Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 Things that make me Happy

I'm taking Mama's Challenge this week of naming 10 things that make me happy! Let me think....

1. A day off work.... mmmm - a day to sleep in late is just the best!
2. A good book! I love getting into a story that completely wraps me up - love a hardback book, the feel of pages, the way books even smell! Not sure I'd love a Kindle just for that reason...
3. Doggies... mine, yours, everyone's - I LOVE dogs!!! All animals really, but I'm totally a dog person

4. Surprises - good surprises, I should say. (Not like the picture below... but I do miss me some Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!) Fun little things that catch you off guard but make your heart smile knowing someone thought of doing something for you.

5. Finishing a knitting project & loving how it turned out! Such a feeling of accomplishment!

6. Spending time with the youth at church... they just make me happy every time - seeing them grow into amazing young adults - totally makes my heart smile!

7. Disney... You know I'm all about Beauty & The Beast - but all things Disney make me happy! All the Princesses - the movies - the theme parks... If Disney doesnt make you happy, then you just aren't human!

8. Friends who are on your side no matter what! I have so many friends that are like that - I'm so amazingly blessed with great people in my life! (Wish I could post pictures of you all!)

9. The two cutest little girls in the WHOLE world! Spending time with my nieces always just makes me love them more & more. Especially seeing them grow & getting such different personalities!

10. The biggest thing that is making me happiest right now... awaiting the visit from Julie & Isaac!!!! They'll be here in 2 weeks... Oh my gosh... I think I almost jumped out of my chair thinking about it!

Of course, I have WAY more then just 10 things that make me happy - my family, my husband, my LIFE, my JESUS!!!! But here are 10 quick things..... now, What makes you happy?


  1. Becca, I loved that post!
    I love reading inspiring posts like yours! ^^

  2. We have lots of things in common I see...good books, Disney, and doggies!

  3. Aww, great post, Rebecca! I am so with you on the Disney thing...Gabe asks all the time when are we going back. I tell him KI will have to do for the next couple of years. Truly, we need to meet up there this summer, if you're ever there!

  4. RJ, You make me happy!!! I love to jump over hear and read about your life and your knitting.sigh. =)

    Have a Blessed day,

  5. Your list is GREAT! I love your accompanying pictures. WONDERFUL! Your nieces are too cute! And those socks you made are FANTASTIC! WOW!

  6. Great list. I like the good books and who doesn't like Disney!!

  7. I love the way books smell too. People think I'm weird, but I love walking in a library or Barnes and Noble and just take a deep breath. :)

    Disney is the best and hanging out with the youth is beyond rewarding. I learn so much from them!

    Loved this list!

  8. I love your list - sleeping late and reading a good book are totally the best!

  9. I agree with you on the Kindle. My family laughs because everytime I open a book I stick my nose in and give it a big sniff!
    Great list!

  10. Great post! I need to do it this weekend... Not being stressed makes me happy... LOL

  11. First four are SO me too! Sleeping is my favorite thing to do besides reading a book, playing with my dog and getting a surprise!

  12. What a great list!! So many lovely things! Oh and I wish I could make cool socks like you. :)

  13. We have so much in common! Love your list!

  14. Oh how I love dogs and how books. I love spending time with family and friends also.

  15. Love the post! The socks rock, you always do such a cute job. And I just love that picture of you with the kids at that all nighter.

    What a great list :)

  16. thanks for you sweet comment! you always leave me great stuff :)
    this is a GREAT list! i love days off work too...and days to sleep IN? wonderful. :)

  17. You've got some good things on the list: books, friends, Disney!


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