Thursday, April 09, 2020

Still Thankful... even if I dont get sidewalk chalk.... {Thankful Thursday #267}

Knit By God's Hand: Still Thankful....

I feel like life is just on a loop right now so its really different on how my Gratitude list is coming during this period. It feels like I'm writing the same things over & over again - but really, there's nothing wrong with that.  These are all pretty BIG things in the scope of what's going on in the world... so even if I have to post the same things each week, I will... because gratitude is gratitude. & I will focus on these things each & every day.  

I hope you do too... & I'd love to see your list - even if we have the exact same thing.
ALL GOD'S PEOPLE SAID AMEN! - right?  ... we can all say it together.  Raise the roofs of Heaven with all our voices grateful for the mercies in each day during this time.

Let's Raise a Hallelujah!!! 

... whew... feel like I'm speaking from a pulpit right now... 
Holy week is getting to me I guess :)

Anyways.... what I'm Thankful for this week

Snail Mail
My precious friend Kelly is just the BEST - THE BEST... & she sent the sweetest little card in the mail to just lift up my spirits in this crazy time.  I still have it sitting on my kitchen table & I'm reading it every morning to start my day with a smile

Yep... still zooming. Do you know we have met EVERY DAY for the past 2 weeks - & still planning on going all through April together.  One of the girls said that she was out with her mom to pick up some take out & she was like, I GOTTA GET HOME FOR BIBLE STUDY.  She was also telling me that she's never been into her Bible so much at one given time & she's really found a new love of it.  I'm loving walking with them in this. It's - as always - a blessing to me too.

Watching every day more & more people having to file for unemployment & struggling to make their bills - I am so beyond grateful I have my job that is still busy & giving me something to focus on every day besides the news.

Sidewalk Chalk Art
So my Heart church has people come up from the congregation & take over a parking spot & decorate it - so when others came up, they could see the messages & leave one of their own.  I drove down the other day to see it & my heart was just smiling with the beautiful words of hope & scripture that were left behind.

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My sweet Framily!!!
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The awesome Pastor Bobby & Ms. Sha

Side note - Ricky refuses to ever let me have sidewalk chalk because it "ruins the concrete".... I have gave him many GLARES these past few weeks that we have zero side walk chalk in our home  SO MANY GLARES

If I dont catch myself, I'll sit & watch the news 24/7 - & then end up having a half dozen panic attacks. So I'm glad for the things that distract me - give me a break from all the heavy talk.  & yes, Nailed It season 4 is out - THANK YOU NETFLIX - the funniest show there is!

Saw my mom
I had to take something to my mom's & called her & told her to come to the door so I could see her - she ended up coming out on the porch & I stayed far away from her, but glad we got to chat for a little while.  I even kept a face mask on to be safe. Dont want her catching anything.

FOUND SOME! My awesome coworker text me & told me where some was the other night & even offered to grab some & have Ricky stop by her home to pick it up.... right after that, my brother text me & said our local Dollar Store just got a shipment in & Ricky was home so he jumped in the car & got down in time. He said there were only 6 packages left by the time he got down there. GEEZZ... but we got some. We were starting to do a little panic.  Down to our last few rolls. It's NUTS that TP is on such demand.  Even with us down to our last rolls, Ricky still only took ONE package. THATS HOW YOU DO IT PEOPLE... we gotta work in this together y'all!!!

Thank you Lord.  No one in my immediate family has been sick or feeling any effects from this. I worry for Ricky & his lungs... I worry for my niece with her having Diabetes... I worry for my mom who isnt in the best of health... I worry for my sister in law who works in a medical office & is around people... I worry for my brother who is still looking ahead to another surgery & doesnt need to have this one top of it. Everyone in my life - I worry about - Grandkiddos, daughters, framily, friends.  Ones that work in & around contagious environments.  The daughter with the twins had been sick - & one of the twins had a fever... then the other.  We were a nervous wreck thinking they could have it.... turned out to be a normal sinus infection - but man, you get all jumpy now at the smallest sniffle.  Just Thankful for the protection & health of all of them so far.  We hear little trickles of connections of people that know people that have it - or have even passed away with complications of COVID & it just makes me pray even harder for all those I love.

So tell me something good you are Thankful for this crazy crazy week!

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