Friday, May 14, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Shoes

These are made from recycled yoga mats on the bottoms so they look like they have that cushy feel.
Plus, I love a cute strap across a shoe. 

Favorite Bee Hive

SAVE THE BEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Yard Help

Actually should call this favorite Mole Rescurer in our case - because if you know me, you know our dogs love to dig up moles. & then its up to me & Hubby to save them & drive them to empty fields to release them.  That is if we can get them away from the dogs before they "play" too hard with them.
I'd rather get these & put in the ground. The solar power emits some waves under ground to deter them from being in a certain square feet.  I adding to my cart right now.

Favorite Speaker

How cute is this baby?
It's actually really small - &comes in a lot of colors
It says its Alexa enabled too so not sure what that means - but this would be cute to  have with you sitting outside & wanting some music in the background. Or just look cute in a kitchen - I think it'd be cute on the ledge over my sink so I can use while washing dishes too!

Favorite Note Pad

I really like the minimal look on this one!

Favorite Chair

Velvet... when you want to work & feel  FANCY

Favorite Rug

Favorite Funnies

... every time I walk in the doors of Hobby Lobby

... when my insomnia lets me sleep 3 hours a night

... Hubby every time I tell him he lost my favorite coffee cup

... me at 4:30pm today

Happy Weekend!!!!!!!

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