Thursday, April 02, 2020

Daily "Coffee chats", the masked Belle & the BEST money ever spent.... {Thankful Thursday #266}

Knit By God's Hand

This week I am Thankful For:

Working from home
I see so many new stories about people that arent able to make their bills because they've been laid off or can't work... & I am so thankful that I have a job.  Even more - that I can do it safely from my home. It truly is a blessing.

Zoom HSM groups
So I didnt even think of this- the HSM girls did.  They have decided to get together at 8pm at night & have devotionals together. & the girls are taking turn leading the devotionals. How amazing is that?  It's been going on now for over a week & I'm just impressed at the work these girls have been into their nights that they lead.  They have some really good messages & scripture & insight. Plus - its just good to see their face & talk about what they think & how they feel with all this craziness.

Belle Face Mask
If you have been here the past 2 weeks - you saw my Belle Check scanner cover - the Belle scrunchies - the Belle cup holder - & then came the Belle tape cover for my desk (how fun is that) - & then this week, I had sent to me in my work delivery, a BELLE MASK!!! YEEEESSSSS... my sewing coworker found some scraps & made me the best gift ever. It may not be approved by the CDC - but come on, it's gotta help, right? Plus, its just cute.

I've been so busy with working at home, its actually really hard for me to get away for an hour for lunch - but I'm learning I NEED to get away, even if its for 15 minutes.  The good thing, I've got the perfect company to do lunch with.  Plus, with it being warmer - I've just been going outside & taking some good deep breaths.

New Printer
You saw this on Monday's post - Let me tell you.... THE BEST MONEY EVER SPENT. It has made working so much easier at home.  & has help me get things caught up on a lot of things that I can get accomplished at home instead of the ever growing pile of things I'll have to take care of when I get back in the office.

Coffee Chat
I just think that ladies I work with are awesome!!! & it's felt funny just emailing & chatting with them online during the work day - so we've set up a 2:00 "coffee chat" where we call each other via Facebook, which is similar to Facetime. It's fun just seeing all the faces & catching up on the day  - whether it be work related or just what's going on in everyone's lives. 

Tell me something good in your world right now!!!!

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