Monday, May 24, 2021

The weekend that the cicadas are coming out

 What a fast weekend.  I hate when that happens.  But here we are again & hoping this week goes just as fast as the weekend did.

Friday, when I got off work, I ended up driving over something to a friends house & got to spend some time outside in their yard catching up & seeing the kiddos that I havent seen in nearly a year with COVID.  It was really amazing to see how much the kids have grown, but glad they still knew me like it was just yesterday since I saw them.

I got home & waited for someone to meet us that bought a desk we were selling on FB Marketplace.  Making space in that front room so whenever I come across my perfect coffee bar, there will be no hesitation - I'm buying on the spot & not letting it sell out again. I'm still depressed about losing out on the one that I desperately wanted.   But the people that came over to get the desk - they were just the coolest couple.  I knew when the man got of the truck & he had long hair to the middle of his back, we were going to like them. Ends up, he's in a band... & his wife, who was just the cutest little thing I've ever seen in my life, she makes jewelry & wanted the desk for that.  We ended up standing in the drive & exchanged COVID stories & Vaccination symptoms.  She had gotten the Johnson & Johnson shot just 2 weeks ago & it was interesting to hear someone else's experience with it. I think just like COVID, the vaccine carries its own unique thing for each person too.  Anyways, it was nice having strangers come over that were so comfortable to chat with.  You never know who could show up in these instances.  She is going to be selling jewelry at the local farmer's market starting in a month so I'm going to have to go check out her pieces.

It was getting later & my mom called & needed help because she hurt her hip -so I ran over there & ended up staying till really late.  When I got home, I crashed right to bed.

Saturday, no sleeping in for me. I was up & moving around, saving Cidadas so the dogs dont eat them - because Ozzie is just munching down. I'm like, these babies come out once every 17 years, I'm going to give them a shot of enjoying their short life.  I have been picking these things up & making sure they make it to the trees & climbing up them.  Even found this baby....

Crazy, isnt it? We had about 3 white ones. 

I had some morning coffee & then loaded up a chair to take to the high school because my niece was playing for Regionals with her team.  I'm so glad to be able to see her play because she had surgery on her shoulder just a few months ago & she wasn't sure she was going to be able to make this season. She ended up missing the first few games because her PT wouldnt release her - but she got released just in time to get in some games & start working on her game again. She really was playing great.

The funny part - her partner for doubles  - she used to be one of my old youth girls - so made it REALLY fun & exciting for me to cheer them on....& they won.  It was a great match  & glad to see Sophia really getting back at it & getting her shoulder back in Ace condition.

I got home just in time for my mom to call me & say she was on the floor -had been there all night - & needed me to come over.  Her hip was still hurting & I wasn't able to get her up - so we had to call 911 - again. I feel like when they answer, I just need to say, "Me again" at this point. This is the third 911 call just in the past few months.  I'm becoming a pro at answering the questions they need.

They ended up taking mom to the hospital to get her checked out.

While I was there, I took care of her cats & went out to stay with the horses for awhile.  It was such a warm day, but in the barn, it always feels so breezy in there. Cochese was happy to get some attention too.

I got home & went to check in with Hubby while he was still working in our back part of the property & got the biggest surprise. Our neighbor ended up sharing some of his lettuce's that he is growing in is garden. I mean, does it get any better than fresh yummies? I love me some fresh lettuces too - I made sure to make a salad by the end of the day & cant wait to have more as the week goes on!

Hubby & I went out to grab some dinner - sitting in our car because we're still not eating inside anywhere yet (who we are - SHRUG) & then we were going to go see my mother in law's new floors she had just gotten... but they called & said my mom was wanting to be released & I  needed to come get her. We were in Hubby's truck so had to turn around, & change out cars & I had to head back to the hospital. 

Date night in the truck - romance at its finest

Got mom home & once again, I was exhausted getting home... but it was one of those sleeps where you're so tired- but still can't sleep. I hate that. I ended up tossing & turning a lot. Thanks hot flashes.

Sunday, I just felt off. I got up early, & was trying to do things around the house but every time I would sit down a second, I literally was nodding off. I think I took like 5 mini 10 minute naps all day long. My iron must be really getting down. When I was in the hospital, it was extremely low - my Hemoglobin was at a 9 -which I know means my ferritin is bottomed out... I can really feel it again. Getting so exhausted at the simplest things.  It's really indescribable the fatigue, breathlessness & exhaustion.  I may need to call my hematologist soon.

Nothing really exciting happened Sunday - more horse care, more cicada saving - ended up locking the dogs in because Ozzie is now pooping tons of cicada shells (EWWW) I got started on some Disney+ shows - the new Mighty Ducks one - & we watched the first episode of The Falcon & Winter Soldier.  It was good to stay in the AC as much as I could because it sure did feel like summer all weekend. I think we have a few hot days ahead of us & then hopefully back to a little less oppressive heat - I'm not ready for that. My hair isn't ready for that.

So how was your weekend?

Is it feeling like summer where you are yet?

What do you do to pep up your energy?

Are you dealing with Cicadas?

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