Friday, May 28, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite "Corn Hole" Game

What's it called  in your area? Its called Corn-Hole up here... but they usually involve HUGE bulky wood boards that are heavy & hard to carry around. I like these because they fold up AND I bet you get some bounce off these making the game more fun.

Favorite Waffle Maker

This is awesome! It actually makes your waffles in the Captain America Shield logo.
Hubby would totally dig this.

Favorite  Key Holder

I saw something similar on Good Morning America the other day. 
I love this idea to keep your keys folded up so they aren't dangling & keeps them organized too.
& you can add your bulky keys on the end too that dont fit inside.

Favorite Trivets

these are actually Silicone!!! & come in so many colors!
So you can put all your hot pans on them & they fold up & are bendy so you can wrap them around like pot handles that get hot. Keeps things from slipping on your counter. I'm just loving these!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Favorite Folders

because I love office supplies

Favorite Soap

I wonder what it smells like.  
Be a fun throw in for Father's Day gift

Favorite Coffee Mug

Favorite Funnies

... every time I cant think of anything to make for dinner

... basically every time I watch what's going on in the news

... me at 4:30pm today

Happy weekend!!!!

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