Monday, May 10, 2021

The weekend I was waiting to see if a Japanese rocket was going to land on my house

 Did anyone else pay any attention to the Japanese Rocket that was going to land.... oh... anywhere? Who knew where?  When they announced that last week, I was like, great - does that come with a Johnson & Johnson shot that can cause a month of problems - because that's my luck.

But seriously... I am not someone who understands the need for all the space travel, the money that goes into space discovery when we have so many needs on the earth - & how much JUNK is up there just floating around? That's gotta cause some issues in the future somehow.... anyways - I was waiting to see where this rando-rocket was going to land.  Indian Ocean for the win. At least that wasnt INDIANA!

Anyways - glad it was the weekend - & what a pleasant weekend it was.

Last week at work was so hectic, busy, stressful &chaotic, so I was so excited for 4:30pm on Friday... which was actually more like 4:50pm... because last week...& I was just ready to relax the whole weekend.  

Hubby had to meet someone Friday evening so I had the house to myself for a few hours, which I started to read outside, but then sprinkling happened so I just snuggled in on my couch & I had one snuggly puppy with me....

Saturday, I was up early & got caught up on all my Bravo Housewives.. NYC started - whooo hooo! & how is New Jersey only going to be like 13 episodes.  Disappointing.  But I'm excited for them to bring on Beverly Hills.  I love me some Housewives drama... as stupid as it is. Mindless watching - lets me escape the world from all the other stupid stuff going on.  My guilty pleasure.

Saturday afternoon was exciting for me because I was going to meet a friend I havent meet out for lunch in over a year. We usually like to do lunch or brunch every few months so this was just great to meet her & do a catch up.  We had a beautiful day to sit outside at Panera & enjoy the sunshine while eating some yummies... & I actually got to run into a friend from church I havent seen since last March.  A really good day.

After we finished eating at Panera, we headed over to Hobby Lobby because I wanted to get some flowers for a blue Mason jar that Hubby found in our back property clearing it out. Its such a pretty jar... & I like how I have it at work now...

I also found the cutest sticker book... one that has a ton of 2021 phrases in it & masks & all the STAY AT HOME quarantining has to hold.

I got home & ended up hanging out with Hubby back in the clearing out & just enjoying the fire he had going where he's burning down the stumps left over from trees he's cut down.  Something about fires that are just magical to watch... & I love the smell of a fire.  I was begging him to throw in some leaves too because burning leaves is my all time favorite smell.  

I ended up coming in when it was getting dark & finished up Part 2 of Selena on Netflix. I appreciated they played a lot of her music in this part... (The corny wigs & awful backdrops is another story - but & it left me again, teary eyed. Such a tragic story of a talent. You wonder what would have become of her life.  

Sunday, I woke up to some Krispy Kreme donuts in bed with some coffee - with my babies - LOL - perfect for Mother's Day.

I dont know if it was the rainy, windy, gloomy day, but I was just tired all day. I had my first nap in the afternoon....

& then headed over to see my momma & take care of the horses.

I had gotten some things for mom & got these beautiful BLUE flowers, got a beautiful blue vase to go with it too.... but it was so weird because every time I took pictures of them, they looked PURPLE or lilac in the camera. What in the world.

Hubby went to go see his momma (Missed seeing her - I love my MIL) so I got home & took a shower & ended up taking nap #2 - I hate naps too so this was really a messed up day.

Woke up to my babies wanting attention & giving me some love.... I'm sure they were just wondering where their daddy was at.

Hubby brought some dinner home & honestly, it  was just a good end to a lazy day....

So how was your weekend?

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

Did you pay attention to where the rocket was going to land?

How was your Mother's Day?

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