Tuesday, May 04, 2021

One Sentence a Day - April 2021


1 - Thurs /  Mother Nature played the biggest April Fool's Prank on us with temps below freezing & SNOW! #NooooOOOooooOOOO

2 - Fri /  Excited to start my new Passion Planner Daily since I filled up my first one for the first quarter #Iamhooked 

3 - Sat / I was so mad to go buy the table I wanted for my coffee bar only to find out that it was sold out #myluck 

4 - Sun / Happy Easter #HEISRISEN

5 - Mon /  We took Ozzie to the vet to see about his leg shaking, which they had no idea what was happening with that. #ofcourse #hesmydog

6 - Tues / Indiana has now taken away mask mandates even though COVID numbers are going up. #Idontgetit #IllBeWearingAMaskForaLongTime

7 - Wed / How did it go from snow a few days ago to feeling hot like summer? #HubbywontturnonAC

8 - Thurs /  Finished The Silent Patient & so glad I finally got around to it because it was a fantastic book! #thisneedstobeamovie

9 - Fri / Was not planning on it but totally surprised when I ended up getting my vaccine shot while picking up some bananas at the grocery #onestopshop #teamjohnsonandjohnson

10 - Sat / The vaccine symptoms hit me in the afternoon & kept me on the couch the rest of the day #Covid2.0

11 - Sun / Feeling better but still taking it easy while my body makes some super antibiodies! #nomoreCOVID #doingmypart

12 - Mon / My arm is so red, hot & had a hard lump under it #funtoworkwith

13 - Tues / OF COURSE they stop using Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of blood clots 4 days after I get it #loosingmymind #IhaveBloodIssuesAnyways #IHAVETHEWORSTLUCK

14 - Wed / Vaccine had me going to my cardiologist who got me right in when my heart has been racing ever since I got my shot. #everythingisOK #happeningALOTtoOtherstoo

15 - Thurs / Finished another good  Book of the Month Club read. #RomComVibes

16 - Fri /  Took the afternoon off to go to my family doctor #thisvaccineiskillingme

17 - Sat / Watched the funeral of Prince Philip #sosad #poorQueenElizabeth

18 - Sun  / Stilllllll dealing with fevers 9 days  after the vaccine #andsorearm #andmuscleaches

19 - Mon / Listened all day to the closing arguments in the David Chauvin trial #solong #poorjurors

20 - Tues / Happy 40th Birthday to Julie!!!! #makes40lookgood

21 - Wed / How is it snowing after it was 70 degrees yesterday? #over2inches

22 - Thurs / Back to Endodontist #2021isroughonme

23 - Fri / Picked up my prescription from my Endodontist & its a steroid & I just cant make myself take  it #theymakemefeelcrazy

24 - Sat /  Someone tell me why my temp is still 99.7 since my vaccine!!! #geez

25 - Sun / Spent 6 hours in the ER for horrible headaches & got tested for the blood clot that Johnson & Johnson vaccine is causing #IamOK #stillscary #wasinAWFULPAIN

26 - Mon /  Taking Ozzie for a walk in the park is just pitiful because he's scared  to death over everything #jumpateverything

27 - Tues /  Mom had to go to the hospital in another ambulance ride #sameEMTSatthehouse #ournewfriends

28 - Wed / Trying to get back into working out & I am so sore, it hurts to even sit on the toilet #OHTHEPAIN #howsadisthis?

29 - Thurs / One year since my Bruno has been gone & I still miss him so much #mybabyboy

30 - Fri / Kentucky Oaks in April just feels weird since Derby is the first Saturday in May #DerbyisMay1st

Bye April... Hello May!e invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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