Monday, April 27, 2020

The weekend that coffee turned against me....

What can you say at this point?  Heading into week 6 of working at home.

I know the world seems to be chomping at the bit for everything to open up - but I'm actually doing just fine staying at home - working from home. Basically turning into an Agoraphobic.  I mean, even when things open - you wont see me rushing out.  Nope - no thank you.

Truth time... I have issues anyways with my iron deficiency & all the things wrong with my blood & deficiencies - all taking its effect in how I breath. I already have a shortness of breath - even laying down watching TV.   One of the biggest symptoms when I know my iron is low is that I cant even talk and have a conversation without being winded. It's like I ran a full marathon just walking up the steps.  So the idea of something attacking the lungs??? It freaks me out.  I'm thoroughly convinced if I get COVID-19 - I'm just a goner.  Nice knowing you world.

When I hear people talk about having it & how they felt like they were breathing through a sponge - that's nearly what i feel like on a GOOD day.  & its not that I have bad lungs... I just dont have the red blood cells to carry oxygen all around this body of mine.

So yeah... everyone can talk about how much they want to get back out.  I'm sorry (not sorry) that I really have no big rush to get out in it - around people - taking chances.  I get it if you feel healthy & strong & feel like you'd knock out the COVID, no problem, if you got it.  But how you feel like you COULD knock it out -with the way I feel & my health issues, I DONT feel like I could.  Everyone has weaknesses that they suffer with - mine just happens to be a factor where I can't get deep breaths anyways.  It's just scary to me.

I'm sure people with lung diseases, weakened immune systems, diabetes, high blood pressure - all the things that makes this scary for people... you feel me.

Anyhooooo.....back to the weekend.

I was super excited for Friday to get here because  man, it was a ROUGH week.  One of those weeks that I'd pull up my email in the morning & have a new 5 problems just waiting on me - & then problems trinkling in all day long.

Signing off for Friday

So Friday night, I just took it easy.  Made some dinner & did my ZOOM HSM group chat & watched some Netflix.

Saturday, it was supposed to be a all-day-rainy day... so when I woke up & saw the heavens hadnt opened yet, I made sure to get outside & enjoy it while I could!  I read a big hunk of my book while Ricky was working on a new project in our back yard...

.. & then the rains came.

It was gloomy & cold & rainy the rest of Saturday.  It just bummed me out.  But I was determined to make good use of the time.  Time to work more on learning my sewing machine!  I had picked up some fabric from Joann's Curbside pick up & I was excited to try & make some mass for Ricky & I.

All VERY adult prints for us :)

I think I watched about 2 dozen YouTube videos & then decided to jump in....

The first mask - mehhhh... how do they make it look so easy on YouTube?  But let's remember I'm the girl that also took nearly 2 hours to figure out how to get a bobbin made.

But after a few tries, I felt like I was getting the hang of it.  By my 3rd mask, I was super happy with how they were turning out.  Ricky really liked them too.

I need to switch out my thread to do my Beauty & the Beast masks ... so I'm waiting to get geared up for that.... but honestly, I do feel like this was great in teaching me how to sew because with each mask, I'm learning more & more things to do, look out for, just getting the hang of it. 

I've basically already told Ricky I'm ready to make my back room a sewing room at this point.  I mean, when I get a new hobby, I go all in

The rest of Saturday - my coffee turned on me.... I had 2 cups of coffee but also made a whipped coffee pretty late - for me anyways.  & I think that instant coffee has a little bit more caffeine in it - at least it effects me differently.  But Saturday after I got settled into bed, I started watching Big Little Lies because HBO is apparently showing some things on Prime (& I think Hulu) free right now.  I had watched episode 1 Friday night.  Welllll... all that coffee just was like, NOPE - NO SLEEP FOR YOU!!! I ended up watching ALL of Season 1 & didnt get to bed till after 3am... I honestly probably could have stayed up through the entire night. I wasn't tired at all when I turned the TV off at 3:00 but eventually fell asleep with boredom around 3:30.

Big Lies Cover Up Even Bigger Secrets In HBO®'s Big Little Lies ...
I loved the book so was excited to see how they would do this
I really enjoyed it & thought they did a good job of it
... totally interested now how Season 2 is going to go.

Needless to say, Sunday - I just felt off the whole day.

I woke up around 8:30 & could have easily fallen back to sleep but I knew I had to get up early for work on Monday so got up & just BLAH....

I didnt even make it to church in the living room - just pulled out my Bible & faith planner in my bed to watch the service.  Then dug into my Bible Study while in bed too.

We had to run out to meet my aunt in Downtown Louisville to give some things - which it felt SO WEIRD to be downtown. It hit me that I hadn't been on those streets in 6 weeks.  So surreal.  We left from loading up her van & coming back to Indiana & we decided to pick up some lunch to take home & of course, when you drive by Krispy Kreme, you just gotta partake.

First Bridge I've crossed in 6 weeks

I wanted to run into Walmart to try & find some fabric to play around with my sewing machine.... BUT HECK NO.  The parking lot was like Black Friday. Packed. Crowded. Hardly an empty parking spot.  Go back to my TRUTH TIME at the beginning... I wasn't about to go in there.  Even with my mask on.  We just rode home chomping on Krispy Kreme mini's instead.

Got home & I finished my book (SO GOOD!!! COME ON BOOK #3) & I think I nodded off 2 times...

& then it was HSM Zoom time.  It was so lovely hearing our Youth  Ministry Worship Leader come on & do a song for all of us to sing with at home.   & always fun to see all the HSM kiddos faces & all the other HSM leaders.

It wasn't a problem AT ALL to fall asleep Sunday night - I got tucked into bed early & was excited they were doing an encore of Disney Sing along ... the perfect tunes for my heart to drift off to dream land.  I mean, come on - A dream is a wish your heart makes.

How was your weekend?

Are you Team Let's Get Back Out or Team I'm Staying Home

Are you a sewer? What tips & tricks do I need to know?

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