Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thankful Thursday #312


This week I am Thankful for:

We try to wait as long as possible to turn on our AC for the year & actually, this year, we had a really great Spring. So we ended up making it to over half of May before turning it on. That's a record.  But glad it worked because we had some bad years that every time we would turn it on, something was in need or repair. When we turned the switch & cool air came in, AHHH - heavenly. & Summer is just around the corner. 

Ozzie Healing 
This little guy came home & never acted like anything was bothering him. He didn't lick at his incision but maybe a handful of times - & never long. I remember when Ernie got neutered - it was such work watching him. He wouldn't walk - just step, sit, step, sit. I remember when I called the vet & they said, "he's being dramatic".... after seeing Ozzie, I may have to agree with what they told me those years ago. I'm so thankful this hasn't phased Ozzie one bit.

I think Ozzie is letting us know he's done with his E Collar

I showed a picture of all the lettuce our neighbor shared with us on Monday's post. Gotta love Summer time with all the garden yummies growing. & thankful for neighbors that let us enjoy that fresh goodness!

Seeing Sophia Play
Sophia's tennis season got canceled last Spring because of COVID - that's right when schools shut down year - & with her shoulder injury, we didnt think she'd get another year in - so grateful her shoulder heal up enough where she can play & that I got to see at least one game of hers, it was wonderful.  She's only got 2 more years of high school tennis - I want to get in all I can!

that's her serving over there

Facebook Marketplace
Excited to sell not only my desk that I was wanting to make space with - I also have sold a few other things on there lately.  I'll take the extra funds on top of getting rid of stuff in the house.  Win Win.

Dishwasher... sometimes
Our dishwasher is leaking at the bottom. I thought it may be because soap was built up on one side (Why? I dont know) & I scrapped that off & it didnt leak - YAHOO.. & then it did again. & then it doesnt. It's a hit & miss. Cant figure out if its off balance, or what's going on - but I put a tray under it now when I run it & when its clear, I feel like I've hit the lottery.  Simple things in life.

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