Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Three Things

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Always thankful that the awesome Steph is so creative in coming up with these 3 things... so here we go for some 3 thing fun this month

Songs that make me think of high school
* If you Leave / by OMD from Pretty in Pink
* Back To Life / by Soul II Soul
* Secret Lovers / by Atlantic Starr

Things I like to give
* Hugs
* Friendship
* Snail Mail

Things I like to receive
* Hugs
* Friendship
* Snail Mail

... hey dont they say do onto others what you would have done to you... 

Things I hate that many people like
* Flying.  Airplanes just scare the bejeez out of me - how do they fly thousands of miles up in the air, then land & turn around & do it again without a full inspection? I dont like it one bit.  & putting my trust in people I have no idea who they are or their mental well being?  Even more terrifying.
*PSL - I just dont care for pumpkin tasting coffee. I think its a weird combo.  The only thnig I do really enjoy is the pumpkin chai tea lattes. Those are cinnamon tasting anyways so pumpkin added to it makes sense.
* The dreaded "C" word. (cereal) Yep - you wont ever ever find me even going down that aisle in the grocery store.  & if I have to - its usually me holding my breath - or covering my nose.  ... I get looks.  I still swear you can smell it though.

Clothes I find uncomfortable 
* V-Necks - I just always feel like I have to be careful leaning over or make sure cleavage isn't showing.  Makes me too aware of my clothes for that day.
* Tights/hose.
* Heavy jeans. I have a pair of jeans that I know has to weigh at least 4 lbs - they are the heaviest denim.

Things I love seeing other people post
* Kids saying the funniest things
* All the animals!!!!
* What they are reading


  1. I've got the animals and book post covered! Now I guess I just hve to repeat some things I've heard from my students..haha.

    Eventhough I do it, I despise flying too. Also, it takes on a different perspective when you actually know the pilots and flight attendants ( and not always in a good way..haha).

    I feel so uncomfortable wearing a turtle neck! Which is funny cus I use to wear them all the time. I guess they are sort of unfashionable anyway, so no lose there. Over the years I've been very sensitive to the type of pants I wear. They have to be super soft! (That's why I wear a lot of dresses).

  2. I may have just figured out what to post tomorrow! Which is funny because my post today was also called Three Things! lol.

  3. I think I'm getting old. I only know one of those songs. I don't like pumpkin spice coffee, but it's because I don't like coffee. Otherwise, I am all about the pumpkin spice! Bring it on!

  4. I thought for certain I'd like PSL since I love pumpkin in everything else ... I think I had it one time at Starbucks and gagged. Then tried it again at a local/non-chain place and it was even worse. I might try the pumpkin chai, but I'm not expecting much from it. It's weird - I can't stand hose, but I love colored tights. Actually trying to find some more colors for fall/winter now even though no one stocks thick tights when it's 90+ degrees out. I kinda miss blogging, even though I was never a regular at it. I might do this to see if it gets me back to it. :)

  5. What a fun writing prompt! High school was 20 years ago for me, gasp, {I graduated in 1999} so I had to think hard about the songs! I love seeing things about PSL – people either love them or really hate them. No in between! I am on the loving end. But this season my heart goes to the new pumpkin cream cold brew! It’s so delicious. I'm with you on the heavy denim. No thanks! I especially hate transferring heavy denim from the washing machine to the dryer. They feel so weird! And now I realize that makes me sound weird. haha

  6. I hate jeans! I haven't worn them in years. They are heavy and stiff to me!

  7. I am very much going to borrow this because my brain can't come up with anything to write but I want to blog? :D I know you don't like "C" but I am curious as to why. Did you have some sort of bad experience or just never liked the stuff? I rarely eat it but not because I don't like it. It's just the serving size is always smaller than my belly wants!

    1. Nope - just never liked it.... My mom said as a baby, sitting in a high chair, even the oatmealy sort of baby C-stuff, she said I would gag.... In the words of Lady Gaga - baby I was born this way :)

  8. Peeking in today! Loved reading your threes!!

  9. Haha I have to laugh at your C word because you would probably flip out over here. We are always eating it. Heavy jeans are a big no, no. In fact, anything that feels heavy can keep on moving by me.

  10. You tricked me with the C word comment. Cereal...really? I love cereal...ha, ha! Loved your flashback songs from high school too.

  11. Nice! I was trying to remember the songs that made me thing of high school and it was Friends in Low Places (I don't know why, I guess it was popular then) and End of the Road by Boys II Men. I'm not a PSL fan either, most of the mixes seem to have too much nutmeg in them for me. I'll stick with my chai :)

  12. I hate vnecks too. I hate things touching my neck but I hate having it exposed too...especially if it's at all cold.
    Flying is just annoying because of the people/claustrophobia.

    So weird about cereal! I don't buy it because I'll eat it all lol.

  13. I also love to see people post what they're reading and funny things their kids say!


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