Monday, May 03, 2021

The weekend that was back to boring

 Well hello again!!! Sorry to have sort of just dropped off the face of the blog planet last week.  

You know how your momma says, if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all? Yeah... I just sort of felt like that with LIFE last week.  Nothing good to say at all. & I get tired of all the miserable things so didn't want to subject you all to it too. You're welcome.

To sum it up quick, I was in the ER last Sunday, which isn't fun - ever.  I got the WORST headache when I woke up, it was making me nauseated & it just kept getting worse.  Then, we were watching church online & I looked down at my foot & leg, & veins were popping out everywhere & it just really freaked me out.  I mean, reminder - I had just taken the Johnson & Johnson shot & STILL had / have a low grade fever - so we didnt want to take any chances of something being wrong.  I mean, my father passed away with a brain bleed because he put off for a few days not feeling good.  That sticks with me.... Not taking any chances, plus, I just didnt feel right or like myself regardless.  We got to the hospital & my Blood Pressure was 185/110 - HOLY COW.  I was a mess. It took a few hours it to come down.  It was staying in the 170's/ 90's for quite awhile too.

They ran me in for a CT Scan for my head - just to be safe with the vaccine & everything was OK. Obviously -   So they said it appeared to be a migraine or tension headache - to which I laughed about.  Me? Tense? ... yeahhhhhhhh..... But they dont know if my BP raising made my head hurt - or the tension /anxiety from the headache made my blood pressure go up. A horrible catch 22  Regardless, the BP being up so high was scary enough & I never want to go through that again.

It was frustrating to me because once again, they all said I got the vaccine way too early causing all these symptoms I'm having... & one nurse even said, "That was a wasted shot on you" .... I REALLY hope it wasn't a wasted shot after feeling this bad & going through everything I've gone through.  

Another nurse told me that I am not alone - that they've seen multiple people in for strange, unusual &  people having long term symptoms from their vaccine.  Long Haulers for the vaccine if you will - At least I'm not the only weirdo.

Then 2 days later, mom ended up needing 911 called on her again & she went back to the yeah, I just didnt have the mental energy to pull up the computer & blog last week.  Just really steer cleared of most of the world - only checking in on things that made me happy.  Basically planner things & funny memes.  Anxiety Kit 101 for me.

If I missed anything exciting in your life in blog land, please fill me in! ... I did miss you all. & appreciated all the messages & calls & texts checking if we were ok. Y'all are the best!

& for the record - I am STILLLLLlllllLLLL dealing with an elevated temperature. I told Hubby that I think the vaccine has turned me into The Phoenix from X-men & I'm on FIY-AH now!


Yep... same as me when I have a temperature... AND she's a red-head

Anyways - last week is behind us - thank goodness & moving onward.

This weekend was back to my usual boring life - & I'm totally happy & good with that - especially after last weekend.

Friday, I was on a mission  to get my car clean.  I had washed it at lunch & then wanted to get the inside vacuumed out & dusted off - get all the barn gunk out of the floorboards so when I went to pick up dinner Friday night, I was able to finish it all up.  It felt like a new car by the end of the night.

Saturday, I was up bright & early & ended up making some coffee & grab my book - loving the book I'm reading right now.  

Then onto the usual Saturday stuff - cleaning, laundry & even got a work out in- look at me!  Nothing exciting at all - except it was DERBY DAY!  Which is like a legit holiday around these parts. I just honestly forgot about it most of the day. It was just so beautiful outside, I was just enjoying being outside reading, sitting with the dogs, doing some walks - just inhaling the beautiful sunshine.

I did catch Derby though!  You cant live near Louisville & not watch the Derby.

This always makes me so nervous how close they are together

It was funny though because I was so dirty & feeling 'buggy' from being outside all day so right after the Derby, I jumped in the shower & washed my hair & felt so much better... then the hospital called & said mom needed some clothes to come home in & I needed to bring some up.  So I just put on a sweater that didnt match my PJ's I was just hanging at home in after my shower & had to drive to mom's house.  I told Hubby - this will the outfit I get in a wreck in & everyone will see how mismatch I am.  

Does this make me a STYLE Blogger? Even socks with flip flops - the new trend?

Luckily, I made it there & back safe & sound - so no one saw me... except when I show the world on my blog... because that's what we do as bloggers.

Sunday started off with an early call from mom telling me I could come get her in about a half hour.... which turned into about 3 hours later before the nurse called.  But it was a good excuse to stop & pick up a Starbucks. I forgot how busy that place is on a Sunday morning.  Good thing I did the mobile order so I could bypass the 25 people in line. YIKES!

We got mom tucked in her house & I went to love on some horses for a little bit.

I have to pull the hay from the loft overhead... I leave looking like a scarecrow

 & then headed back make more coffee & read some more.  This time I had an addition to my seat.  Ozzie is so funny. He is going to be another lap dog... even when he's a grown 50 + lb dog.

It started to rain which I wasn't expecting so went inside to start watching the new season of The Handmaid's Tale.  I had actually just finished re-watching ALL the seasons Friday night so perfect timing to go into season 4.

Hubby & I ran down to the grocery & pick up some dinner... & that's the most exciting thing that happened on my Sunday.  MUCH better than last Sunday. Praise the Lord. Or in Handmaid's terms, Blessed Be. 

So tell me the best thing about your weekend.

Do you watch the Derby?

Do you watch The Handmaid's Tale?

Are you still enjoying SPRING or has it turned  to summer yet for you?

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