Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Prime Purchases


Another month, another load of purchases from Amazon.  
All the goodies!
Linking up with Tanya for all the fun Prime Purchases!

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OK - this says "FOR KIDS"... bite me Amazon!  I got this for my planner. Because I love colorful things too. These work well in my Passion Planner - dont bleed through - & gives me all the colorful options.  Plus, I love an adult coloring book too for anxiety reasons.  I like these stand up in the box too.

I LOVE this. It's a solar powered lighted address sign!  You can put up to 4 numbers on it & it really is BRIGHT in the evening when its fully got its solar power.  We put ours over the garage & it looks so nice with that brass look.  We werent sure it would get bright since its over our garage & the overhang sort of blocks the solar panels - but it still works well.  I've seen pics where people put it on fences - or on brick at the front of the house - I really like ours.

Obviously - a Hubby order with him clearing out our woods. Its a hand held chopping tool but man, it gets the job done - he can cut up some wood better with this than he can the big axe.

OK... this thing has been GAME CHANGER for my counter top. Seriously - I LOVE IT. it has my bathroom counter cleaned off & has stayed that way. Now, mine isn't as pretty with the make up & brushes like their example - but I have tooth paste & deodorant & face cleaner & even cotton pads on one shelf. It works perfect for me.  & I love  you can  adjust the heights to make it work for you. This was the best money I've spent!

BECAUSE of the above organizer, its so tall that it gets right by my plug in the bathroom.  If I were to plug in a hair dryer or my straightener, it would have the cord right across it, knocking things off.  So I got this. It has a FLAT plug so it doesn't stick out & its flexible so I can keep this plugged in & pull it out & use it for all my hair accessories without causing pure chaos.

Yep. the Planner in me never will tire of markers & pens & colorful things to make life more beautiful.  These are heavier in ink & they dont bleed through my planner, but i know a lot of people have issues with bleeding on certain paper.  they are really nice though.  I have used these more for my faith journal that I keep church notes & doodle in.

I like I can get this King Size Flat Sheet without having to buy a full pack of sheets. First of all, I dont have a King size bed - LOL.  But I like a flat sheet to put over my bed at night when I know the dogs are going to jump up on the bed.  So easy to take down & wash instead of washing blankets. & the King size drapes all the way on both sides to keep my blankets safe.  The things you do for your dogs.

I mean... you see how many new markers I just got. I needed a new pencil case to hold my S-Note markers & some pens - this is really sturdy.  I got it in gray & it does its job. 

Ozzie needed this in his big boy crate - a soft & cushy mat.  He actually doesnt get in it that much - but Harvey does. Harvey is our kennel loving dog - so its getting used.

Ozzie is honestly the fastest eater we've ever had. & when we had our yellow lab, I thought it  fast. Ozzie would put Buffy  for a run for her money. This thing has been amazing slowing him down though.  He gets so mad about it too - but at least it stretches out his eating time a little bit longer.

What's one of your latest great finds from Amazon?

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