Monday, September 23, 2019

The weekend I was DIVING IN!

Hello Monday!

& HELLO FALL!!! Can you believe we made it?
I sure cant believe it - because it's still freaking hot!  Well, today, it's actually acting like Fall for the intro of the day, but by the end of the week, apparently we're back in the mid 90's ... SAY WHAT?

I am going to be so mad & jilted because I know we're not going to get a good fall. It's going to go from this hot & miserable weather into freezing cold winter, isn't it?  & Fall is my favorite. I LIVE for fall. As my planner says, its my Happy Season. & I have a feeling I'm going to be on the short end of the stick this year with it.  Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised & winter will not be harsh & we'll get a fall that lasts into winter, as summer has lasted into fall.  We're all just off.

Speaking of off.... I got to kick off my weekend by going to the hospital.  (Insert my big, loud, moaning sigh)  Nothing is really 'wrong'.. I mean, I am in the hospital getting tests, but I had to go to my family doctor & she wanted more blood work  - because having all your blood taken out every few weeks from a hematologist isn't enough.  Actually, it really isn't enough. This doctor wanted to test thyroid, hormones, Vitamin B12 - which I laughed when she said she's testing that. That's NEVER good on me - but I'll just let her see the results of that.

I also had to get a chest xray - which was quick & painless ... & I still have to schedule a stress test.
Which, I can assure you - YES, I am indeed stressed :)

I picked up some dinner for Ricky & I & like typical Friday's - I was knocked out fairly early. Friday's SLAY me.  Its like my body says, "I cant do any more"

Image result for exhausted gif

... thank God I dont work on Saturdays.

I did get some good sleep & got up early to watch another sun rise & then worked on my bible study while Ricky worked on staining the inside of our fence.

I even took my Journal Bible outside to cheer on the hubby with all the hard work he was doing.

& then we got the call... my car was ready for me to pick it up! I was pretty excited. Actually, I have not ever bought a car & not drove off with a ton of regret. Did I get the right car?  Did I spend too much? Did I get duped? ... this time, I actually signed the papers & walked away really happy with my car.

Now ask me this when my first payment coupon comes in the mail......

I actually wore my DIVE shirt on purpose (A song by Steven Curtis Chapman).  The lyrics say, "I'm diving in - I'm going deep - in over my head I'm gonna be"... it felt appropriate.

Me excited about my new car
... Ricky bummed out because he wants a new car now

But its funny because with this blue paint, I know its going to show every single scratch & nick in it ... so when I left the car lot, Ricky & I went out to eat to celebrate & I am now one of those people who will park a mile out of the way so no one will bang into my car.

It must be a blue car thing

I always got silver or white or cream cars to hide all the scratches & dirt. This is going to be my new little challenge - to keep clean & scratch free.

I took my car over to show my momma & ended up hanging out with her awhile sitting &chatting on her front porch, rocking away in her rockers, like 2 little country gabbing gals.

Sunday, I woke up early so I could finish 13 Reason Why.  I had taken a few episodes every weekend so I could drag it out. But I had gotten to the last 4 episodes & had to get through to see who killed Bryce!!!  I had all sorts of emotions on this season.  Anyone else watch it?

Image result for 13 reason why season 3

I had to drive my new Blue Baby... or Dorothy as my mom has taken to calling her - to Starbucks - teach her the new paths that we will venture many times in life.

Also had to test out those cup holders.

Off to HSM on the next route.

I stopped at Target on the way home, found some super cute pumpkins for $1.00 to add to my living room - if I could ever get my fall decorations dug out - & then picked up some lunch & then time to love on some big (& little) white horses.

It was a rough Sunday actually... my heart really felt attacked in some areas of life & I just sort of withdrew from the world the rest of the day.  Just surround myself by my supportive husband & get some doggie love ... & that always makes things better.

We've got a busy week ahead of us - another doctors appointment (one back with my surgeon - ANOTHER big sigh) - vet appointments, lots on the To-Do List & lots of places to be.  Be kind life - please be kind.

How was your weekend?

Do you love fall? - what's your Happy Season?

What color is your vehicle?


  1. That's a great feeling about being happy with your decision when you drove away with the car! I'm sorry you had a tough Sunday :( I hope that this week goes a bit better in spite of it being so busy.

  2. I hope you're pleasantly surprised with the fall we get this year!! We're going to be in the high 80's today...that's unheard of for Boston right now! I only watched the first episode of 13 reasons why...I should finish it! I've been watching Reckless on Netflix...but it only had one season! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Your bible journaling is so pretty!

    We are in the same boat here with fall. It was 94 degrees yesterday! We will have warm weather well into October. Seems like our Fall is such a short season too.
    Love the look on Ricky's face in that car pic! My car current car is white and my previous car was silver. My car before that ( before I was married was black, but now I would not prefer black) i guess i stick with neutral colors. I am not in the market for a new car but i would probably pick white or silver again. I do sure like that blue color of yours though!
    I would love to see your fall decor soon. I put some of mine out this weekend.
    I hope your dr and vet appointments go well!

  4. Dumb Mother Nature, bring me crisp and brisk please, lol. LOVE your car, Mr’s pouty Face is funny wanting his own new car now, lol!

  5. Girl, I feel you on FALL. The PNW is so fickle when it comes to beautiful seasons. We get a couple months of BEAUTIFUL summer, a rainy and wet fall and winter, and a wet spring haha not my cup of tea. Praying for you through your blood tests and procedures, and I have to say, yet again, I love your car!

  6. bleh, sorry you had to be at the hospital for more tests! hope things work out soon.

    and i totally feel Ricky on the new car thing; when my husband got a new car, i was so jealous that i immediately went to my dealership and demanded they give me options for them to buy out my lease so i could get a new car!

  7. I have had lots of cars...used cars...but hardly a blue one. Thinking back, only my first car, a Maverick, was blue. Oh, and my parents' station wagon that I drove some. Yours is very pretty. I park in the 'lower 40', too, and my car is 11 years old!!

    I am beginning to feel a bit like blood to everyone who asks. Our insurance changed and now I have to give all my new docs a sample, it seems. Doing a 24 urine test today. Something new and exciting.

    Where is fall??? We are finally out of the triple digits but still well above 90 most days. Fiddlesticks. I want to wear my sweaters, and not because the AC is too cold. I can't remember where you live but sounds like you get winter in a big way. We don't so our winter is often everyone else's fall.

    Feel better, friend. Hope all of these blood sticks and tests bring some answers.

  8. My black car shows EVERYTHING. My car was keyed horribly not long after we got it. It drives me insane. I’ve had other issues with paint spots and it looks so sad. James tried to do some touch up painting, but accidentally used matte paint on whatever glossy paint a car should have. My car looks like a junker now even though it’s not at all. It hurts my heart to even look at it. So I feel your pain!

    Ugh, all those tests make me want to cry. That sounds awful. I hope everything comes back alright!

  9. Fall is definitely my season too -- the heat is stupid and I'm sick of it. But I'm ever-so-slightly thankful that we haven't had the humidity we usually get ... but come on! I like your new car! Will Dorothy have ruby red floormats? :) I'm sorry about your Sunday and hope your week brings good test results!

  10. Here is FL we actually got a taste of Fall today. No humidity and a nice breeze blowing. It felt great! Love your new car! You and Ricky are in my daily prayers by name. Hoping all the tests are as they should be!! xoxox

  11. It felt like fall yesterday here. But mainly in the morning. Hope the car is treating you well so far!

  12. I love blue cars, never had one. Drive it in good health!


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