Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Random Notes

Dear Alexa,
     Even though you dont seem to know any sort of real information (Hmmm.. I dont know the answer to that) I do appreciate that you can remind me that in 45 minutes, I need to put the clothes out of the washer & into the dryer because my brain doesn't remember things over a few minutes. Seems like I can't contain a lot of information either.    ... Sincerely, your cant remember anything friend.

Dear Car Salesman,
     Please stop calling.  If you havent heard from me in 2 weeks, you can pretty much assume I am not interested in the car I looked at.  ... Truly Yours, Not your commission

Dear Bananas,
    I just dont get you sometimes.  How can you be so green one day & turn to mush the next?  Who do you think you are - an avocado or something???? Its like I turn my back for one second & you're just on a time lapse of your own.  I'm glad I can freeze you & at least try to make you become something delicious & wonderful but most of the time, I just see gnats everywhere around you & that's it - you're in the trash.  A relationship that can't be salvaged.  Let's try to stick together a little longer, m'kay? .... Your smoothie making friend.

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Dear Gray Hair,
     I know you must really love me because you just have a way of popping up on me without any notice.  I know I try to hide you away every 6 weeks & you just wont have any of it, will you.  No keeping you down. You're one tough cookie who WILL be seen.  I admire your persistence, but can you at least give me a little bit longer with the red since I'm forking out some dollar bills?  Can you let me enjoy the fresh look for just a little bit longer than 5 days?  I mean, I know we're going to have a future together down the road.  Just be patient.  Sincerely, You're RED HEAD friend.

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Dear Fall TV,
    I'm trying to prepare for you. I'm going through my DVR & getting it all prepped up.  Grey's Anatomy, This is Us, A Million Little Things, Single Parents, The Walking Dead.... I'm preparing for you.  I know there will be once again steam pouring out of my DVR but I'm ready to be entertained on all the cold & dark nights ahead.  I'm counting on you to keep me distracted from the lack of light after 5:30, to keep me busy & let the glow of the light of the TV be my new vitamin D. It works like that, right? ... yeah, I know it doesn't - but maybe if I believe it, it will help make it so.  ... Truly yours, your easily entertained friend.

Dear Perimenopause,
     I still hate you.  Why are you so harsh?  How do you take a body & just blow it up like a balloon, especially around the middle, where I actually had a curved in waist & not a twin of the Michelin Man.  Do you just really hate women? I really think you do.  Why else would you just want someone to constantly be uncomfortable or sweat off any make up or make hair dry or cause all sorts of moods to pop up for no reason?  Isn't getting to a certain age a cause for rewards, not more torture?  Do men have to deal with this? Can't you go bug them instead?  I mean, we deal with how many years of monthly misery of periods. You just want to go out with one last hurrah, huh?... that can last for years.  You're vicious. I'll give you that one..... No Love, your hot flashing slave

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Who do you need to write a random note to today?


  1. These are all great! Yesterday morning Alexa told me that it was the first day of fall, and then she said our high would be 90 degrees. When I asked her what kind of fall weather is that? She just repeated the forecast. Harsh!

  2. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/24/health/hot-flashes-link-to-heart-attack-stroke-wellness/index.html

    Hot flashes in the news

  3. LOL - I can relate to more of these than I care to admit. Well, not the car buying one at the moment but that's why I hate sales people. They just stalk and stalk and stalk you! Take a hint! OMG - I have been in a nasty, nasty, NASTY mood lately and a little bit sweaty and my middle seems poochier than ever and CRAP!

  4. Ha, these were funny! I think I'm struggling with the peri-menopause thing too. So annoying.

  5. I have given up fighting gray hair...at least for now. Trying to grow out my color and go natural but may get to a point where I go back to coloring. Just hate the money and time spent doing that!! Ha!

    So thankful I am on the other side of menopause. The hot flashes are few and far between these days. It will get better!

    I have written 'little letters' before and enjoyed doing them. And another blogger I follow does 'thank you notes' - Christie. Maybe I will write some up, too. Need to thank my PC for putting up with my butt lately.

  6. Oh my! Too funny! I was pretty much past a lot of the peri-menopause stuff and then came cancer and a little pill that kills my estrogen and yet, fat middle and hot flashes are my life! In fact, possibly for the rest of my life as my doctor is thinking he wants me to take it forever!!! Oh well, still better than cancer! lol

  7. Oh by the way, I found a little fan that attaches to my phone and it is absolutely awesome! Really helps with the hot flashes when I am out and it's quiet enough to use in church, even at funerals. Trust me! I've done it! lol

  8. Girl, I'm right there with you on the Peri-menopausal train! Ugh! No fun at all!!

  9. You had me laughing at the Michelin Man. Yup, that about sums it up. Hot flashes and a flabby midline...great! All I know is that I'm exercising more than I ever have just to maintain my not-so-great weight! Ugh.

  10. Ooooo…..when does A Million Little Things come on?

  11. Ok you are hilarious! Alexa sounds like Google. We have Google home and she always tells us she doesn't know how to do things we ask her to! I'm totally for the fall TV serving as Vitamin D!

  12. Bahaha, I could have written that fall TV one myself. I was just prepping and scheduling my DVR the other day.
    So we don't have an Echo for Alexa yet, but my nephews do and Caleb LOVES seeing them play with it. He just discovered that my Kindle Fire has Alexa though, so now I hear 25 times a day: "Alexa... what's the wefer?" (weather). He gets SO HEATED when Alexa does not know how to interpret his words... and he also doesn't know what else to ask it aside from the weather and to play Kidz Bop LOL.

  13. Alexa really doesn't know the answer to anything, does she? And oh my goodness the bananas!!! Every single week! I am soooo excited for fall tv!!! Its my favorite time of year! Football is back, tv is back, we are closing in on the holidays....now where is that fall weather?????


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