Tuesday, April 07, 2020

One Sentence a Day (March 2020 Edition)

Knit By God's Hand: One Sentence a Day - February 2020 Edition

Man oh man... This month started off one way & ended a whole other, didn't it?
I mean, the month didnt start off great for me anyways with a trip to the hematologist - the ER with my mom - & then ending with a quarantine for everyone. Geeez.

2020 is just living up to its apocalyptic  title, isn't it?

Let's look at it one sentence a day.

1 - Sun / Just so excited & proud to see the once punk teenager we knew standing in front of a congregation preaching a message on how God will bring you through storms. #Amen

2 - Mon /  My poor Bruno's skin around his eye ripped open with his old skin being super thing #whathappenswhenyour133humanyearsold

3 - Tues / After having Bruno sleep in bandages, we were so happy to see his skin held together & he's acting totally like himself #fighterkeepsfighting

4 - Wed / Enjoyed having some of my church sisters come downtown to treat me to lunch #lovemychurchfamily

5 - Thurs /  Back to the hematologist to find out I'm right back to where I was at one year before. #sofrustrating

6 - Friday /  Got caught up on Grey's Anatomy & loved seeing all the flashbacks in the farewell to Alex Karev #downto3OGs #Meredithlookedlikeababy

7 - Sat / Enjoyed hearing the author of the book we just read speak at a lovely Women's Tea #lovedseeingmyJesusSisterstoo

8 - Sun / Sunny & in the high 60's #SPRINGISCOMING #DaylightSavingsBegins

9 - Mon / Started off my day by locking my keys, my wallet, my phone in my car. #rollingALLtheeyes

10 - Tues / Took a long detour after work to visit a funeral home when a coworkers father passed away. #horriblelosingyourdad #justhadtogiveahug

11 - Wed / Spent the whole evening in an ER with mom waiting for her to get admitted, while listening to the President on the TV in the curtain next to us talk about how the coronavirus is now a pandemic. #intheworstpossibleplacetohearthisnews

12 - Thurs / Another case of coronavirus is diagnosed in the Humana building right down the street from us. #itsgrowing

13 - Fri /  Sitting with mom whiles she's still in the hospital is a freaky thing when all the news & everything on your phone is talking about germs #theviewisgoodthough

14- Sat  /  Went to the grocery store to stock up on things & thankful that people steer clear of the Vegetarian / health food section of stores. #everythingelsewasempty

15 - Sun / So crazy having all the churches canceled & doing it online at home. #PraisinginPJs

16 - Mon / Talks about working from home but not sure how that will work for me when I need the mail #theyaintbringingitouttoGreenville

17 - Tues / Was able to slide in to get my hair done right before they shut down  hair salons #thatcouldhavebeenbad #hidethatgray

18 - Wed / Today's work day can't even begin to be put into words.  #whatjusthappened #securityonthepremises

19 - Thurs / Tested out working from home #feltsoweird #workedharderathomethanatwork #nolunch

20 - Fri /  Had to go back into work to get some things set up on my laptop & it was so quiet when there was about 10 people on our whole floor #peaceful #butbusy

21 - Sat /  I dont know if the anxiety of all this is getting to me but I just stayed on the couch & took multiple naps all day long. #Ihatenaps

22 - Sun /  Frozen 2 is awesome & I know I'm going to watch this on repeat for awhile ##dothenextrightthing

Frozen 2 Honest Trailer: Walt Disney Animation's Thor: Ragnarok /Film

23 - Mon /  ANNNNNDDDDD we're kicking off working from home for the unknown future #itssodifferent

24 - Tues /   I honestly had to turn off the news because I got caught up in it & then felt like I was having a panic attack &couldnt breath #COVID19aintfortheanxious

25 - Wed  /  We got to ZOOM conference meeting my mom in her rehab home #technologyrocks

26 - Thurs / ZOOM is becoming my way to connect with people where we are doing devotionals with our HSM girls #thesegirlsareamazing #alwaysJesus

27 - Fri /  Survived one full week of working from home feels like an accomplishment #itsbeentough

28 - Sat / Ventured out for the first time in a week to get a new printer for working at home #peoplegivingmeanxiety

29 - Sun /  Week 3 with church online from the comfort of my living room #Ilikeidonthavetodrive

30 - Mon / My printer has made my life SO MUCH EASIER working from home #bestmoneyeverspent

31 - Tues / Numbers still going up with the COVID-19 & it's just causing anxiety attacks for us while Ricky has to go to work outside the home. #scarystuff

Definitely a month we won't forget

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