever. #justendtheweekman

24 - Sat / Infusion #3 & I'm debating if this is the last one for me. #sooverit

25 - Sun / Loved spending my morning by sitting on the front porch with a hot cup of coffee, wrapped in a blanket, watching the sun rise. #inthemorningwhenIriseGivemeJesus

26 - Mon / Isnt there a song about rainy days & Mondays that always gets me down? #yeahthat

27 - Tues /  Spending 3 hours in the hair salon left me time to nearly finish my book I'm reading. #metime


28 - Wed /  Kicked off our new group gathering to do the study from a local lady who wrote this book. #Makemeablessing

29 - Thurs / It rained on Monday so we had Ernie's agility class tonight.  #hewasallaboutthechickens

30 - Fri /  Planned on just dropping off books at the library & not getting anymore & yeah... that didnt work out as planned. #cantresist

31 - Sat /  I canceled my infusion for the day because I wanted to enjoy my long holiday weekend. #justcouldnt

& here we go - into Fall! 

What was your favorite part of your August?

Little extra - My August in One Second Every day

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  1. Although most of my summer was a bummer, August brought a trip to Disney, a visit to the beach, and time well spent with family. Over all it was good for me. I hope the rest of the year picks up from here.

    You have a lovely house. My goal is to someday have a one story ranch. The problem is, I really love the location my house is in now and dont want to move. Where ever that picture of your coffee cup is from ( your front yard or back yard) is a gorgeous sunrise view. I have yet to see a sunrise from my house. I think there are too many trees in the way.

  2. I can't believe before we know it will be starting a new year. The time really does just keep on moving by. I am still so sorry you have to go through all of those and infusions. I'm glad you were able to cancel the last one and enjoy the long weekend.

  3. Good for you canceling your infusion in favor of a good long weekend! Sometimes you just need the time to yourself and your loved ones. I love this type of post - it really makes you focus on the heart of each day! Cheers to September, sweet friend!

  4. Girl, I can't blame you one bit for canceling your infusion so you could enjoy the long holiday weekend without your infusion flu afterwards. I would have done the same! I can't believe August is over and we're heading into Fall. It's true - days are long but years move fast. Here's to a great September!

  5. Time....slow down!! Your hair looks so beautiful. Have a good Tuesday like a Monday, lol. xo

  6. What a month! Here's to an even better September for you!

  7. It was a hot one for sure!!! I’m glad you were able to cancel your infusion to make your weekend better! Cheers to a fabulous September!

  8. Fun post and caught me up with you as I've been lax this summer in my blog reading. Plus my newest Grandson decided to come 7 weeks early so we had to take off to Oklahoma in a mad rush. But, all is well now and things are calming down.

  9. That is an awesome stack of library books! Every single one of those is on my TBR! Enjoy.

  10. I am so sorry your health concerns continue. My daughter with many of the same issues you have is now 5 months pregnant. We are worried about the increase in chances for to have another abscess or fistula as the baby gets bigger. Hope you caught your fissure early on and can get it healed in a hurry.

    Your grandson is just adorable. What a cute impish smile. Glad you enjoyed some time with him and grateful you postponed your 3rd infusion so you could enjoy the long weekend.

    P.S. You have the creamiest complexion. Like Snow White with ginger hair. Beautiful combo!

  11. Those infusions sound like no fun whatsoever so I do not blame you for cancelling one so you could have a nice weekend. Hope your specialist is able to help ease your pain.
    The Ernie training looks like it is going well, I know our dog would definitely not sit quietly while a chicken ran past!


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