Thursday, April 16, 2020

Thankful Thursday #268

Knit By God's Hand

... ANDDDDDD we're still trucking through this crazy time in life...

Still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel... looking for peace of mind... looking for security ... looking for answers.  & always looking for gratitude & the good things in a day to get us through.

So here's some things I'm thankful for this week:

Still working & grateful every day when I hear the numbers of unemployment that keep raising

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FINALLY got in line for groceries. I still dont have my groceries - it's like a week's wait- but I'm OK with that.  Saves me the hassle of going in.

Grocery Store Workers
God bless all the people who are working in the grocery stores who are keeping our homes full of food. They are in the presence of so many people every day - putting themselves are risk.  What would we do without them.

I know some people were really upset about it but I didnt mind it & found some blessings in it all. I'm just always thankful for the time where we get to remember & focus directly on the resurrection of our Savior.  HE IS RISEN!

My New Favorite Easter Cartoons |

What we this all be like if we couldnt connect over computers, phones, tablets.  The way so many can work from home during this.  The technology to stream all the church services LIVE.... I feel like we are doing so well at staying connected even when distance has to happen.

Snail Mail
While there's technology, there's also the good ole snail mail. I've loved getting it & also sending it this past week.  We need some fun surprises popping up where we can get it. (Thanks Patti for my sweet surprise!)

I've started back on Season 1 to watch me some Smallville during the way while I've got my TV on while working. I have loved looking back at this - I was OBSESSED with it when it came out & still loving it.

Work Surprise
I get a daily delivery from work & went to open up my package on Monday & found my sewing work friend was at it once again. She sent a note that this was absolutely it - she has no material left. I told her I'm sure she got the most use out of this fabric than any other she's ever purchased. She agreed. & I've enjoyed EVERY SINGLE creation with it.

Tell me something good in your crazy COVID life week!

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