Friday, May 07, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Lap Desk

Favorite Charger

Favorite Light

I have one of these for my phone & I LOVE IT! 
I use it actually faced OUT to take pictures of my planner... but I saw someone use it on their LAPTOP for when they're having ZOOM calls. WHATTTT??? I never thought of that.This charges with a USB port so you can keep it charged up while using it on meetings too. Game changer. You dont have to worry about setting up big tripods or anything huge to get some good light.

Favorite Mug

I should get this for Hubby for Father's Day... because the running "joke" around here is how he lost my Yeti - I LOVED my Yeti too...I remind him every day I miss it. & he assures me he didnt lose it... as he says bringing in 20 mugs from his car.
Maybe I'll get one for ME on Father's Day - LOL - that would be pretty funny.

Favorite Car Garbage Holder

You actually can use this for multiple purposes - but I like you can put like a grocery bag in it (it hooks on the side) & you can use that top to put garbage in.  Open it up when its full & just lift up the grocery bag & toss.  I need this for stuff like straw wrappers or napkins or tissues.  
Favorite Canisters

A friend got me a canister in this line for Christmas for my coffee bar - it holds sugar.  I've seen the ret of the line in Target - its the Magnolia line - I want them all now - so simple & elegant. Really heavy duty too.

Favorite Funnies

... my dogs every time I stand up from my desk while working from home with hopes its play time

.... when you see people for the first time in a year because of COVID

... me at 4:30pm today going down my hallway


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