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Keep it Together... Did I find Planner Peace?


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I have totally failed in 2021 sharing my planner. That's really a shame too because I have really found a planner peace.  I mean, we're almost to the 6th month of the year & I have no desire to switch planners because I'm bored or its not working for me any longer.  

When I last left you in planner world, I said I was trying out & going to try for 2021 the Passion Planner... & yep, this is what I'm still using.

The Daily planner comes black.. .I've just added some of my Vinyl stickers I get from Elevated Faith onto it to give some personality.

Yes, I use 2 planners.  The big one is a weekly planner & the small one is a Daily Planner.

I really didnt think I would care for a Daily Planner - but now, I love it, use it, you've guessed it - DAILY - & even carry it with me all the places.

I just really like to use  it for the day to day check off the list items.  It helps me keep things in my mind for work especially.  

But the right side, that gives you a blank page. I really enjoy using it differently all the time.  For  journaling, for writing Bible verses, for prayers, for just getting things off my mind, for Grocery lists or quick ideas. It can change EVERY DAY - that's what I like about it.

These planners hold 3 months so to use one every day, you'll have 4 little planners at the end of each year.  They are really nice quality though & I think they'll look pretty stacked together on a shelf. I'm going to get a label maker to mark the year on them too. I may even get something to tie them together at the end of the year.

Here are some samples of my Daily Planner. .& know I've had a LOT to pick from using it every day for over 5 months - but a lot of these pages are personal with the journal side so there's a lot more I'd like to share, but here's just a good snippet.

So every day looks different... some days I'll keep a food tracker in the side - some days on the big pages.  Some days hold Bible scripture - some days are thoughts. 

Always have stickers & washi & highlighters.  Though, I will say, some days, I've been doing recently more writing & highlighters - not necessarily using stickers all the time

Speaking of not using stickers... here's a few more samples

These are actually clippings from magazines! Just got some glue stick & laid them down.

It's been really fun for me to go through my mom's old magazines that we was going to throw away & finding some cute  little add ins. I've made a folder & keeping some really cute font words & some cute pics for future spreads. 

I did one in my last quarters planner that was just coffee cups I clipped out of the magazine - it looked so cute.

& then we have the big daddy - the weekly planner.

I have actually gone back & forth on this one how I use it.  Some days, I use it strictly for documenting the daily schedule. Some days, I actually write on it more of a journal of the day. & some weeks, I'll even add in pictures from my Canon Ivy printer to give it some personality & memory keeping. I really like keeping my photos in it. (I actually use photos  in my daily planner too - here's one from this past weekend on my dad's anniversary of passing)

OK - back to the weekly planner.

Here's some spreads over the past few weeks.

This was the week I got vaccinated & had to put my sticker I got in my planner.  

I love how this turned out - I found this full page sticker set in the scrapbooking section at Hobby lobby & they all just laid down so cute in the planner to give it such pretty personality. I love the colors too!

I'm a sucker for yellow. It makes me so happy.

I really liked this one too & its not sticker heavy. its just little icon sticker full & it just is more of a minimalist look & it still brings me joy. I printed a picture of the week down at the bottom & again, I just like the memory aspect.

I have a spread from the next week that I printed 3 pictures - one from Mothers Day, one from lunch with a friend & one of my hair since it was hair week (I'd share it but it had some personal writing in it) but I printed the pictures smaller & journaled at the bottom & it just is so pretty.

So much to do with my planner. I'll need to show next time how I'm using the extra pages in this planner too.  I've got Gratitude pages, Mood trackers, Weather trackers & MORE memory keeping.  Yep, I'm loving these so much.

Tell me.... 

Are you sticking with a planner for 2021?

What are you using?

Do you have a little printer to print out pics?

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