Saturday, May 23, 2009

Close to Death?

My brother invited me over to his house for a cook out today - even after the confession I gave in the lats post! I guess he hasnt read it yet... sshhhh!!! But who knew the day would turn into a DANGEROUS situation....

The day started with some beautiful girls jumping in their Blow up Jumper that my brother's friends rented for the day just for them! (Tell me these girls arent spoiled - they have like 10 men who are their beck & call).... Look at these ladies... who can resist these faces?

Then we get to play on the swing set with lots of upside down playing......

And lazy tetter totter rides......

& THEN... the moment where it all came crashing down... LITERALLY!

The twins & I were in the Jumpy.... they were showing me how high they could get & wanted me to see if I could catch a picture of them in the air... I'm Aunt Bec... I can do anything for them..

Then my brother's friend, Dan, jumped in... He is yes, a man, & yes, jumping like he was 5 yrs old... I will admit, I jumped in there myself - but some fun light jumping... this dude was JUMPING - like his life depended on it. He wanted to make the girls fall down from all the unstableness... & unstable is what happened!

He jumped so hard, it knocked the air out of the thing.... I was sitting in the corner & as soon as the air stopped, the corner I was sitting in dropped....

Sophia looked at me with the biggest look of fear on her face that I have ever seen.... because my corner was sinking - she tried to run to me & with me going down fast, she stretched her arm out to get me, but then, I was covered with heavy plastic.... Dan was yelling for them to run to him... I could hear them screaming... Then all of a sudden as I'm trying to lift the plastic off of me & just get to the net area for air... I hear the most pitiful voice EVER.....

Sophia screamed: "I DONT WANT TO DIE!!!!!"

How does a 4 yr old even know to yell that????
And when she screamed that, it got Madi thinking "We can die in this?" - & she started freaking out!!!

By this point, we are SCREAMING for someone to come plug us back up...

& when they did, everything was of course, fine... but my corner was near the end of the area to raise back up... the girls thought I had died in this "HORROR"... when they saw me, they ran over to me - freaking out... then they DASHED out of this thing & ran straight into the house.

Me - I laughed for a half hour with tears coming out of my eyes....

I think the girls are scarred for life over this......

Next time you are in a Blow Up Jump.... remember that 4 Yr olds can think its a death trap!


  1. This just popped up in google reader while I was in there, it has me laughing so hard I'm crying!!!!

  2. I bet that was scary for them!! I knew exactly what was going to happen when I first started reading! I am glad all is well!! Your nieces are precious!

  3. Oh my gosh - those poor girls! Glad no one died in real life :-)

  4. Haha. That is a hilarious story. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Oh the trauma (and drama)!!! Glad everyone is ok :-)

  6. Now THAT must have been a sight to behold!!!

  7. oh, poor things! They'll laugh when they're our age! Or never go near inflatables.

  8. That's scary. I wonder if there has been in injuries in those jumpers as a result of them collapsing? I'm so glad that all of you are okay.

    I'm sure that the twins won't be going into the jumper again.

  9. Those poor girls! They will never look at inflatable toys the same way.

    A similar thing happened when I was a child. We were on a lake in a pontoon boat, with my uncle driving. He thought it would be funny to cut the engine just as we hit a wave, making the front of the boat dip and the water come up over the front.

    We were like 50 yards from shore, we could all swim like fish, and we had life vests, but that didn't stop us from freaking out and screaming. Looking back, it's pretty hysterical!

  10. That's a definitely a story you can retell over and over in the future. I'm sure it'll sound funny then.

  11. That is so funny. But I guess a bit scary for them.

  12. Okay, so now drama follows you into the Bouncy World???? Ah... my friend... only you!!!

  13. I have heard of this happening an dit is scary . It was great to see the smiling faces returned.

  14. RJ,
    Okay I was starting to laugh and then feeling REALLY bad that I would laugh at your awful predicament.

    I'm so glad all turned out well~~ and ya'll just saved a ton of money in the future ~~ those itty bitty's will NEVER want a blow up thingy ma jig again !!!

    Love you, stay safe, and have a Blessed Memorial day,

  15. I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!! And- yes I saw that what's her name wore it in Scrubs too. I'm gonna order it- even if I don't look that good in it.

  16. oh my! :0 ....but, HA! too funny, too! :D

  17. I've seen that happen before and it can be a little scary! Glad you all got out just fine.

  18. That would scare and scar anyone! Poor kids! I hope all are ok and were able to force themselves to hop back in for some more fun. Happy Memorial Day to you and your family.

  19. Oh's amazing what a small event will do to a kid. I doubt they'll want to get in one again!

  20. That sounds like a serious adventure. Glad everyone survived. :)

  21. death by jump castle?!
    Our neighbors had one that looked like a giant purple dinosaur on its back. The kids lasted like 5 minutes before the crying ensued. One kid jumped too close to another, one spilt his ice cream, one kid was fussy cause she couldn't jump as high as another kid, one boy mumbled uncontrollably about someonejumping andhehateshimf lda;gjkropag. Huh? What?

    Oh the jump castle drama's!

  22. Sounds traumatic! I'll bet they'll be reluctant in the future, which won't be bad for you; you'll probably save on doctor bills and bandaids, heehee.


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