Thursday, May 20, 2021

Got that behind us, goodies are fun & a new friend {Thankful Thursday #311}


This week I am Thankful for:

Ozzie OK
Of course, this is top notch on the list- my baby boy made it through his neuter surgery - & made it through spending the night away at the vet ok.  I wish I got to talk to the vet to see if they noticed his shaking - because  its getting so much worse - but I'm sure they saw it, but I bet they chalked it up to nerves.  I'm just glad that's behind us & he's back home with us.

Drive  to get Ozzie
Thankful that my brother was able to drive me on my lunch hour to pick up Ozzie. I didnt want to have him jumping all over the car while I was driving so I wanted to sit with him in the back seat.  It worked out well. Ozzie is leery of new people too but he was so glad to leave the vet, he jumped in the back seat, gave my brother a double take & was like, "If you're getting me out of here, I'll approve of you"

Some days, I really am just thankful for coffee.


Talking with Neighbor
I do little half mile walks throughout the day - try to do them 6 times to get in 3 miles a day of walking. I went out for one of my night walks & a neighbor down the street stopped me. I never really see him - he's an older gentleman.  He stopped me & told me he sees me every day walking & got to chatting. He had recently had a stroke & was struggling with his speech but I was listening hard & trying to decipher as much as I could. I got enough of the conversation to learn a lot about him & ended up talking with him for nearly an hour. Bless his heart.  Hubby even came out to look for me because I'm only gone for these half mile walks for like 10 minutes - & when I was gone for an hour, he came zooming on his scooter to make sure I was ok.  He then got in on the conversation. Glad I was there to give him some conversation for the day & I'll be looking for him now just to say hi.

Steps In
Speaking of these half mile walks - I'm happy I've been getting in my steps for the day. I wont talk about how bad my hip has been hurting - but steps? Yes - happy to pick up the count.

Surprise Goodie
I saw this tee & had to get it for Hubby.  He is SERIOUS about his lawn care so when I saw it, I knew he needed it. Especially because he LOVES old shows - especially old westerns. No wonder my dad really approved of him as a husband for me.  My dad would have had to have one of these shirt too.  I just love giving little goodies to surprise Hubby when I can.

Click List
What has happened. I ordered a grocery order to pick up & I ALWAYS have issues - get the wrong order, get delayed, missing half my stuff... but this time? It went smoothly - on time, had all the items. I was like, Whose is pranking me?

What's good in your week?

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