Thursday, September 12, 2019

Rain man, big brothers & more bleeding... from my face!!! {Thankful Thursday #237}

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This Week I am Thankful For:

Day off
Thank you Labor Day for letting us have a Labor-less day!

Fall Planner cover
I ordered this baby months ago & have counting down till September so I could put it on!!! Isn't it the cutest?

My brother has been letting Baby roam more & more with Cochese in the big field & they are just best buddies out there.  She's still so young - & little next to Cochese - so we just are taking our time letting them stick together. Cochese does look out for her though- worries about her.  And he wants to just be near her ... awww.... he is so much more content when he can 'take care of her' - big protective brother.

Didnt die in a blood bath
What a nightmare. I usually get massive, horrible nose bleeds. I'm used to it - but they usually happen in the morning or late at night (when I wake up, when I go to bed) For some reason, I was driving home talking to Ricky on the phone & was like, "I taste blood"... & then the gates of hell unleashed on my face. I'm not even joking.  Blood pouring everywhere. WHILE I'M DRIVING!!!!!  I'm gagging & choking on blood, trying to shove McDonald's napkins up my nose because those were closest to grab in the side pocket of my car door & Ricky is yelling- PULL OVER - PULL OVER!  ... I'm nothing but a goal setter & knew I was about 2.5 miles from home.  I can make it!  But when I opened my car door in the drive way, I was still gushing. I couldnt even pull the napkins out fast enough to put another one in without clots & blood dripping everywhere.

You still with me or passed out?  Because I nearly was. That's all I needed - more blood loss.

After about 20 minutes, it slowed down enough to where I didnt think I was going to choke to death.  So I'm thankful it stopped - I made it home safely - all a little bit stained & needing a hose down for my face. My drive way felt the same way.

HSM Kick off
We're back to Home Groups on Wednesday nights.  & mercy, we had a HUGE group to kick it off! So much fun! & already such good discussion.

Physicians Assistant
I think I mentioned Monday my conversation with the PA at the Hematologist last week. I really liked her.  I'm loving all my female doctors & PA's I've had lately. GIRL POWER!

Ferritin Up
Makes all the needles & tears a little more worth it.  Now, if only I could FEEL the benefit of that ferritin!

Ice Cream Sandwich cake
It was my one our work family's birthday this past weekend & another coworker made the coolest (literally) ice cream cake. I'm not a big ice cream person - but I do like ice cream sandwiches - I never claimed to NOT be a weirdo - & I really like whipped cream.  So she told me she layers the ice cream sandwiches, puts a layer of whipped cream, then repeat & top with mini M&M's - which someone said, put those M&M's in the middle layer too - yes please!  But man, i feel like this is something I can do!! Which is saying something!

Brother help
Speaking of big brother Cochese above - I'll give my brother props for helping me out this weekend by hooking me up with a salesman that is trying to help me out with a car.  AND when I was running from car lot to car lot, my brother went over & fed Baby for us so we didn't have to drive ALLLL the way back home without finishing our car hunt.

Ricky's money knowledge
Let me tell you - this man - he knows numbers when it comes to dollar bills y'all!  it's funny because all these discussions about financing & car prices & car payments, Ricky is like Rain Man. He can shoot out the answer before people have their calculators out.  & then they're shocked when he's right.  Me, I'm in the corner turning in circles with this kind of stuff.  We balance each other out - that's for sure.

Tell me something good about your week

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  1. Wow... that nose bleed! Scary. So glad you are safe.
    Can't believe it's Thursday already (which must be a sign of a blessed life, right?)

  2. Yikes! I'm glad you made it home okay with that nose bleed. That would have scared the poo out of me. My stepdad was having trouble last month with horrendous nose bleeds and the doctor ended up cauterizing the blood vessels in his nose and he's been okay ever since.

    Cochese and baby are so cute! Our sister-in-law always keeps companion animals with her horses.''

    Lovin' your fall planner cover!

  3. Why are you bleeding from your nose like that? Sounds very scary! Glad you're okay and you made it home safely.

  4. Yeeeks on the nosebleed! I'd be freaking out too, but also determined to get home. Cute planner cover! And now I'm craving an ice cream sandwich/cake. :)

  5. The fact that you can be thankful for a nosebleed..good job looking at the good things! My daughter gets nosebleeds too. I was thankful actually that when she had one in my car, we had tissues! Love the planner cover!

  6. I was so sorry (and horrified) to read about your nose bleed WHILE DRIVING! So glad it finally stopped, but poor you! I have a female GP, whom I love too. she is about my age and I taught her daughters in school, while she took care of my sons when they were younger. I am dreading the day she retires!

  7. Horses look so pretty together! Sorry, had to scroll past your bloody pictures. Nope can't do those lol. That ice cream sandwich cake sure looked good though!

  8. Sorry about your nose bleed while driving, that must have been scary. I hope that you don't get them again while driving.

    1. Yeah, that was really unfortunate timing - but at least I was close to home!

  9. Love the cover on your fall cute. Did you ever find a car?

  10. Seriously, how often to you get a nosebleed and what's the reason? I'm so sorry to hear this.

  11. Whoa. That nose bleed. I did not know those were an issue for you. Glad you're okay though! Aw, big brothers can be the best, when they ain't being a pain. My big bro is awesome now but every so often I think back to when we were kids and he was a turd. :D You and Ricky are so cute together!

    1. Oh - my brother is still a turd - dont misunderstand me! LOL!!! Kidding (kinda)

  12. Gosh, you must have almost drowned with that last bloody nose. My daughter has the same thing happen, not generally limited to early morning or bedtime, though. She had an ultrasound of the baby this week and somehow that 'prompted' a nose bleed. Y'all have so many of the same issues. I am so sorry.

    When I was a little girl on road trips with my family, my mom would tell we had to 'stamp' white horses that we saw on our journeys and my dad said we had to 'stamp' stone walls. Stamping consisted of kissing the fingers of one hand and touching those fingers to the palm of the other hand, then stamping the palm with the first hand balled into a fist. Terrible explanation but hope you get the idea. I am sure we did it just to occupy our time on long road trips. Anyway, just wanted you to know, I stamped your horses from the photo above while sitting here in the doctor office waiting room!!
    Yay for an increase in your ferritin levels and for that delicious ice cream sammie cake.

  13. What a yummy and easy ice cream cake idea. I love mini M&Ms... far better than regular sized ones lol.
    YIKES, that's a lot of blood!!

  14. Peeking in today because I love your Thankful Thursday posts! Yikes to that nosebleed! I was having trouble with them for a while and went to an ENT to make sure there wasn't anything wrong. He didn't find anything but some blood vessels close to the surface. He said he could cauterize them but told me to try moisturizing my nostrils each night with Vaseline. It worked for me. And mine gushed too. It was awful.

  15. Nose bleeds are the worst. I don't get them, but it never failed that I'd have a student random come up to me covered in blood from a nose bleed at least once a week.
    That planner cover is so cute! I never considered covers.

  16. Sorry about the nose bleed. Chuck and our youngest daughter get them fairly often and they're not fun. Especially when they happen at the oddest times! I first saw that ice cream sandwich cake on Pinterest and it was easy enough that I actually made one! And it was really good too! :)

  17. I read this last Thursday but forgot to comment. I know you posted your bloody nose on IG, but I continued to be concerned bout that. Oh wow!


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