Thursday, September 26, 2019

Where's my cha cha pants? {Thankful Thursday #239}

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This week I am Thankful for:

Ernie didnt freak out about the car
So ever since we got Ernie, he's not been a fan of car rides.  From throwing up on every trip & having to be drug to the door & lifted in - its a little bit of a struggle to take him bye bye. Which those words alone for the otther dogs used to bring pure bliss.  For Ernie, he'd run & act like we were pulling his toe nails out.  But now, he knows on Monday's - he gets to go to the agility class & play play play. Every Monday, he's been getting to the car a little bit closer.  Still a lift to get in though.  But this past week - HE DID IT - he jumped in on his own!!!! Ricky & I were like, THIS right here has been worth any amount of agility training!!!

Dancing with the Stars is back!
OK - I know some people are like, Really? This is on your list? ... YEP!

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This is the same move I'm doing to say YEP! 

I love this show so much!!! Even when it makes me mad & I think the vote off is ridiculous & the judges give someone a low score & then someone who can barely walk gets a higher score. I'm still here for every fringe, sparkle, cha cha moment!  If you need me Monday nights, you'll know where I'm at.

New D.O.
Since we moved to Indiana, I've had the biggest struggle of finding a family doctor.   Most of you know I'm not a huge fan of doctors anyways but when I found that I can get in with a DO instead of a MD .... For those who are wondering - a DO is an osteopathic physician... here's the difference....

What is a D.O. doctor?

According to the American Osteopathic Association, doctors of osteopathic medicine regard the body as an integrated whole, rather than treating for specific symptoms only
Here's a link to the whole article  if your interested....

So I had one woman doctor I really liked & she left... only to have another woman doctor fill her place - I liked her even more.  & then she left 2 years ago. SIGH. WHYYY???? ... but I need to get in with a new family doctor again & get established. So I called my doctor's office to see who is there now & guess what - they have a new D.O. that just started - literally 4 days on the job when I saws her - another woman too. I was so happy! She's just fantastic too! So personable - we laughed together & she really listened & asked questions & got to know me. I told her she's not allowed to leave me now.  I'm sure she'll take that in consideration.

Youth Pastor
You are probably sick of hearing me say it - but our Youth Pastor at our church Campus - he is honestly one of the best Pastors I've ever heard preach.  In Youth or in "big church" - he can give a message that is moving & powerful but so relevant.  He is just gifted at what he does.  So I was super thankful when he showed up to our HSM group & took over after some of our kids were having a particular hard week. When I walked in the door & saw him there, I just ran up  & hugged him & thanked God for him & his hard work he does for all the kids in that ministry!  Thankful for ALL the people on staff in our Youth department!!! I'll never be able to say enough good about them.

Car purchase
Everything went so smoothly.  We had a really helpful car salesman (did you know there was such a thing?) & he worked really hard for us finding the perfect car at the price I wanted.  When the time came to sign on the dotted line, he made that super easy too. The whole process was super easy & probably one of the best experiences I've ever had buying a car.

Ricky with Bruno
I've said it before - many times - taking care of Bruno is hard work.  A lot of time dedicated to watching him & getting him through each day.  I love Ricky is up to the challenge & has the heart of loving animals like I do.  I know he gets frustrated & it gets overwhelming at times... & then i see this - him coming out & sitting in Bruno's pen to help him walk for 30 minutes.  That's love y'all

Tests super fast
Where I had to go to the hospital for my tests, I was so super happy that I was & out in a half hour. A HALF HOUR. In a hospital!  I registered with no wait, walked to the lab & bam, needle in - NEXT.  Headed to X-ray where they apologized that I may have to wait 10 minute - which I probably didnt even wait 5.  & that was it - in & out. The prime spot for any test results - Friday at 5pm - who knew?  I guess no one else wants to start off their weekend with that sort of thing.

Long time friends who understand you
It really is important for people to know who you are & that knows your character in life.  I really valued & appreciated a conversation I had with a friend this week where we were able to clear up some misunderstandings & how we both know each other's hearts so well, it just made the conversation ease & fill with laughter & grace & then more laughter.  I love Christian sisters who I truly feel & see the love of Jesus in them.

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. You have lots to be thankful for, as always! I'm happy you found a new doctor you like!

  2. So much happy news here, and the great friends at the end...
    What a gift!

  3. What a good and wonderful week you have had. Very nice.

  4. Wow, that's great that you've like the last three D.O.'s you've had. Here's hoping the current one stays a while :)

  5. I did not know DWTS was back on. I totally get being Thankful for a TV show. I tell ya, this summer I was so Thankful for Younger and 90210. They were the bright spot to look forward to during the week when I was feeling so low.

    Glad this new DO is a good fit for you. How long have you lived in Indiana? Where did you live before that?

  6. Oh gosh I love DWTS. It’s my guilty pleasure. I only want to be famous just so I can be a contestant. Dance is SO fun.

  7. I love how well you guys take care of and love on Bruno. It touches my heart!

  8. Your post today just gave my heart a hug!!

  9. Hallelujah for a new doctor. I had a PA who was like a daughter to me. In fact, she told me I looked just like her mom (showed me a photo and I did/do) and then her mom died unexpectedly which brought us even closer. But our DUMB insurance changed (TRICARE) and now we have to go on the military installation and to the military hospital. I am so sad. I completely entrusted my health to Cheyenne.

    Glad to be reminded that you live in Indiana. I need to make a chart of where all my blogger buds live. Hard for me to keep it straight.

    Got a kick out of you loving Dancing. My 92 year old mom LIVES for Dancing with the Stars. In fact, she won't take my phone calls on Monday nights for that reason.

  10. I always like DOs. Wells' first pediatrician was an MD but had an Integrative Medicine focus so it was a world of different, compared to the care ("care") he gets in Pittsburgh. I miss her.

    I'm glad you found someone you're comfortable with!

  11. So interesting about a DO. It really is such a gift from God to have the ability to speak to people of all different ages and truly impact them. That's amazing you were in and out of the hospital! Good friends that are understanding are always worth holding onto.


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