Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Show Us Your Books {May 2021}


Last month finally took a turn for me & I got some good books under my eyes for the year... 
Glad to say, this month is continuing the trend.  I'm here for all the good books!

I didn't read a lot compared to others - but I'm happy with 2 books a month - especially when they are enjoyable.

The Silent Patient
***** / It was Amazing

Quick Summary: A woman who appears to have killed her husband no longer speaks so no one really knows what happened. A therapist takes a job at her facility convinced he can get her to talk.

I know this was the hot book years ago & I'll still see it come around - so I was excited to finally get to it & MAN OH MAN - I'm so glad I did. What a thriller.  & a mystery.  Though, I do like to pat myself on the back when I figure out small little things early in a book.  The mystery & the writing kept me in the story till the very end.

Really, its a hard book to see how trauma & mental abuse can effect the mind of someone.  

I especially loved how this book is a full circle book when we get to see glimpses back of Alicia's life & what made her who she is.  This book sat with me quite awhile after I finished it - a true sign I really loved it.

Somehow grasping at vanishing snowflakes is like grasping at happiness: an act of possession that instantly gives way to nothing.

People We Meet On Vacatin
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Two friends that meet in college go on vacations every year together & we see their relationship change over the years.

I am in love with Poppy & Alex.  They are both just total opposites but what you can tell they need each other to complete one another.  It's such a fun read, giving you all the When Harry met Sally vibes.  You cant read the book or read reviews & not hear that over & over.

My favorite quote I'm going to post here - its actually from the Epilogue - gut this gave me all the feels....

... Really its less about the places we go than the people we meet along the way. But most of all, its about the ones who stay - who become home

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