Thursday, May 06, 2021

Thankful Thursday #309


This week I'm Thankful For:

Working out
I havent really gotten to work out lately because I've just felt so bad - so I'm really thankful for sore days that means I'm getting my body stronger.

Cat came home
While mom was in the hospital, we take care of her cats while she's not a home.  One of them, we think has passed away - he hasn't been home in 2 weeks now.  He's an older cat too... so when mom was in the hospital, I was anxious to make sure the other 2 cats were safely tucked in the house.  When one of them wasn't running in immediately, I got so nervous. I drove over 3 times in one day to try & find her - & she ended up running around the corner at the last minute before I left on that 3rd trip & I was so thankful.

Car Clean
I love when my car is clean.  It gives me that attitude for the next few weeks of "NO EATING IN MY CAR"

Pie Kitchen
Hubby & I stopped at the Pie Kitchen the other day when we were out & they had a new pie... a cherry pie with Chocolate on top of it - OH MY GOSH - this thing is amazing. We each got a slice & we said we may need to get a whole pie next time.  Delicious.

I finished my first month in my Jesus Calling Note Taking Devotional. I am loving it. I've been using it just like a Bible Journal but I have a designated place for each day to journal or draw. I'll try to do my Planner post this month & I'll take some pictures & show more. (I put a sample of it on my Instagram stories that will be up for a little bit longer today if you want to see it)

All the Green
All the trees have really bloomed out & its just a sea of green everywhere - loving it.  My sinuses may not love it - I am allergic to grass - but it just gives me so much joy to see all the green again & all the evenings that have light skies until after 8pm.  Best time of the year.

Tell me something good about your week

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